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New Trailer Released For Disney Pixar’s TOY STORY 4 | Breakdown, Analysis, Predictions

My excitement for this film just continues to build. After seeing the new full-length trailer for Toy Story 4, I can honestly say that it looks to be another stellar entry into this beloved franchise. While there are still some mysteries regarding the cast and the full plot of the movie, what we do know only serves to help hype it up even more.


The trailer opens up with Woody introducing the gang to a new toy that Bonnie made in school with a spork. He is a high-strung and stressed out fellow by the name of Forky, a plastic utensil complete with pipe cleaner arms and googly eyes. But even though Bonnie loves Forky most of all, he doesn’t understand why and doesn’t know why he’s a toy when all he wants is to be used to eat food and then thrown away. However, on what appears to be a summer road trip Forky and Woody get separated from the rest of Bonnie’s toys and end up running into Woody’s old flame, Bo Peep, who was noticeably absent from Toy Story 3. Bo helps Woody and Forky escape from what appears to be the villain of the movie, an evil doll named Gabby Gabby who commands a group of oddly terrifying dummies. But when asked to come back with them Bo shows Woody the new life that she’s been living at a carnival, helping toys and being played with by new kids all over. And as Buzz and the rest of Bonnie’s toys rush over to help bring the two of them back, it looks like Woody and Forky need to decide just where it is they belong.


The trailer does a great job of shedding some light onto the plot of this new outing for Bonnie’s toys. One of the biggest things we now know is just what Bo Peep has been up to since Toy Story 2. She appears to be living and moving around with a traveling carnival, helping toys in need, like a plastic Xena toy. This also explains the setting of the second teaser trailer, which looked an awful lot like a game at a carnival. This trailer has also confirmed that the film is a road trip movie, and the characters will go through some sort of change by the end of the film. Lastly, and this is thanks to some outside research on IMDB, but we finally know the identity of Keanu Reeve’s mystery character! Yes, John Wick himself is officially joining the Toy Story cast as Duke Caboom, an action figure who can be seen for just a split second in the full trailer. Who he is or how he fits into the story of the film though remains to be seen.


However, there are still some questions that have yet to be answered. For instance, we still don’t know how they’re going to handle Mr. Potato Head since his voice actor, Don Rickles, passed away last year. He’s definitely in the trailer, even though he doesn’t get any speaking lines, so just how Pixar is going to go about dealing with this change is unknown. We also don’t know the identity of Patricia Arquette’s character, even though she’s been listed with the cast for a while now on IMDB.


Despite this though we can still be pretty certain about just what will happen in Toy Story 4. And if you don’t want to hear my predictions for the film then go ahead and skip this paragraph. Anyway, like before, it’s very clear that this is a road trip movie where the characters, primarily Woody and Forky, will learn more about themselves and the world around them as they go on this journey. And eventually, they’ll have to decide what they want their future to be. Woody’s journey in this movie looks to be the most interesting. On one hand, we have his life with Bonnie and all of his friends, which is all he’s ever known as their leader. Yet, on the other hand, we have the love of his life, Bo Peep, and a new life of excitement and of being loved by kids all over the country. This honestly looks to be the crux of the film, and everyone else’s journeys and growth is centered on Woody’s ultimate choice. Just what exactly that choice is, remains to be seen, but just as long as Pixar doesn’t shy away from the big decisions, which is something they rarely do, we could be in for an emotional ride should Woody decide to leave his friends in order to start a new life.


But what do you think? Did you see the trailer for Toy Story 4? What do you think is going to happen to Woody and Buzz and the rest of Bonnie’s toys? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts and opinions. Toy Story 4 is set to release on June 21, 2019. While you’re at it, consider Subscribing by Email to stay tuned for updates on further developments.    

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