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THE BOONDOCKS May Come Back for a Season 5

It may be hard to believe, but it sounds like The Boondocks might finally be coming back for a fifth season. At least, that’s what John Witherspoon, one of the main voice actors from the show, claimed offhandedly on an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. While talking about his character from the show “Grandpa,” Witherspoon let it casually slip that a new season of The Boondocks was in development:


“I’m on the cartoon – what is it? The Boondocks? I didn’t change my voice for The Boondocks. And they coming back: Boondocks is coming back… It’s one of the best cartoons I’ve ever been on.”


For those unaware, The Boondocks is about two black boys, Huey, and Riley, who move in with their single Grandpa in his rich, predominantly white neighborhood after the deaths of their parents. The show uses its characters and setting to explore and satire everything from politics and race to more mundane topics like current pop culture events. And while the show tackled a lot of Bush-era politics, it didn’t shy away from Obama-era policies either, taking shots at both sides of the political spectrum. If it returned, it’d definitely be interesting to see how the show sees the current political and social climate.

Now whether or not the news of its return is true, it definitely sounds like Witherspoon has at least been contacted by those who want to move forward with a fifth season, even though it would probably be without the original creator, Aaron McGruder. The cartoon was an adaptation of his comic strip and it ran for three successful seasons, but when season four came around some problems arose behind the scenes, and McGruder left the series. However, since executive producers went ahead and made a fourth season without him, making a fifth one too without his supervision is definitely possible, if not completely probable.

In addition to this, although Witherspoon has made it known that he’s been asked to return as Grandpa for a fifth season of The Boondocks, many fans are still not at ease. The other main voice actor, Regina King (the voice behind Huey and Riley), has yet to say whether or not she’ll be back for this potential continuation of the show. Without her, there’d definitely be a big piece of the show missing because her delivery and energy is what helped shape two of the three main protagonists of the show. The potential showrunners could go ahead without her, but it seems like if the show really wanted to do what’s best, then it would get as much of the original creative team back as possible. It was only with those talented individuals, from voice actors Witherspoon and King to series creator McGruder and executive producer Carl Jones, that the series truly shined.

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Source: Joe Rogan Experience

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DC’s BLACK ADAM Script Reportedly Details 3 Familiar Faces | What It Tells Us

The Rock’s Black Adam adaptation has been long in the works, and at times seemed to even be on the chopping block with DC and Warner Bros studio regime changes and property reworks left and right. Nowadays, however, things seem to be finding their place, and while we won’t be seeing him appear in Shazam! or the next Suicide Squad as old rumors might have suggested, we will be seeing the solo outing take root in the near future.  Now, it seems with production coming to a foothold, we might be seeing a few familiar faces that could indicate what to expect from the upcoming adventure.

This past Friday, The Hashtag Show reported that Black Adam screenwriter Adam Szytkel had turned in his script to Warner Bros and DC in late February. The biggest note from this script was the inclusion of Carter Hall, otherwise known as, Hawkman. Hawkman and Black Adam have had a long and tested history in the comics, and make perfect sense as to why the two would clash. The villain turned anti-hero is also said to be coming face-to-face with Stargirl and Atom Smasher as well.  What this tells me is that the film is likely to be the story of how Black Adam became an anti-hero, or simply the pursuit of a villain through and through.

Stargirl and Atom Smasher both were a part of the Justice Society of America and served alongside Hawkman. It’s likely this connection is how each comes into the fray, but there is still something to note and something to question. The JSA is usually set in the World War 2 era, which could be the setting here as well. One thing we may have to wait to see on is whether or not Atom Smasher will play a full hero role, or take a spin on the playing fields. Atom Smasher and Stargirl often were involved in a romantic relationship throughout the comics and might end up coming into play here as well.

It’s said that Warner Bros. and New Line are looking to cast a male actor between the ages of 30-39 to play Carter Hall, and the hope is to find someone big enough to sell audiences on the belief that he could go toe-to-toe with the likes of Dwayne Johnson. It’s likely that Carter will be the main protagonist here indicating that the setting could even find its way to Egypt. The casting call for Stargirl and Atom Smasher indicate the desire for two 20-29-year-olds, which indicates a strong possibility of a romantic inclusion. One would hope that this might even lead to a JSA spin-off; I mean, if we can get a movie about The Trench, we can surely get one on the worlds first Justice League. With the Matt Reeves looking for a creative restart on The Batman, and Man of Steel 2 being shelved, chances are this may be the plan to correct course on the failed Justice League. What’s even more curious is the fact that Wonder Woman is also known to have made her presence known since before the indicated setting of this film and with Marvel Studios looking to make Captain Marvel their new face, it could surely be plausible if Wonder Woman were to lead the Society. Of course, this is just speculation on the possibilities now, but it would certainly provide a fresh new direction for the franchise.

Of course, even if this information is accurate, there could also be changes made if the studio requests a rewrite or changes are required based on other connected properties. There is also a chance with Stargirl and the Justice Society of America being heavily featured in Stargirl’s titular series on the DC Universe later this year, that they might not want the character to have overexposure and decide to cut Stargirl from the script. However, with Black Adam setting aim on a 2020 production start date, Stargirl might be well into its second season, and possibly already working on it’s third by the time the film hits theaters in 2021-2022. At that point, they might utilize the exposure to their advantage.

Of all the rumor and speculation, one thing is for certain; if this film looks anything like what we are hearing now, it is one that could not only change the landscape of the Worlds of DC but could also be their greatest installment since The Dark Knight.

SOURCE: The Hashtag Show

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