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Ubisoft Wins Big At E3 2019 | Watch Dogs Legion | Rainbow Six Quarantine | Ghost Recon Breakpoint | More

Kicking off day 2 of E3 is Ubisoft, now this one shall be interesting as they have already said there is no Assassins Creed this year. Could we be seeing more on things like Watch Dogs 3 or a new Ghost Recon? It’s about time to see that now. They kicked off the show with a whole Symphony conducted to Assassins Creed music.

The trailer to kick off E3 is the trailer for Watch Dogs: Legion, the game seems to be based in a post-Brexit London. Now I didn’t like the first Watch Dogs game but the second was so much better than the first, so I am looking forward to seeing how this third game of the series goes down. Hopefully, it keeps up the good potential. Its gameplay seemed to be pretty more of the same from what we normally get in the franchise. The game seems to allow you to play as multiple characters though, which is awesome, once people die they are permanently dead and you have to switch to a new character. They seemed to heavily focus on this game so its definitely the big game for the year.

Watch Dogs trailers kept playing for a while and they showed more of the people that you have a chance to control and how everyone works differently. Also how when people die and how they affect the story if they die. I think this is actually a lovely touch. Easily the best character seems to be the old lady whose an ex-assassin. It finally ended by saying the game is coming March 6th, 2020

After this we had Rob McElhenney of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame show the new show Mythic Quest, which is about the development team of a huge MMO game. It’s done by much of the Always Sunny cast and it’s being assisted by Ubisoft to give it a more authentic touch. This show actually could be great and has been my favourite part of the conference so far.

This was then followed up by showing what is coming in Year 4 of Rainbow Six Siege; talking about new operators and showed a clip of the new season in action. This game’s had a strong following for years so its good to see it still getting support.

After this we got more showed for Brawlhalla ending out showing a Crossover between Adventure Time and Brawhalla which is definitely something that I didn’t see coming. Though the game seems to be doing pretty well for itself so it is good to keep adding stuff like that to it.

Then we got a trailer for the new Ghost Recon staring John Bernthal of The Walking Dead and The Punisher fame. The name of the game is Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, after the clip Bernthal was actually on stage to talk about the game.

They also announced Ghost Recon: Delta Company which allows the community to have help streaming and things such as that. Which certainly is never a bad thing either. The games beta goes live September 5th and the game comes out on October 4th. They also announced that there will be something to do with a Terminator in game.

Just Dance 2020 got a trailer too, which is crazy how big of a deal this game series is still to this day. It was a big thing to show off the 10th anniversary for the franchise as well; I will be honest, I thought the franchise was a bit older than that. The game’s still on Wii too, which is crazy that something is still being developed for the Wii given that its two generations ago now.

Next up was a trailer for an upcoming For Honor event, they actually did a pretty good job at saving that game from how poorly it was received at launch. So its good to see that the game is actually still alive and well. The event is called Shadows of Hotokiri.

We were then treated to a trailer for what looks to be a new horror game. Which is actually the new Rainbox Six coming up called Quarantine which seems to be a three-person co-op game, giving the vibes of the trailer it seemed to be a zombie based game.

The Division 2 seemed to be the next focus, showing more content that would be coming to the game because of its strong community. For this week from the 13th to the 16th, it will be free to play as well. Seems the big content update coming is based around adding way more new areas instead of just being around Washington. Seems it will be released in episode packs and they have already shown off parts of episodes 1, 2 and 3. They also showed that the Division Movie will be done with Netflix as well.

Ubisoft announces Uplay+ which is a new subscription service that allows people to have early access to Ubisoft’s catalogue on PC. The price will be 14.99 a month, which seems to be the common price and getting to be a bit much I think. Everyone is starting to get their own service which may oversaturate the market. We are already seeing this in tv and movie streaming services and games may be next to this way. It will even be available on Google Stadia, which makes sense since it was Ubisoft who have spoken out the most about streaming being the future of gaming.

