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Ubisoft Wins Big At E3 2019 | Watch Dogs Legion | Rainbow Six Quarantine | Ghost Recon Breakpoint | More

Kicking off day 2 of E3 is Ubisoft, now this one shall be interesting as they have already said there is no Assassins Creed this year. Could we be seeing more on things like Watch Dogs 3 or a new Ghost Recon? It’s about time to see that now. They kicked off the show with a whole Symphony conducted to Assassins Creed music.

The trailer to kick off E3 is the trailer for Watch Dogs: Legion, the game seems to be based in a post-Brexit London. Now I didn’t like the first Watch Dogs game but the second was so much better than the first, so I am looking forward to seeing how this third game of the series goes down. Hopefully, it keeps up the good potential. Its gameplay seemed to be pretty more of the same from what we normally get in the franchise. The game seems to allow you to play as multiple characters though, which is awesome, once people die they are permanently dead and you have to switch to a new character. They seemed to heavily focus on this game so its definitely the big game for the year.

Watch Dogs trailers kept playing for a while and they showed more of the people that you have a chance to control and how everyone works differently. Also how when people die and how they affect the story if they die. I think this is actually a lovely touch. Easily the best character seems to be the old lady whose an ex-assassin. It finally ended by saying the game is coming March 6th, 2020

After this we had Rob McElhenney of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame show the new show Mythic Quest, which is about the development team of a huge MMO game. It’s done by much of the Always Sunny cast and it’s being assisted by Ubisoft to give it a more authentic touch. This show actually could be great and has been my favourite part of the conference so far.

This was then followed up by showing what is coming in Year 4 of Rainbow Six Siege; talking about new operators and showed a clip of the new season in action. This game’s had a strong following for years so its good to see it still getting support.

After this we got more showed for Brawlhalla ending out showing a Crossover between Adventure Time and Brawhalla which is definitely something that I didn’t see coming. Though the game seems to be doing pretty well for itself so it is good to keep adding stuff like that to it.

Then we got a trailer for the new Ghost Recon staring John Bernthal of The Walking Dead and The Punisher fame. The name of the game is Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, after the clip Bernthal was actually on stage to talk about the game.

They also announced Ghost Recon: Delta Company which allows the community to have help streaming and things such as that. Which certainly is never a bad thing either. The games beta goes live September 5th and the game comes out on October 4th. They also announced that there will be something to do with a Terminator in game.

Just Dance 2020 got a trailer too, which is crazy how big of a deal this game series is still to this day. It was a big thing to show off the 10th anniversary for the franchise as well; I will be honest, I thought the franchise was a bit older than that. The game’s still on Wii too, which is crazy that something is still being developed for the Wii given that its two generations ago now.

Next up was a trailer for an upcoming For Honor event, they actually did a pretty good job at saving that game from how poorly it was received at launch. So its good to see that the game is actually still alive and well. The event is called Shadows of Hotokiri.

We were then treated to a trailer for what looks to be a new horror game. Which is actually the new Rainbox Six coming up called Quarantine which seems to be a three-person co-op game, giving the vibes of the trailer it seemed to be a zombie based game.

The Division 2 seemed to be the next focus, showing more content that would be coming to the game because of its strong community. For this week from the 13th to the 16th, it will be free to play as well. Seems the big content update coming is based around adding way more new areas instead of just being around Washington. Seems it will be released in episode packs and they have already shown off parts of episodes 1, 2 and 3. They also showed that the Division Movie will be done with Netflix as well.

Ubisoft announces Uplay+ which is a new subscription service that allows people to have early access to Ubisoft’s catalogue on PC. The price will be 14.99 a month, which seems to be the common price and getting to be a bit much I think. Everyone is starting to get their own service which may oversaturate the market. We are already seeing this in tv and movie streaming services and games may be next to this way. It will even be available on Google Stadia, which makes sense since it was Ubisoft who have spoken out the most about streaming being the future of gaming.

