DCCU Roundup – News and Rumors – Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Cyborg, The Flash, Green Lantern Corps, Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, Justice League Part 1 UPDATED 5/15/16

Within the first few weeks of Batman V Superman, many criticized it while many adored it. It was a nearly perfect split of opinion. However, the matter of Batman V Superman being a success or not has been severely blown out of proportion. At this point Batman V Superman has turned profit in the box office and it’s still not done. Keep in mind the budget was extremely high so the number while still high are are not making as much of a profit as other films that have grossed what Batman V Superman has. That is because to make a buck you have to spend a buck. Warner Brothers is playing catchup due to an extremely late start and trying to jump start their shared universe. Batman V superman has done better than Marvel did with iron man. At this point the DCCU earnings compared to the MCU earnings after their second installment show DC in a far better position. People have also forgotten to take into consideration the mass memorabilia and toy sales that MCU missed out on. While we’re on this topic I would like to point out the puzzling matter of Marvel’s mistakes nearly never being called out by almost anyone while DCs compliments are pushed aside by their counterpart. People praise their movies for being upbeat and light with a dash of comedic relief and knock Warner Bros for having their movies to violent and dark. These same people praise Marvel for their violent and dark shows while knocking DC for having theirs too upbeat and light with comedic relief. I’m willing to wager if DC flipped the two and copied Marvel these people would now have an even bigger problem. (I rather like the indifference allowing us to have two moods on two screens.) So it seems it’s a lose lose fanboy hysteria situation here.
Now due to these doubts, rumors have started circling. The first of these started a few days after the news of the Batman V Superman Ultimate Cut on top of a major time extension (still well below the over 4 hour original cut that might I add I would trade my soul to see) had also received an R-rating for Violence. This cut also could likely feature the fan favorite part that was cut from the theatrical version whilst featured in the first trailer. Fingers crossed to Jena Malone. Fingers crossed to Jena playing Barbara Gordon and featuring the Killing Joke stomach shot. The rumor was that this version would come to theaters to make up lack of profit. This has yet to be confirmed and looking highly doubtful. They would make more profits off of the Blu-Ray sales of this version also the fact that it is unnecessary.
Also in these rumors was the notion that Warner Brothers had cancelled their future installments. This is FALSE.  No installments have been cancelled and the Solo Batman Project has been Confirmed. It is also Confirmed that Ben Affleck has finished the script and is teaming up with Geoff Johns. Since this confirmation, rumors have suggested that Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns have been handed Complete Creative Control with Ben as the Writer, Director and Lead Actor and Johns serving as his Lead Consultant. Afflecks roles have been Verified, however Johns has not been but this would make since as he has had lots of success within the DC universe already and is a fan favorite.
The release date has not been confirmed yet, but DC has snagged two additional Dates for 2018 and 2019. One presumably for this film and the other for an unannounced title being added to the lineup despite the skepticism.Fingers crossed for Blue Beetle and Booster Gold.(previously rumored by DC and WB cast and crew) Warner Brothers is indeed doubling down and not looking back.
As for the rumor that Zack Snyder would not take part in Justice League Part One, this is also FALSE. Not only is Zack Snyder not being replaced but he is consulting with other directors to help have better tie-ins and references within this shared universe.
More Rumors circled shortly after the announcement that The Flash had split from its director due to Creative Differences. These rumors indicated that The Flash and Aquaman would lose its directors due to the supposed dwindling future of the DC Cinematic Universe. This is FALSE.
While The Flash Director did leave it was not due to the looming cloud that’s been cast upon the DCCU. Sometimes it is as simple as different vision of the character. So YES Seth Grahame-Smith has departed the film.
James Wan however has doubled down on the Aquaman film. James Wan has been taking the film in a unique direction with the consultancy of Zack Snyder (and rumored David Ayer). Fans are confused due to multiple misleading headlines. Does he want it bright or does he want it dark? From what we’ve gathered he wants the plot to be very dark, sinister, and heavy even more so than Batman V Superman, but he will do this while still keeping the film looking Bright, Colorful and Fast Paced. This is how Aquaman comics are and to hear that this is how the movies will be and that the general public will finally see the true Aquaman and ditch the image of a sardine caught in a pop can holder thrills me. This level of authenticity is following suit of Man of Steel and even more so, Batman Vs Superman.
It seems that Warner Brothers is adapating their depictions far more comic accurate than Marvel to this point. Before those Marvel fanboys bite my head off. This is not a knock on Marvel. I still enjoy Marvels films, I just have found that Warner Brothers have done a better job with bringing these stories we love to life than Marvel. It seems Marvel has thus far built their films for the general public to adore and to maximize profits,  whilst Warner Brothers has focused on building their films for the comic heavy fans without regard for the critics opinions. both in my opinion have, despite having far different motives, done a great job at still making quality films. Im most excited to hear that Phase 4 of the MCU will change. So far with Doctor Strange, Inhumans, Captain Marvel, Etc. these more bold unknown projects will fall in line with what Warner Brother also seems to be realizing. That the Superheroes Genre has beens set. It is here to stay if you do it right. Each film should be different bold and mixed with Fantasy, Thriller, Drama, Action, Sci-Fi, and more. each differing from the last. Do not be afraid to bring these stories to life. Neither DC nor Marvel look like their shared universe are going anywhere anytime soon.