Next trailer was for a Roller Derby game; this could actually be pretty fun if done right. The game is called Roller Champion, the game seems to be very team and PVP based, and the game has its demo launched. They then showed a gameplay trailer for it and it looks like it could be great if it’s not buggy that is.

Finally the Ubisoft CEO came on stage thanking all the teams for what they had to show throughout this conference and of course thanking the community. He then announced a new project that is based on old mythology. The game was called Gods and Monsters and it will be released Feb 2020. It had a pretty basic design, but that was it for the conference, and it was pretty good. Some awaited announcements and good additions to current games.

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Laying the Smack Down: New Day Edition

It’s a New Day for The Nerd Hub’s weekly breakdown of WWE SmackDown Live. Yes, it is. This week, Big E of New Day returned yet again. He even joked if returns were title reigns he’d be Charlotte Flair. Cue the Xavier Woods trombone pop. Unfortunately, the rest of the show from Golden 1 Center in Sacramento followed the safe formulaic approach we’ve come to know and hate from WWE. With Super ShowDown just put in the rear view and Stomping Grounds only weeks away, we got rehashing of most of what happened in Jeddah. Let’s break it down.


Not much new to tell you from the main event. Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn continued to serve as the pimped out fodder for WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. This time, Kingston teamed with his New Day boys, Big E and Woods, to defeat the three B-plus player heels in the main event.

Outside of Big E’s awesome crack at Charlotte Flair, Ziggler ran his mouth some more on how he’s more deserving than Kofi to hold the belt. He also blamed Woods’ interference late in the Super ShowDown match for Kingston’s victory. The Hollywood Heel said Kingston can only beat him with his New Day brethren backing him up. Naturally, this led to Zayn coming out for another tiresome rant on getting justice against hypocrites. As a result, Owens soon followed because he and Zayn are annoyingly tied at the hip again. As expected, WWE creative took the passion and energy Zayn and Owens worked up independently on the mic for weeks after WrestleMania and wasted it. They got placed back in their predictable space again, getting spanked by babyface champions.

Even the match went like most New Day matches you’ve witnessed a thousand times. Big E got them off to a hot start against heel patsy, Zayn. Woods then got his butt kicked for a while. However, Big E came back to save the day with a hot tag that set up Kofi for the big victory. Yet, Ziggler actually handed New Day the victory this time. He thumped Zayn with an errant superkick before Kingston hit Trouble in Paradise for the pin.

As far as main events go, the action during the match went over okay. However, the story remained a dud for me. Nobody believes Ziggler will win the belt at Stomping Grounds. So, it’s a lot of work to set up a match most people aren’t all that excited to see in the first place.


The arrow continues to point up for SmackDown Women’s Champ Bayley. WWE creative found the formula for what worked for her at NXT and that needs to continue. Nikki Cross, the newfound companion of Bayley’s Stomping Grounds opponent, Alexa Bliss, pushed the champ. However, Bayley fought her way back with a closing onslaught capped with a top-rope elbow for the 1-2-3.

This Bayley seems much different than the milquetoast version of her as Raw Women’s Champ in 2017. She’s outsmarting her opponents, while still formidable enough physically to match up with almost anyone on the roster. It makes no sense for WWE to put the SmackDown belt on a Raw talent like Bliss at Stomping Grounds. So, hopefully they continue to invest more time into this rebooted Bayley as champ. However, WWE often throws smart booking decisions out the window in favor of blondes when it comes to the women’s division. Let’s hope that’s not the case in Tacoma on June 23rd.


Don’t get too excited. The former NXT Champion failed to escape Promoville this week. However, he dropped a fire and brimstone version with all the aggression on the mic that we’ve come to expect from him in the ring. One of the hardest strikers in the biz lashed out in a big way. He had a backstage staffer open the door to the room in which he was taping his message and then let loose. He vented that his door remains open and he’s ready for anyone who wants to walk through it.

