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Did WWE Lie About a Champion’s Streak AGAIN?

There was such a surprise at WrestleMania this year as Curt Hawkins had his first victory after returning to WWE in the summer of 2016. Hawkins is a great competitor, very charismatic, consequently crowds always pop for him. Hawkins’ gimmick was originally a parody of Chuck Norris and even used Eva Marie’s original main roster gimmick, by putting matches off with lame excuses. Hawkins has even been in and out of WWE more times than Big Show has turned heel, moreover, after his 2016 return Hawkins has gained a reputation as a looser, losing what WWE has claimed to be 269 matches (prior to his streak being beaten). This isn’t too surprising, as even a casual fan can note some of the memorable times WWE has lied about the numbers, from WrestleMania attendance, to Goldberg’s undefeated streak; the numbers don’t add up when it comes to WWE.

Initially when I heard about the streak, I wondered, What was his real streak? I, myself was confused when I found out that Hawkins’ kayfabe streak was lower than his actual loss record, with an impressive number of losses tracked down to 255. After a bit of research, I decided to figure out what his televised record was (loss record without Dark Matches or Live Events), because, who knows, maybe WWE was right with his count.

For Research I found out that Hawkins’ first match back was against Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Intercontinental Championship on Smackdown Live #898, where Ziggler retained the Championship via pinfall. Hawkins kept loosing from this point on, but surprisingly, on Smackdown Live #899, Hawkins managed to beat Apollo Crews.

Turns out, Hawkins wouldn’t pick up another televised victory until his 2019 WrestleMania victory. Curt Hawkins went to WrestleMania with a TV plus Live Event loss streak of 255 (previously mentioned) and a TV loss streak of 71. The important question is to ask, where did the number come from? There must be some reality considering Hawkins and WWE fell in love with this idea so much that Hawkins even admitted to asking to keep his losing streak, when he told Sam Roberts,

“My main priority has always to do the best that I can, or whatever situation that I have been placed in I have always tried to do my best, or whatever match I am in I try to steal the show in regards to what I am allowed to be doing so I was just doing my thing. What really sparked it all was that there was some online article that said that Curt Hawkins just lost his 100th match in a row. I think that, I’m not taking shots at anyone else, but most of my colleagues would be upset at that sort of thing.

“There’s been times since that article where I was having matches; in particular I had a match on Main Event against Heath Slater that I was supposed to win, but I thought, wait, hold it, no, please, no. This could be something. There’s no sense of ending this story on Main Event. Who begs to lose matches? I literally did that though where I said that I can’t win matches, and they were cool about it in the first place where they were telling me that I did a good job and that I am going to win a match. But I was like, no, you don’t understand.”

Turns out, the number might actually be realistic, considering that most sources could be off by a few numbers, even Hawkins admitted to ALMOST losing track of his losses (not actually losing it, but almost losing it), when he said on the same podcast,

“It’s tough at times because I am doing the live events. I am doing this thing that say I lose to someone at a live event, I would then say that I wasn’t ready. It was BS and I’m not going anywhere until I have another opponent. And then Braun Strowman comes out, so I end up losing like six times a weekend before I get to TV. It’s got to the point rather quickly that I have to put [the streak number] on my Instagram and Twitter profile after every match otherwise I will forget because I don’t remember where it’s at.

“Another thing that sparks it that I have to end up doing is that when fans meet me now and want my autograph, more times than not they ask me to write where I am at like, how many losses in a row I have had. It’s like 4:30 in the morning and my brain isn’t fully working at the moment, so I have to check on Twitter or Instagram, so it really helps to have that information. I have been racking them up at certain points.”

As fans, it might be important to suspend your disbelief, but that may not be necessary considering WWE might have actually used his losses, which is rare in addition to the fact that it could serve as an interesting model for both them and other companies (namely, All Elite Wrestling who is claiming to “make wins and losses matter”)

The Sources used for this article were both and the sources found at the bottom of Hawkins’ Wikipedia page. A special thanks to WrestleTalk for the podcast transcription.


