There have been rumors circulating for awhile now that Adi Shankar, one of the producers of Netflix’s popular show Castlevania, has been in talks with Nintendo or another video game company about adapting one of their properties. While there hasn’t been any official word about what the property could be, there have been many who believe that it might just be a Legend of Zelda series. Fans weren’t sure though whether or not the potential show would be animated or live-action, as Shankar has worked on both. However, despite all the fan theories, it turns out that the Zelda rumors will need to be laid to rest, as it was just revealed today that Shankar is working with Capcom to bring their series Devil May Cry (DmC) to life in the form of an animated series in the same vein as Castlevania.


While the details about the upcoming series are still few and far between, Shankar has told IGN that he “acquired these (Devil May Cry) rights myself so that the jabronis in Hollywood don’t f*** this one up too.” He’s also stated that Castlevania and DmC will both be part of an extended universe, one that he’s dubbed the “Bootleg Universe,” much like how Marvel has connected all of their movies into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Shankar’s possession of the TV show rights will definitely allow him more creative freedom in making DmC into a series, especially as he works to tie two very different video game universes together. If this undertaking is successful, there’s no telling just how big this potential connected universe could become, or what other properties could be tied in.


While the details of this new show are still quite sparse, it seems like Shankar can be the one to come through and deliver a great experience again. With the second season of Castlevania on Netflix garnering positive general and critical reception, there’s hope that if anyone can pull off a DmC animated series, he can. It may be too soon to tell, but with a track record like his, there’s definitely a chance that he will come through for DmC fans everywhere.


Source: Capcom

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