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Tim Seeley Assures Valiant Readers Come First With New BLOODSHOT Relaunch

A few weekends ago we spoke with comic book artist/writer on several of his upcoming, ongoing, and past works. Front and center on this discussion was his work on the new Bloodshot relaunch from Valiant. With the new relaunch came two very important questions from the long invested readers before even considering looking at what the title has to offer.

Firstly would be that with the new Bloodshot movie coming out just five months after the relaunch, some were curious if Valiant would put effort into creating a similar character likeness to that of the live-action adaptation. We’ve seen this a lot in recent years with Marvel, who use the strategy to bring in new readers who have seen the movies but may feel intimidated by the idea of jumping into the comics.

Next is whether or not the readers from this past, and much larger run, would be able to find their place in this new saga for the character. Would they be able to recognize him, and would it go against what they bare witnessed to before? It’s important for any brand, let alone a hardcore dedicated fanbase like Valiant’s to feel as comfortable as any new reader in these scenarios.

Luckily, Tim Seely gave answers to both of those questions, assuring fans of Bloodshot, and Valiant as a whole, that everyone will feel right at home with his new “distilled” version of the character. Seeley promises callbacks, true form, freedom to explore new aspects of the character without a convoluted history to navigate.

Watch what Seeley had to say in this video here:

Bloodshot #1 is brought to life by one of the most electrifying writers today, Tim Seeley; with featured artwork from the icon Brett Booth, and covers by Declan Shalvey. The book hits comic shops and digital retailers this September. If you want an actual taste of what’s to come, Seeley hs teamed up with Tomas Giorello and Diego Rodrigues for his short story available May 4th, for Free Comic Book Day. The title will only be available through select retailers and leads into the new series.

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A Chat with Justin Cristelli, the Creator of ‘The Red Knight’.

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