Monday Night RAW Rants: Brock Party Edition

Welcome to The Nerd Hub and our ongoing autopsy of the slow death of WWE Monday Night RAW ratings. Many fans thought WWE would answer the challenge posed by AEW’s Double Or Nothing show this weekend. It did. However, the answer came in the form of a completely unmemorable Memorial Day show in Kansas City. Let’s look at the body together. The “Brock Party” episode pooped out quickly for loyal WWE viewers.


WWE spent a good quarter of its show teasing a decision from Brock Lesnar that never came. I guess that counts for must-see TV on Memorial Day from WWE creative. Lesnar would hold a “Brock Party” to announce the champion he would challenge, presumably as soon as Super Showdown.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and Universal Champion Seth Rollins spent the opening segment begging Lesnar for a match. The Brock Party came out with Paul Heyman, but essentially blew them off. The only memorable part of this overly-long promo came with Lesnar embracing the memes, gifs and videos he inspired.  Brock Party rocked out to a Money in the Bank briefcase with speakers. This came after the WWE Universe spent all week on social media creating music videos with Lesnar bopping to the case last Monday.

The Memorial Day show opening shenanigans continued when Dolph Ziggler attacked Kingston again. He beat up Kingston to the point of getting medical treatment. Xavier Woods tried to make the save, but The Showoff beat him throughout the crowd. He trapped Woods’ head in a chair and tried to finish him. However, Kofi broke free from medical staff and made the save.

WWE teased a “Brock Party” later in the show to announce his decision. Lesnar even hammed it up with some dance moves. However, he blew off Rollins who came out to confront him. WWE creative wants us to believe Lesnar gained the ability to read on Memorial Day and just then discovered he can wait a year to cash in his briefcase. Apparently, the Brock Party celebrated newfound literacy as well.

Therefore, the decision WWE teased for a week resulted in a non-decision. Brock did not choose an opponent. I thought Seinfeld earned the motto of being the show about nothing. The Memorial Day Monday Night RAW came for that mantle.


Apparently, the one guy left who can write for Monday Night RAW works on Firefly Fun House. Bray Wyatt explained that his fear mask persona, “The Fiend,” comes out to protect us. He said that when he’s alone or afraid he puts the mask on and he can “be anything he wants to be.” Abby the Witch attempted to bully Wyatt, but he called her out on it. Then, he responded to her use of the word “limbo” by spider-walking under a stick held up by two children. Yet again, Wyatt found a way to keep us entertained on an otherwise uneventful Memorial Day episode.



AEW caused a big stir over the weekend. They concluded a fiery first show in which Cody Rhodes smashed a Triple H-inspired throne with a sledgehammer by debuting former WWE champion Dean Ambrose as Jon Moxley. Futhermore, Moxley’s cameo came after former WWE main eventer Chris Jericho defeated Kenny Omega in the main event. AEW displayed creative angles, lots of fresh, young talent and a competitive spirit.

WWE responded on Memorial Day with Cesaro and Ricochet putting on the best and only entertaining match of Monday Night RAW. As you’d expect, WWE’s notorious 50-50 booking rules applied. So, Cesaro gained no momentum from his victory last week against The One and Only. Both guys continued to tread water as Ricochet rolled up the Swiss Cyborg for the victory.

These two showcased incredible in-ring chemistry again. However, they both lack a build toward anything meaningful because they are trading wins. Therefore, we learned nothing new. We already knew both these guys exhibit some of the best in-ring athleticism and innovation in the company. Unfortunately, WWE fails to see how to use it.


WWE continues to give us an all-you-can-eat buffet of Shane McMahon content. They attempted to build heel heat for Shane ahead of his Super Showdown match with Roman Reigns.

How so?

They had Shane drop a long-winded, gas-baggish promo about The McMahons and their history with the Samoan dynasty. Then, he commenced to beat up Reigns’ cousin, Lance Anoi’a, like a tribal drum. He also needed his new lackey Drew McIntyre to accomplish this tremendous feat for some reason.

