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Bethesda Rundown | E3 2019

With everything that went down with Fallout 76 last year, everyone was looking forward to seeing what Bethesda would do to recover from this situation causing this E3 conference. This conference had a heavy focus on the fact that they listen to their community.

They started off showing things like Elder Scrolls Blades the mobile game also now coming to Nintendo Switch and that the accounts will be connected. Fallout 76 is adding new quests, a new story, and human NPCs with its new free update. On top of this update, they are also adding a new update that adds a brand new battle royale mode into the game to enhance the experience fully.

They also showed off a new game called Ghostwire Tokyo. Not much was shown for this game in terms of gameplay but we did get a pretty good looking story trailer and it looks very different and unique in a market needing new and different ideas instead of rehashes.

Elder Scrolls online showed a new trailer for its upcoming expansion pack, as well as, teasing that they have another pack coming as well. These packs are called Scalebreaker, which is more based off of dungeons and Dragon Hold which extends the story of the game.

They announced some stuff for mobile including a continuation of Commander Keen and Elder Scrolls Legends but these went quickly over. Rage 2 showed that it has a huge new expansion coming adding new enemies, quests, and places to go as well as new vehicles and weapons. The game now has more cheat codes as well giving a more enhanced and fun experience.

Wolfenstein came after Rage and announced that it had a VR game called Cyber Pilot coming up for any of those people out there who are interested in VR. As well as Wolfenstein: YoungBlood which is a co-op shooter continuing the Wolfenstein story and scheduled to release on July 26th.

A new game from Arkane Lyon called Death Loop was announced but it mostly showed a lot of cutscenes. Currently, people can’t be too sure about the gameplay but it does seem rather promising which is always a good sign.

They followed this up with the Orion service, which is a service being made to enhance game streaming since that is certainly a thing of the future with things like Google Stradia. Orion allowed games to run 20% faster than the usual streaming services and they even showed some games running at 60fps. Also that its bandwidth isn’t too demanding so it won’t lag in as many circumstances.

They finished it off with Doom Eternal; with this, they showed a ton of gameplay and it all looked to be exhilarating. They kept up the pace from the last game adding to good hype for the game and keeping the awesome soundtrack too and showed off a collectors edition including the iconic helmet for the series. They also announced that Doom Eternal will be releasing on November 22nd, and showed off the new Battle Mode multiplayer experience for Doom Eternal. It allows people to play as different demons to fight against someone else who is playing a heavily armed Slayer. This mode seems to be a 1 vs 2 mode that bases a lot of itself off of strategy.

Overall this was a pretty decent conference but I do believe that they focused too much on the mobile aspects, which while some people do play them, they aren’t what they are waiting so much to hear about at something like E3.

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