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Well, it’s finally happened. While many thought that it was a joke, that it was too ridiculous of an idea to film, it turns out there’s nothing that Hollywood won’t make these days. After months of speculation, Warner Bros. has released the first trailer for their new Detective Pikachu movie, starring Justice Smith as the human lead and Ryan Reynolds as the voice of the titular Detective Pikachu. This movie marks the first time the Pokemon franchise will have a live-action adaptation, and it’s also worth noting that this movie doesn’t co-star Ash Ketchum, Pokemon’s usual partner for Pikachu. And the weirdest thing isn’t that Deadpool’s voice will be coming out of a tiny Pikachu, or that the Pokemon in the movie keep their cartoonish appearance while still having realistic furs and skin, with tiny detailed hairs and feathers. No, the weirdest thing is that the trailer actually looks…pretty good.   The trailer opens up by establishing the setting for the movie: Ryme City, a metropolis that’s teeming with humans and Pokemon living alongside one another. We also get introduced to our protagonist, Tim Goodman (Justice Smith, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom), the son of a missing police officer. He returns home to Ryme City to investigate his father’s disappearance, and is promptly introduced to his father’s strange Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool). What’s so strange about this Pikachu? It turns out Tim can understand what Pikachu is actually saying. And since the Pikachu claims to be a world-class detective, the two of them team-up to find Tim’s missing father before it’s too late.   Now the trailer features many things that look to be quite promising. For starters, the movie looks really good. The Pokemon have a realistic look to them without losing their initial designs in any way. Also, even though it may be a bit jarring at times, Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu isn’t actually a horrible fit. He brings an energy and a mischievousness to the character, which keeps in line with the typical personality of the cute yellow mouse. The film also has some clever Pokemon-related gags and humorous dialogue, so hopefully the rest of the film delivers and is as funny and entertaining as this trailer.   One of the main things though that the movie promises to deliver is an engaging mystery, which might seem obvious with the title being Detective Pikachu, but the film could very well have made a simple plot with no mystery to uncover at all. For now we know the initial setup for the mystery: Tim’s father has gone missing, and his disappearance will likely tie-in with a greater mystery that the film will explore. But just where this mystery goes is up for debate. The film could take elements from other Pokemon games and movies to make its plot, or it could craft an entirely new adventure for our heroes to uncover as the movie goes along. The film might even use the real-world Pokemon fighting equivalent of illegal animal fighting to make a parallel with animal abuse to build its narrative. For instance, there could be an illegal Pokemon fighting league that pushes Pokemon too hard, and it’s because he tried to bring down this organization that abuses Pokemon that Tim’s Dad went missing. So in the process of finding him Tim and Pikachu uncover the truth and have to finish what he started.   There’s also no information on who (or what) the film’s villain will be. With a missing person at it’s focus there has to be some reason why he disappeared, so the cause of this disappearance could take the role of main baddie. The movie could also bring in a villain from the series, or they might just prefer to create their own character to match the tone that they’re going for. Also, one hopes that they’ll go into what’s arguably the biggest mystery presented by Detective Pikachu: just how can Tim understand Pikachu? It’s presented in the trailer that Tim is the only one capable of understanding Pikachu, and it’s implied that Tim’s Dad could as well, since Pikachu is his Pokemon. But just how is this possible? No other character (at least to this author’s knowledge) has ever been able to directly communicate with a Pokemon before, so what makes Tim special? Will this ability play into the greater plot and mystery of the movie, or will it simply be used as a humorous gag and as a way to understand what’s going on in Pikachu’s mind without actually entering his mind? We’ll have to wait for more information to know for sure, but if the writers could work this aspect into the greater story organically then the movie would get even more interesting I feel.   It’s rather hard to say, but if this trailer is even just a fraction as good as the finished movie, then Detective Pikachu might just be the surprise hit of next year. It might not be as huge as other big names coming out next year from the likes of Marvel and Dreamworks, but even just a modest run could show Nintendo that Pokemon has a future here in the movies, which could even result in other of their fan favorite franchises becoming adapted, like The Legend of Zelda and even Super Mario. With a lot riding on this quirky, tongue-in-cheek movie, I hope that it delivers and delights moviegoers everywhere. Until then, we’ll just have to wait for it to release on May 10, 2019 to see for sure if this eclectic blend of elements will work.      Source: Warner Bros.  

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