So, WWE opened the unmemorable

Memorial Day show with an incredibly long promo that accomplished nothing with a squash-match chaser for the first in-ring action. Eventually, Roman came out to drop McIntyre with a Superman Punch and chase the heels off.

Yowie Wowie!

There’s nothing like cooling off the company’s biggest babyface and one of its biggest Monday heels with a pointless feud against a McMahon.

I wonder why those ratings continue to plummet.


Nikki Cross – You know we’re reaching when we include someone who couldn’t crack TV a few weeks ago. However, Cross teamed with RAW Women’s Champ Becky Lynch to defeat the women’s tag team champion IIconics. Yet, Lynch continued to work all the in-ring magic, obliterating Peyton Royce after the hot tag. Lynch hit her new finisher, The Manhandle Slam, a move she’s actually used previously but not as a finisher. Cross gets a bump in attention from working with Lynch, but like everything with WWE lately it’s hard to see where this is going.

Baron Corbin – Much to the fans’ angst, The Lone Wolf continues to howl at their online hate. WWE had the former RAW General Manager win a Fatal 4-Way match against Braun Strowman, Bobby Lashley and The Miz on the Memorial Day show. In addition, the victory gives Corbin a shot at Rollins for the Universal Championship at Super Showdown. At least if they are going to go to Saudi Arabia again against the wishes of both fans and Superstars alike, WWE will punish the Saudis with that crap. As a side note, WWE kept up the theme of ripping off the fans in attendance by announcing the biggest name in the match – AJ Styles – wouldn’t compete due to health reasons.

Dolph Ziggler – The Showoff only got thrown into a feud because Kingston’s recent opponents – Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens – both refused to go to Saudi Arabia. However, Ziggler continues to make the most of his time on camera. Yet, this likely heads toward a one-off loss against Kofi that we can all see coming from a mile away.

Lacey Evans – The Lady of WWE came out after Lynch and Cross won their match. Though she didn’t appear for long, she kept her heat with Lynch going with a mocking wave. Sure, it brought back terrible flashbacks to the runway-only treatment of Evans we got for four months. However, it worked in this case to remind us that she lurks as a threat to the RAW Women’s Champ.

Brock Lesnar – The boombox-toting Beast actually entertained us with a little comedy. Don’t blame him for the lame writing. He and Heyman gave people a reason to show up and WWE got a lot of mileage out of nothing. One of the least memorable Monday Night RAW shows in recent memory got a few moments of dancing from Lesnar. Unfortunately for us, Brock’s dancing provided one of the few watchable segments of the Memorial Day show.


Vince McMahon – We know the main roster creative buck stops with The Chairman. The show he put on for Memorial Day smacks of the conceited egomaniac he portrays on TV. McMahon made a statement by not addressing AEW or Double Or Nothing on Monday. He’s basically saying they are no threat. We’ll see, Vince.

Sami Zayn – The entirely unmemorable Memorial Day show closed with Zayn answering fan questions from “The Electric Chair.” This awkward and inane segment led to fan-favorite Rollins coming out for a match. The logic made no sense. Meanwhile, Zayn served to put over a champion for the second consecutive show after getting destroyed twice Money in the Bank week. Furthermore, WWE turned to Rollins’ perpetually-injured knee to prolong his fight with Zayn. Tired tropes aside, the main event lacked any buzz from the crowd because the show flat-out sucked.

Rey Mysterio – We received news we expected that the controversial new United States Champ would vacate his title. In continuing with the show theme, nothing happened this week, though. Mysterio will lay it down next week. Samoa Joe cut a promo that he’d happily accept the belt again. Given his shoulders never touched the mat at Money in the Bank, it seems like the right thing to do. So, expect WWE to come up with some convoluted mess to resolve the belt fiasco.

R-Truth – We got another stampede of mid-carders and catering veterans chasing our 24-7 Champion this week. The chase spilled into the ring before Truth put Carmella over his shoulder and ran for cover. Later in the show, Truth kicked out of rollups from Karl Anderson and Kalisto during The Usos’ Memorial Day celebration. This concept sucked from the start and continues to stink like Lashley.