We have also seen Set Photos and First Looks of Wonder Woman indicating that we would be getting even more authenticity with Themyscira, The Amazon Warriors, and more. Beautiful, Glimmering, Bright sets of Themyscira mixed with Dark, Gritty sets of World War London.
Recently we also got a set photo showing Diana visiting Gotham with an Armored Truck on site.
Also hot off the rumor mill is the fan favorite that DC is eyeing George Miller to direct the Green Lantern Corps film. That is not he only recent rumor surrounding the GLC film, another is that there will be three Earth based Lanterns. John Stewart and Hal Jordan were confirmed months ago. After which fans had an outcry for an addition of Kyle Rayner. Perhaps Warner Brothers has listened to the fans. Along with this latest rumor was news that casting was looking for one of its Lanterns to be an older Hal. This would most likely mean that the supposed third Lantern would be Kyle Rayner. Since this rumor some have argued for Guy Gardner but I just don’t see that happening(not with the first installment anyhow).
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje sat down with ComingSoon.Net to talk about his character Killer Croc from the upcoming Suicide Squad film and the third installment of the DCCU.
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice marked the first appearance of Ben Affleck‘s Batman, the film also established that his Bruce Wayne had been acting as Gotham City’s Dark Knight for decades.
We also already know that when David Ayer’s Suicide Squad hits theaters we will be seeing more of The Batman and learning more of his past. Suicide Squad features quite a few of established Batman villains including fan favorites Killer Croc, Deadshot, Harley Quinn and The Joker.
“At the time you meet him in this film, he’s a fully-fledged criminal. He’s really one of the baddest criminals known to be roaming in Gotham, hence his lockup in Arkham. He’s tangled with the Batman and here he is amongst these other foes. He’s very much a formidable force at the time that you meet him.” – Adewale
Apparently Adewale and Ayer didn’t take this fan favorite character lightly.
To suit up as Killer Croc on set, Akinnuoye-Agbaje worked with a team of special effects make up artists led by KNB EFX Group‘s Christopher Allen Nelson.
“The head and shoulders are prosthetic that were glued onto my face and then the body down was painted. It took about five hours to do, but it was something that was a challenge that I was up for because I wanted to set a new standard for what can be done with prosthetics. We could have easily CGI’d this, but David [Ayer] was insistent on their being an actor to bring out the soul of the character. It gave me an opportunity to show what I could do with prosthetics.” – Adewale
Adewale went on to explain his in depth research of the character across three generations of publications and even real life studies.
“I looked at all of it. I went back to the young Waylon Jones. The animated series. I had my own take, too. I researched cannibalism. I actually went out and watched real crocodiles, too. We incorporated some of the real life fight techniques that crocodiles do when they kill their prey. The death roll.”
He wrapped his interview with the promise of water action by saying, “Oh, you’re going to get more than one water scene!” he laughs. “I’m a croc after all, man. That’s my territory!”
Also sitting down with Coming Soon.Net was Will Smith to talk about his character, Deadshot.
Smith explains what drew him to the character above all of the other comic book roles up for grabs.
“It’s a character that hasn’t really been explored in cinema. I get to design it and be a part of creating the first round of Deadshot in the history of cinema… It’s a really great opportunity to work with a really great ensemble. It was perfectly cast. It’s an insane group of super actor villains.” – Smith
Despite having a history with comic book films with the Men in Black series and (whilst not based off a comic later turned into one and of the genre) his original superhero film Hancock, Smith says he grew up somewhat distanced from comics.
“As a child, my brother was really into it. I was sort of banned from his comic books. It was sort of sacred land. But probably in the last three or four years, I started getting into it. I started paying attention a bit more. It was a little bit of a benefit coming from the outside and getting exposed to it because I got to do a deep dive over a six or seven month period, taking them all in and reading them back to back. It felt like it gave me a little more freedom to create in my mind rather than being trapped in your childhood images.” – Smith
Smith also gave credit of his arrival to his faith in David Ayer. (who is personally one my favorites directors.)
“It’s David Ayer’s tonal quality,” says Smith of what he gets from the creative partnership. “It’s how he thinks and how he moves and how he sees the world. These kinds of movies are a different breed,” he says. “The huge, gigantic tent poles that are designed to be global behemoths. I wanted to do something like that with David Ayer, who is a director that cares only about character. Every single aspect and detail of the character playing into that gigantic box for me is what makes this one really special.” – Smith
So there you have it The Latest in Rumors, News and More surrounding the DCCU. Some major topics addressed and some more facts to keep you well informed of the situation for the time being.
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UPDATE – 5/11/2016
Green Lantern Corps gets a new release date.
It’s previous date was June 19, 2020. It has been moved to July 24, 2020.

