Cinema Spotlight: Spectral… Grunts V Ghosts.

In a war-torn city, a lone Delta Force operative is instantly killed by a mysterious figure invisible to the naked eye.


Nic Mathieu


Ian Fried (story), Nic Mathieu (story) 


Clayne Crawford, Emily Mortimer, James Badge Dale 



DARPA ( that’s the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for you non-military types) engineer Mark Clyne, designed the goggles that made an “anomaly” visible to soldiers, he is called to war-torn Moldova to consult. Clyne walks into what seems to be a near-deserted city, apart from American soldiers put on edge by the number of military personnel who’ve gone missing. Later, (Half an hour) it emerges that the Americans are being killed off by what appear to be ghosts — fast-moving, transparent blue-white energy figures that ignore conventional weapons and kill with a touch.
Spectral stages like Aliens, building up a group of largely indistinguishable multicultural soldiers, then whittling them down to a few tough, angry survivors. There’s even a wide-eyed, traumatized little survivor-girl “Newt.” (she has a little brother tagging along with her.) Instead of a treacherous company man, there’s a sincere CIA agent named Fran who’s mostly around to translate. And instead of desperate, angry, painfully human Ripley, there’s Clyne, a competent but bland tech-head whose solution to most things is to swap parts around on his team’s cameras or guns, MacGyvering them until they’re futuristic enough to solve the latest problem.
For a mainstream supernatural war film, Spectral is appealingly certain that science is the answer to all problems (instead of bullets), including what appears to be a supernatural attack. (instead of a priest….the movies comparable line to Predator’s famous line “If it bleeds, we can kill it” is “If someone made them, they don’t escape the laws of the world. Nothing does”.)


Clyne is a strange hero: he’s scary smart, reserved, and thoughtful, he makes a good lubricant for the crucial link between science and the supernatural, although he has no real backstory apart from a roster of his inventions he has made for the DOD (Department of Defense) ( Basically he’s Tony stark without the attitude or the money).
By the end of the movie, the characters are running around with comically gigantic Gears of War guns, in a blowout action scene (Ghosts get seriously Busted)


I hate spoilers so as this movie is so new, I will not be Cueing the Action, but I will say this movie has some serious balls behind it, I will be watching this movie several more times, I look forward to seeing what I didn’t pick up the first few watch throughs. Spectral is an action packed survival story against a supernatural threat that destroys Ghostbusters 2016 (like the POS it was). It takes combining science and ghost stories to a whole new level and the camera work is as you would expect from a Netflix movie. The characters are not the best, but this is in true form of an action flick (we don’t need no F-ing back stories). Spectral although similar to other movies in origin,
has its own feel. It’s a novel concept made into a movie that’s worth a video game in my opinion. I give it a solid 7 out of 8 on the Hurt Scale. Thanks as usual for reading this review. If you enjoyed it drop a comment below, give me your thoughts about the movie, and if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s available on Netflix and is worth a watch.
Written by, John Hurt. Edited by, Jack Flowers.
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