Death Stranding – Driving Even ‘Mad Miks’ Mad.

Today we sit down and discuss a legend. While the world sits waiting for this phoenix to rise from his ashes, we take a look at the possibilities. The legend first came to power when he had a stroke of genius that is now an iconic name. The name became household. It became something of its own. It became Metal Gear.

After several successful installments of the Metal Gear franchise, each improving on the last, Hideo Kojima looked to the future. Hideo Kojima started working with Guillermo del Toro, another with a mind for dark horror fantasy. They started the revival project for another household name. They started a build for Silent Hills. A legacy that many felt could be done by nobody other than Guillermo. The piece seemed to be moving along nicely with Norman Reedus signing on to play a role, a stunning teaser and even a “Playable Trailer”. If you were fortunate enough to try P.T. before it was removed from all stores you know they had something. Unfortunately, the project soon fell apart. With del Toro dropping out of the project, it seemed doomed.

While many were awaiting anxiously to see if whether or not it would take hold and we would see the next masterpiece from Hideo Kojima, our last hope was extinguished when the creative difference of Hideo Kojima and his long running employer, partner and Metal Gear developer Konami Digital Entertainment exploded in what seemed like overnight. The blood drawn exit left many wondering; “What would become of Kojima? What would become of Konami? What would become of Silent Hills?”

This past summer our answers came, when Hideo Kojima announced Kojima Productions and dropped a trailer at E3 2016 for his brand new game, Death Stranding.

E3 2016 held another surprise with Resident Evil 7. The upcoming installment of yet another household name blew our minds with what seemed to be a revert to classic Resident Evil, having a minimal combat system and puzzling horror adventure. Fans were even more so excited about this due to the obvious heavily inspired build that made everyone have flashbacks of “P.T.”.

The thrills continued when they showed the first trailer for Death Stranding. Kojima left us mesmerized, but baffled at the same time. With Norman Reedus confirming his involvement once more, futuristic tech, and dark sci-fi horror, there were nothing but questions. These questions were met with even stranger riddles. For months nothing but everything could be said about this game.

Now, Kojima has released a second trailer at the Game Awards 2016. Yet again, Kojima did not disappoint. Not only was Guillermo del Toro’s signature horror style fluttering every inch of the video, but the fact that he had his acting role front and center confirming that Kojima was not the reason for his departure, and Mads Mikkelsen appearing as the villain, he had already won us over once more. However, somehow he also left us mesmerized and baffled yet again. With many questions being somewhat answered, we were ultimately left with twice as many as we had before. Oddly, this was met with twice as much desire than before as well.

In the end the question still remains. “What the fuck is this game about?” My guess, nobody will ever truly know. Mads ‘Mad Mik’ Mikkelsen – Trademark! – himself admitted to being just as confused as us, saying that the game was “very intricate” and that even he would “have to see” the game before he could fully understand it. As for myself, the only thing i could take from it for certainty is that this baby if that is what it even is, holds the answers. It’s what each side wants. The fact that we know so little but are yet so intrigued regardless of this means that this could be either a legendary piece of history or an utter failure. So, will this phoenix rise or will it perish forever?

P.S. As Jim Sterling and Guillermo del Toro have stated before, #FuckKonami.

Take a look at both of the Death Stranding trailers below and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Death Stranding Reveal Trailer #1 – E3 2016

Death Stranding Trailer #2 – Game Awards 2016 – 4K

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