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‘Captain Marvel: In Pursuit Of Flight’ | Comic Book Spotlight

Well, everyone, Captain Marvel has been out for well a good while now and its yet another massive hit from the studio that just can’t seem to do anything wrong. And once again, after a long hiatus, The Nerd Hub is back giving our takes on the comics that helped inspire them. And as you might have guessed from the title, we’re here to discuss the Captain Marvel storyline that apparently had the most influence on the film, Captain Marvel: In Pursuit of Flight.

Published from September of 2012 through February of 2013, this story arc was the first in a relatively short series run for the character. Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick with artwork by Dexter Soy the series followed Carol Danvers not long after changing her costume and making the decision to take the name of Captain Marvel from her predecessor. Not long after an old friend of her dies in a fire leaving her an old plane in her will. After attempting a flight record in said plane Captain Marvel is transported to the past giving her an opportunity to changes things for herself while going on an action-packed adventure. And the story is just…well fine. Not good. Not bad. Just fine.
This is the problem with many of Marvel’s series. With a few rare acceptations, the vast majority of them are not outright fantastic or straight up bad. Most simply fall into this middle section of being okay and readable but nothing to recommend outside of that. In Pursuit of Flight happens to be very much an embodiment of this. Its action is decent. It has a fun little time travel storyline. The artwork is competent. But it just doesn’t contain anything to really keep a reader hooked unless they were already a fan of the character.

The time travel plot is fine and it had a decent little twist to it but it doesn’t contain anything that will make it memorable in the long term. It’s nothing that we haven’t seen a million times before or since. Likewise, we have Carol’s actual arc in the book itself. The story is clearly meant to be that Carol is regretting that she has her powers and possibly wants to become human again so she can compete in more traditional activities. And once again this is something, we’ve seen a million times before and since. And once again we’ve seen it done a lot better before and since.

In the end that’s really all there is to say about this one. It’s a perfectly fine book that doesn’t offend but doesn’t really ascend either. If you’re looking for a good place to start there are certainly worse but there are also significantly better.



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By Trey Griffeth

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