The passion reflects the heart of the true competitor Black is. He’s not received his chance to compete in months. Like a dying man suffocating from a lack of air, Black seemed desperate to field any challenge. Unfortunately, his in-ring work still seems like it’s at minimum a few weeks away. I doubt he makes his way on the Stomping Grounds card, so we likely won’t see what’s in store for him until the Raw or SmackDown after the pay-per-view show at the earliest.


We opened the show with Miz TV and this led to thirty minutes straight of putting over Shane McMahon. I vomited a little in my mouth. It’s bad enough that they had Shane beat Miz at WrestleMania and Money in the Bank and Roman Reigns at Stomping Grounds. However, WWE continues to double down on the use of Shane each week as they overexpose him week after week as the big baddie on the block.

This week, Miz had Elias, Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon on as guests. As you’d expect, it set up in-ring work for this group. However, the twist came in the naming of a gauntlet match for The Miz. He started off with Elias, and managed to win that one because they’ve made The Walking Truth a joke again. However, McIntyre laid out The A-Lister with a Claymore Kick to beat him. McMahon then went to work on the worn-out Miz. Though he fought back valiantly, McMahon won again with a triangle choke. The Best in the World continues to saddle up Miz for a ride to the top.

It’s sad to see one of the best talents in the WWE get used like the Miz has this year. He’s truly had crap booking since the tag team storyline started at the end of 2018. Unfortunately for Miz, there’s no hint he’s headed for anything meaningful in the near future.


Sonya Deville/Mandy Rose – The evil twins doubled their fun this week, tormenting Carmella and Ember Moon. Backstage, Deville and Rose destroyed Moon’s video gaming system. This seems like a tease for a program involving the three in the future. In the ring, the Golden Goddess interfered several times to help get Deville a victory over Carmella. She placed Deville’s foot on the ropes to break up Carmella’s Code of Silence. Then, she twice distracted the Staten Island Princess on the outside. Though Carmella hit a suicide dive and a superkick to take out Rose, she ate a leaping knee from Deville when she got back in the ring for the loss. It’s more strong booking for Deville and Rose.

Nikki Cross – Though she lost to Bayley, Cross continues to get use on both shows after going months without being on TV at all. She’s last remnant of Sanity left on the main roster with any chance of success. Cross has looked great in the ring against some of the top women in the company, but creatively it seems like her character is still being worked on.

Apollo Crews – The rarely seen Superstar received a backstage warning from Zelina Vega that teased a program with Andrade. Crews brought up Andrade’s loss to Intercontinental Champ Finn Balor at Super ShowDown. Needless to say, Crews and Andrade could put on quite a show in the ring. Let’s hope WWE gives us a match between those two great athletes at some point.

Chad Gable – Another MIA Superstar since switching brands, Gable had a cameo during Crews’ backstage promo. He appeared to be taking notes behind Crews. Then, Gable, who had most of his hair cut off recently, later made his 205 Live debut. Not to keep harping, but 30 minutes of Shane is exactly why guys like Crews and Gable get relegated to bit parts backstage.

Aleister Black – There’s light at the end of the tunnel for the former NXT Champion. After weeks of promos seemingly leading us nowhere, it looks like Black appears close to hitting the ring in a few weeks. Let’s hope the commitment made to him with these promos leads us to something more promising than the reboot of Mojo Rawley. In my opinion, I’d rather see someone like Black get a shot at Kofi than Ziggler. However, WWE has yet to prove they believe in Black on the main roster to this point.


Heavy Machinery – Why would we take these guys seriously when the SmackDown Tag Team Champions don’t? We got a brief appearance from Daniel Bryan and Rowan who basically told us Otis and Tucker don’t deserve a championship shot. So, WWE creative goes and proves the point by having them wrestler “local competitors.” They squashed former Tough Enough contestant A.J. Kirsch and Dave Dutra. To make matters worse, the “local competitors” had cardboard championship belts. Nothing to see here, unless you like seeing Otis do the caterpillar.