Next trailer was for a Roller Derby game; this could actually be pretty fun if done right. The game is called Roller Champion, the game seems to be very team and PVP based, and the game has its demo launched. They then showed a gameplay trailer for it and it looks like it could be great if it’s not buggy that is.

Finally the Ubisoft CEO came on stage thanking all the teams for what they had to show throughout this conference and of course thanking the community. He then announced a new project that is based on old mythology. The game was called Gods and Monsters and it will be released Feb 2020. It had a pretty basic design, but that was it for the conference, and it was pretty good. Some awaited announcements and good additions to current games.

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Breakdown Conventions and Expos E3 Early Impressions Games News Press Spotlight Video Games

Bethesda Rundown | E3 2019

With everything that went down with Fallout 76 last year, everyone was looking forward to seeing what Bethesda would do to recover from this situation causing this E3 conference. This conference had a heavy focus on the fact that they listen to their community.

They started off showing things like Elder Scrolls Blades the mobile game also now coming to Nintendo Switch and that the accounts will be connected. Fallout 76 is adding new quests, a new story, and human NPCs with its new free update. On top of this update, they are also adding a new update that adds a brand new battle royale mode into the game to enhance the experience fully.

They also showed off a new game called Ghostwire Tokyo. Not much was shown for this game in terms of gameplay but we did get a pretty good looking story trailer and it looks very different and unique in a market needing new and different ideas instead of rehashes.

Elder Scrolls online showed a new trailer for its upcoming expansion pack, as well as, teasing that they have another pack coming as well. These packs are called Scalebreaker, which is more based off of dungeons and Dragon Hold which extends the story of the game.

They announced some stuff for mobile including a continuation of Commander Keen and Elder Scrolls Legends but these went quickly over. Rage 2 showed that it has a huge new expansion coming adding new enemies, quests, and places to go as well as new vehicles and weapons. The game now has more cheat codes as well giving a more enhanced and fun experience.

Wolfenstein came after Rage and announced that it had a VR game called Cyber Pilot coming up for any of those people out there who are interested in VR. As well as Wolfenstein: YoungBlood which is a co-op shooter continuing the Wolfenstein story and scheduled to release on July 26th.

A new game from Arkane Lyon called Death Loop was announced but it mostly showed a lot of cutscenes. Currently, people can’t be too sure about the gameplay but it does seem rather promising which is always a good sign.

They followed this up with the Orion service, which is a service being made to enhance game streaming since that is certainly a thing of the future with things like Google Stradia. Orion allowed games to run 20% faster than the usual streaming services and they even showed some games running at 60fps. Also that its bandwidth isn’t too demanding so it won’t lag in as many circumstances.

They finished it off with Doom Eternal; with this, they showed a ton of gameplay and it all looked to be exhilarating. They kept up the pace from the last game adding to good hype for the game and keeping the awesome soundtrack too and showed off a collectors edition including the iconic helmet for the series. They also announced that Doom Eternal will be releasing on November 22nd, and showed off the new Battle Mode multiplayer experience for Doom Eternal. It allows people to play as different demons to fight against someone else who is playing a heavily armed Slayer. This mode seems to be a 1 vs 2 mode that bases a lot of itself off of strategy.

Overall this was a pretty decent conference but I do believe that they focused too much on the mobile aspects, which while some people do play them, they aren’t what they are waiting so much to hear about at something like E3.

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Breakdown Conventions and Expos E3 Early Impressions Games News Press Review Spotlight Video Games

E3 2019 | Xbox Overview

E3 officially kicks off this year with the Xbox conference. A lot of games were announced and shown off here, as well as, new hardware; and services had more brought to light. Since there were 60 games shown I will talk about the ones that got the most attention and just seemed all around the most interesting games.

Kicking the conference off was Obsidian with their game The Outer Worlds, this game actually looked great and had a great art style to it. It was certainly a great way to kick off the conference.

Ninja Theory followed showing off Bleeding Edge which looked pretty great as well especially for those into 3rd person action games, this being multiplayer online I got good vibes from it and think it could be great.