UPDATE – 5/11/2016
Recently Rumors have been circling that Cyborg is NOT getting a solo film and that the Cyborg film has been made a Teen Titans film.
Both Rumors are False.
Cyborg is still very much so getting a solo film.
No teen titans film talk has even occured. Not to the public anyhow.

UPDATE 5/11/16
Some time ago it was revealed that the reason CW’s Atom was so different from the comics – all the way to Brandon Roths portrayal, rightfully so -was because he was initially supposed to be Blue Beetle/Ted Kord. Suffering the same fate as Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Deathstroke CW was told by WB execs that the character was off the tables.

LAter rumors swirled of  several mid-budget lesser known DC titles including Suicide Squad – Now Set for Release in August – and a Booster gold film featuring or Co-Starring Blue Beetle among others.

More Recently the rumors of a Booster Gold and Blue Beetle buddy film directed and produced by Greg Berlanti.

As you know from above there are two new dates of untitled DC films and a solo Batman film confirmed without a set date. Its safe to assume one of those dates belongs to the batman film and now we may have the film that is taking the second new spot.

Greg Berlanti is now wrapped up in putting together Riverdale for The CW which is based off of Archie Comics as well as assisting on other DCCU, DCACU and DCTVU projects.

It’s now been reported that the film will be written and directed by Zack Stentz who worked with Kevin Smith on The Flash’s “Runaway Dinosaur” and is known for X-Men First Class, Thor and most recently, Power Rangers.

UPDATE 5-16-16
Greg Berlanti followed up with the speculations the following day 5/12/16.
Berlanti Confirmed that Stentz is currently writing the film’s script but clarified that he would likely still direct it.
UPDATE 5-16-16
Shortly after Batman VS Superman was released a deleted scene was also released. This deleted scene showed Lex Luthor conversing with what is widely believed to be Steppenwolf (Darkseid’s uncle). Feeding off of this theory we’ve come up with how it could and likely would work and why this is a reasonable theory. This scene showed three mother boxes. Now rumors started swirling that he would be the main villain of Justice League part 1 because of this recently. Remember that this film was originally over 4 hours long so this is likely no the only deleted scene. What was likely to happen is that  Wonder Woman’s “I’ve killed things from other worlds before” line is referring to her killing Steppenwolf in the original battle where the Humans Atlanteans and Amazons originally pushed back Darkseid. This is probably when they left six mother boxes behind. These mother boxes were likely split between the races as a security measure.

One originally being held by S.T.A.R Labs. (Cyborg). Another by the Atlanteans. The last by the Amazons. It is likely lex had summoned Steppenwolf and gave him three of the Mother Boxes. The clip showing Aquaman fighting back was likely his discovery when trying to recover the fourth mother box. The Wonder Woman Flash and Aquaman films will likely be their part before and after BVS explaining these portions of the story. Justice league part one will follow the on the timeline uniting them for a common enemy against Darkseid’s leading charge Steppenwolf. It’s possible that Steppenwolf will in Justice League Part 1 attempt to recover all of the mother boxes uniting six of the seven and succeed in doing so or partly succeeding. The mother box within Cyborg would then be explained within the cyborg film and he would aid the team in Justice League Part 2 in closing the portals when Darkseid attack.

Nothing is confirmed, this is all theory.
UPDATE 5/15/16
Willem Dafoe has had his Justice League character confirmed as an un-named “Good Guy” Atlantean.
I’ve stated before that a good way to go about an Aquaman film is to use Atlan.
Now what if Dafoe is Atlan in Justice League before he went corrupt? What if he is also in Aquaman as a corrupt Atlan? Who knows maybe hes nothing more than an Atlantean government aid to Arthur.

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