Elias – Remember when WWE seemed to be building him for something? He and Dr. of Thuganomics John Cena delivered one of the most memorable moments of Wrestlemania. Then, The Undertaker reappeared the next night on Raw in Brooklyn to take out The Living Truth. Now, he’s a mere minion to Shane McMahon. WWE evidently only seems him as a clown musician.

Drew McIntyre – He’s no longer everyone’s edgy pick to clean up the Raw roster and become a main event player. Now, he’s Shane McMahon’s lap dog. Way to neuter someone with a name as cool as Scottish Psychopath, WWE. You know since Roman Reigns lost to Shane at Super ShowDown that McIntyre’s eating a loss at Stomping Grounds for sure. That would make three fat Ls in a row for big Drew against Roman.

Carmella – She spent a good portion of early 2018 as the SmackDown Women’s Champ. Now, she’s running for her life backstage with R-Truth in the 24/7 Championship shenanigans and putting over others. With Bayley getting run as champ, Mandy and Sonya on the rise and Charlotte Flair always lurking, Mella seems out of serious title contention for quite awhile.

The Miz – He’s one of the best talents in the company mired in one of its worst stories. Welcome to WWE creative hell, A-Lister. The one bright spot remains that his fans can watch him, Maryse and Monroe Sky on his reality show, Miz and Mrs. 






Adult Swim Analysis Animation Breakdown Drama Fantasy Featured Four News Primal Trailer TV and Cinema

Trailer Release for Genndy Tartakovsky’s New Show PRIMAL | Trailer Breakdown and Analysis

A legend returns to television. After his comeback with the largely successful fifth season of Samurai Jack, Genndy Tartakovsky is coming back to Adult Swim with a new show: Primal. For those unaware, Tartakovsky has created such classic cartoons as the aforementioned Samurai Jack, along with Dexter’s Laboratory, the Clone Wars miniseries, and he’s even directed all three of the Hotel Transylvania movies. And with a new show releasing soon, fans are excited to see what he does with this new series.

Based on the recent teaser trailer, we get a bit of just what Primal will be. We open with a series of slow shots setting us up with our protagonist and the otherworldly beauty of his environment. He’s an unnamed caveman living in prehistoric times, set against harsh climates and even harsher predators: dinosaurs. We then get a bunch of action shots of the caveman fighting different prehistoric monsters, from large snakes to woolly mammoths. And, towards the end of the trailer, we see the caveman teaming up with a large tyrannosaurus rex, both of them howling to the sky as they engage in deadly, bloody fights to the death.

Now while this doesn’t tell us much about any sort of plot for the show, or even about the characters of the show, the trailer does succeed in giving us a theme, a mood. Primal is drawn in the same style that Tartakovsky loves, with everything having straight lines and sharp angles, even if his style has matured some as he’s gotten older. And it’s this sharp art style that helps add to the intensity of the show. There’s blood everywhere, fights rage against impossible odds, prehistoric monsters abound, and the sharp line work really helps add to this. Tartakovsky and his crew chose to give audiences a feel for the show instead of just giving us facts and plot points, making his trailer stand out among others that have come out recently. You can tell just by watching this trailer whether or not you’d be interested in what’s to come.

However, while I may wish for more facts about the show, since that’s how my mind works, even I can tell that this new show is looking to be another homerun for Tartakovsky. Every one of his shows just gets better and better with its style and animation, and Primal looks to be pushing the envelope of what that style can achieve. Also, having this show on Adult Swim is great because it allows for the animation to be more bloody and graphic without being restricted by censors. Whether or not this bloodier cartoon is gratuitous or not is simply up to personal opinion, but if it’s what the creator feels needs to be in the show in order for it to be whole then I’m down to see how it turns out. Hopefully, the show is as action-packed as this trailer. Primal is set to start releasing Fall 2019 on Adult Swim.

But what do you think? Did Primal sell itself to you with its minimalist trailer and show-don’t-tell style? Or would you have preferred more direct information telling us about what this show will be about? Leave a comment down below and tell us your thoughts and opinions, and to stay tuned in for more Primal news consider subscribing by email.

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