Ori and the Will of the Wisp got a trailer and release date for February 2020, I loved the first game so I’ll definitely play the second.

Minecraft Dungeons was announced too, which had Diablo-style gameplay and is coming Spring 2020.

Cyberpunk, FINALLY, -and I have to put that in caps cause it’s about damn time- got a release date. The game also showed off that Keanu Reeves is in the game and with everything he has been doing lately, that’s awesome to see him in it. This was the first thing that actually had me hype for the future.

Battletoads have a new game coming out which is also amazing. Then we had a lot shown for the Xbox Game Pass and that it was also coming to PC for an all in one price of $15 USD. There were things like Halo Reach coming to PC, and there was also a new Flight Simulator which had amazing graphics for those who love those games.

Jedi Fallen Order had a short trailer showing off things we had seen mostly before at EA’s conference outside of E3.

Blair Witch is a new horror game coming soon that looked amazing and could be really good so I am pretty hype about that.

Age of Empires definitive edition in 4k, Wasteland 3, and Double Fine announcing they are now with Xbox with a new Trailer for Psychonauts 2. I never played the first one but I know it certainly has a following behind it.

Lego Star Wars announced a new game that is covering all 9 films which Lego rarely disappoints to be a silly and fun experience.

More was shown for the upcoming Dragon Ball RPG, but nothing that really stood out and made me think that it was going to be an amazing game.

12 Minutes had its premier trailer and this game looks promising; it’s a thriller game about a guy stuck in a time loop. This could either be amazing or really bad depending on how they tell the game’s story.

Now we are getting to the big stuff, the stuff everyone has been waiting for. Gears 5; they showed off a short story trailer and then announced the games release date of September 10. They then showed us a cool trailer for the games Escape mode which saw WWE Superstars, Xavier Woods, Tyler Breeze and AJ Style playing it. Also, those who preorder or play early get access to the Terminator pack.

A new Elite controller was shown, which for a controller there’s not exactly much you can hype up about that.

Dying Light 2 got a trailer as well; I remember the first game was pretty well received, so I am certain that people have been really looking forward to its sequel.

Forza Horizon 4 showed off its Lego DLC and that might be one of my favourite things of the conference. It just looked silly and fun and sometimes that’s what games just need to be. Not everything needs to tell this amazing story or have a huge online scene. Sometimes it’s good to just have a chill and fun game.

State of Decay 2: Heartland was also shown, as well as, Phantasy Star Online 2, which got some pretty big attention since its coming to Xbox free in Spring 2020. Crossfire X showed off that it is coming to consoles and coming to Xbox first which is cool for people who are big on that game.

Tales Of Arise had a trailer and release for 2020; considering how long this franchise has been pumping out games for I am sure a lot of people are pretty hype for that.

Borderlands 3 got a new trailer showcasing the games new playable characters and setting up the game’s story a bit. It seems to really be going back to the Mad Max approach which I am all on board for and look forward to this game heavily. They also showed the free DLC for Borderlands 2 that is a lead up into 3 that’s available right now.

Elden Ring is a new game being done by Bandai Namco and George R.R Martin, it’s not the Game Of Thrones game people were expecting, but it actually looks pretty good from the story trailer we saw. Can’t wait to see the gameplay footage for it too.

They then showed off a little for the streaming service but kicked it into full gear announcing the Xbox Project Scarlett for Holiday 2020. So we can expect more and more on this new generation of the console within the next year and a half, they made sure people knew that they had really cut down loading times and gave it a processor four times more powerful than what they are running now. The console can apparently run 120 FPS which if true is a huge step up.

After announcing this console, they announced its first launch title, the highly anticipated Halo Infinite. Xbox and Halo of course always come to mind when you think of one another so it’s a perfect launch title for the new console and the story trailer they showed actually looked pretty damn good. This was the last thing that they showed too, so a good way to end it.

Overall it was a pretty good conference and great to see more moving into the next generation, there weren’t as many big heavy hitters from third parties shown this year as there normally is but they showed a lot of first-party content to get people excited. Overall definitely worth watching.

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