The IIconics – Billie Kay and Peyton Royce continue their reign as champs, mainly because they’ve not defended their belt in a meaningful match since WrestleMania. Furthermore, these two get booked to serve as clowns who get beat like a drum every show. Sure, Bayley currently reigns as SmackDown Women’s Champion. However, it’s fair for everyone to wonder at this point why WWE took the belts off Bayley and Sasha Banks. The only thing that’s happened since is they’ve ticked off one of their biggest women’s division draws in the company. That worked so well with Dean Ambrose, right?










Monday Night RAW Rants: The Revival Tribute Edition

Welcome to The Nerd Hub and our weekly ranting about WWE. This week, we finally get The Revival and The Usos in the ring. We love to see it. The epic match easily highlighted a mostly mediocre RAW from Times Union Center in Albany, NY.


You see, boys and girls, once upon a time, tag team wrestling rocked. The Revival and The Usos took us back to the era of great tag wrestling Monday.

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder worked over Jimmy Uso most of the match. They used frequent tags and dirty tricks to keep him away from Jey. Though Jey made a hot tag eventually, Dawson rolled up Jimmy for the win. As a result, The Revival got their payback for the shaving video and the “Usey hot” ointment in their ring gear.

The Superstar Shake-Up sent The Usos to RAW during the April 15th show from Montreal. Why we had to wade through five weeks of crappy prank skits at the expense of The Revival, I will never know. Dawson and Wilder earning the win served as an added bonus, given their booking as of late.

Please, WWE, let two of the best teams of this era go at each other more often. That’s the bottom line because Nerd Hub Joe said so.


I’m not sure who killed his appearance more during the opening promo Monday. A grinning Beast Incarnate came out rocking to the Money in the Bank briefcase like a boom box. Meanwhile, Paul Heyman brought his “A” promo material for a change. Either way, they put the fear of Brock Lesnar into Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston from the start.

Of course, Lesnar’s boom box act provided a few laughs. However, Heyman eventually scored the biggest hit of the segment. He made a crack on Rollins having to wait seven hours at WrestleMania to see his girlfriend – Becky Lynch – main event a show Rollins wasn’t good enough to headline himself.

Ouch! Call Heyman the Architectslayer with that one.

Heyman and Lesnar teased a cat-and-mouse game with the champions. They painted the picture that The Beast will lurk in the shadows. Then, he will pounce when the time to strike is at hand. The threat of the unknown with The Beast kept us on the edge of our seats all night.

Therefore, WWE immediately had to kill most of the anticipation by the end of the show. They announced Lesnar would determine which champion he’ll target on RAW next week.


The Bray Wyatt reboot continues to excel as one of the best segments on Mondays. The friendly “Firefly Fun House” theme song gave way to imagery as creepy as a Marilyn Manson rock video. We watched as images of happy children turned into zombie kids with “Let Him In” written on their foreheads. Wyatt returned with the fear mask afterward. He haunted us with his message of letting him in our heads.


Sure, the Scottish Psychopath got a victory over The Miz. However, the way WWE booked that win hurts more than helps McIntyre. He only finished off the A-Lister after Shane McMahon came out with a dirty assist.

That’s right. A guy they billed as a potential Universal Champion one day needed Shane’s help to beat Miz. The same Miz who just dropped two consecutive matches to a McMahon. This makes McIntyre look like a joke. He’s virtually an Authority flunkie who needs help to win. This puts him on par with The B Team.

Furthermore, McIntyre got announced as an opponent for Roman Reigns at Super Showdown. So, he gets to put over The Big Dog for a third match in a row. Perhaps WWE still believes in him. However, nobody else will if and when they pull the trigger on a big McIntyre push.


Baron Corbin – WWE continues to give the fans heaping helpings of the guy they like to see the least. The Lone Wolf got a promo segment teasing a beef with AJ Styles. Then, he also got booked for yet another main event. He and “The Almighty” Bobby Lashley tried to ambush Rollins and Kingston in a no disqualification main event tag match. However, the champs still won. Corbin and Lashley then delivered a post-match beatdown as Lesnar teased a possible cash in.  Lesnar saved this from being a run-of-the-mill segment for the main event.

Roman Reigns – The Big Dog received a huge ovation a day after demolishing Elias at Money in the Bank. He immediately got interrupted by Shane, who put him in a match against McIntyre at Super Showdown. So, Reigns remains on track to have a title belt in weeks. The monster push continues.

Cesaro – The Swiss Superman scored a victory over Ricochet. WWE creative actually sold it well, too. The One and Only remained hobbled from storyline injures incurred during Sunday’s ladder match. This match reminded us yet again Cesaro’s skills remain on par with any main eventer. He just never gets a big singles push because Vince McMahon allegedly thinks he’s boring. These two could build a nice feud and momentum out of this if WWE goes that route.

Samoa Joe – The Destroyer lived up to his name on the mic. He cut a promo that Rey Mysterio never got his shoulders down at Money in the Bank. Thus, Rey never beat him for the United States Championship. Therefore, he’s giving Rey the chance to go the honorable route and give him back the title. In addition, rumor sites online reported Mysterio suffered a shoulder injury at the pay-per-view show. So, Joe may wind up getting the belt back pretty soon.

R-Truth – The comedic veteran ended the show as the new 24/7 title belt holder. Mick Foley announced essentially a reboot of the hardcore championship. The illustrious new belt already can count Titus O’Neil, Robert Roode and R-Truth as its prestigious champions on its first night. Foley essentially told a hodge-podge of enhancement talent surrounding the ring the first to the belt is the champ. O’Neil won the race. Then, he got rolled up by Roode on the ramp to lose it. Roode tried to enlist R-Truth to help him escape at the end of the show. However, his getaway car opened up to reveal a ref. Then, Truth bounced Roode off the car for the pin.


Women’s Division – Unfortunately, RAW kept its booking of only one women’s division segment per week. We got another dreadful “Moment of Bliss” intro into a match. And they saddled the “shoehorn” nickname on Charlotte. Apparently, Alexa Bliss must get on TV every week, even if she can’t stay healthy enough to wrestle. Her segment with RAW Women’s Champ Becky Lynch got interrupted by Lacey Evans and The IIconics. This spawned a tag match where Cross got beat up all match to make a hot tag to Lynch. The champ then hit a leg drop on Billie Kay for the win. Lynch forced Bliss to partner with her and Cross, but then told her to stay outside the ring and look pretty. This essentially served as filler on a three-hour show and it helped none of the wrestlers involved.

24/7 Championship – The cameo by Foley got ruined by the solid gold crap that is the newest WWE championship. This belt helps WWE fill some content. However, the title serves as a joke. The enhancement guys trading it back and forth each week likely won’t give you much for which to get excited.

Lars Sullivan – We got yet another beatdown of Lucha House Party. WWE set it up as an in-ring interview with Charly Caruso. However, Kalisto, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik sought payback and tried an ambush. They started out well, hitting a triple dropkick. However, Sullivan soon flattened them again. As usual, this served as filler and didn’t help with any momentum. In fact, many WWE fans online pointed out that the company seems tone deaf for booking a guy who needed sensitivity training for racial remarks to pound on a group of Hispanic performers.

Sami Zayn – WWE worked its magic in trying to kill the heat one of its hottest heels built over the past month. They booked him to squeal like a girl and look extremely weak in a squash effort against Braun Strowman. Granted, you expected The Monster to get revenge for being ousted from the MITB ladder match. However, beating up Zayn adds nothing for Strowman. Meanwhile, Zayn’s push appears dead in the water.

AJ Styles – The Phenomenal One’s big reward for a great match with the Universal Champ appears to be a teased angle with Corbin. One can only assume The Lone Wolf bought compromising pictures of Vince McMahon somewhere. Almost everyone complains about his inclusion in the main event scene. Meanwhile, WWE keeps lining up main eventers who Corbin sets back with feuds that get no reaction. Let’s hope the Styles-Corbin interactions end quickly.


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