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E3 2019 | Xbox Overview

E3 officially kicks off this year with the Xbox conference. A lot of games were announced and shown off here, as well as, new hardware; and services had more brought to light. Since there were 60 games shown I will talk about the ones that got the most attention and just seemed all around the most interesting games.

Kicking the conference off was Obsidian with their game The Outer Worlds, this game actually looked great and had a great art style to it. It was certainly a great way to kick off the conference.

Ninja Theory followed showing off Bleeding Edge which looked pretty great as well especially for those into 3rd person action games, this being multiplayer online I got good vibes from it and think it could be great.

Ori and the Will of the Wisp got a trailer and release date for February 2020, I loved the first game so I’ll definitely play the second.

Minecraft Dungeons was announced too, which had Diablo-style gameplay and is coming Spring 2020.

Cyberpunk, FINALLY, -and I have to put that in caps cause it’s about damn time- got a release date. The game also showed off that Keanu Reeves is in the game and with everything he has been doing lately, that’s awesome to see him in it. This was the first thing that actually had me hype for the future.

Battletoads have a new game coming out which is also amazing. Then we had a lot shown for the Xbox Game Pass and that it was also coming to PC for an all in one price of $15 USD. There were things like Halo Reach coming to PC, and there was also a new Flight Simulator which had amazing graphics for those who love those games.

Jedi Fallen Order had a short trailer showing off things we had seen mostly before at EA’s conference outside of E3.

Blair Witch is a new horror game coming soon that looked amazing and could be really good so I am pretty hype about that.

Age of Empires definitive edition in 4k, Wasteland 3, and Double Fine announcing they are now with Xbox with a new Trailer for Psychonauts 2. I never played the first one but I know it certainly has a following behind it.

Lego Star Wars announced a new game that is covering all 9 films which Lego rarely disappoints to be a silly and fun experience.

More was shown for the upcoming Dragon Ball RPG, but nothing that really stood out and made me think that it was going to be an amazing game.

12 Minutes had its premier trailer and this game looks promising; it’s a thriller game about a guy stuck in a time loop. This could either be amazing or really bad depending on how they tell the game’s story.

Now we are getting to the big stuff, the stuff everyone has been waiting for. Gears 5; they showed off a short story trailer and then announced the games release date of September 10. They then showed us a cool trailer for the games Escape mode which saw WWE Superstars, Xavier Woods, Tyler Breeze and AJ Style playing it. Also, those who preorder or play early get access to the Terminator pack.

A new Elite controller was shown, which for a controller there’s not exactly much you can hype up about that.

Dying Light 2 got a trailer as well; I remember the first game was pretty well received, so I am certain that people have been really looking forward to its sequel.

Forza Horizon 4 showed off its Lego DLC and that might be one of my favourite things of the conference. It just looked silly and fun and sometimes that’s what games just need to be. Not everything needs to tell this amazing story or have a huge online scene. Sometimes it’s good to just have a chill and fun game.

State of Decay 2: Heartland was also shown, as well as, Phantasy Star Online 2, which got some pretty big attention since its coming to Xbox free in Spring 2020. Crossfire X showed off that it is coming to consoles and coming to Xbox first which is cool for people who are big on that game.

Tales Of Arise had a trailer and release for 2020; considering how long this franchise has been pumping out games for I am sure a lot of people are pretty hype for that.

Borderlands 3 got a new trailer showcasing the games new playable characters and setting up the game’s story a bit. It seems to really be going back to the Mad Max approach which I am all on board for and look forward to this game heavily. They also showed the free DLC for Borderlands 2 that is a lead up into 3 that’s available right now.

Elden Ring is a new game being done by Bandai Namco and George R.R Martin, it’s not the Game Of Thrones game people were expecting, but it actually looks pretty good from the story trailer we saw. Can’t wait to see the gameplay footage for it too.

They then showed off a little for the streaming service but kicked it into full gear announcing the Xbox Project Scarlett for Holiday 2020. So we can expect more and more on this new generation of the console within the next year and a half, they made sure people knew that they had really cut down loading times and gave it a processor four times more powerful than what they are running now. The console can apparently run 120 FPS which if true is a huge step up.

After announcing this console, they announced its first launch title, the highly anticipated Halo Infinite. Xbox and Halo of course always come to mind when you think of one another so it’s a perfect launch title for the new console and the story trailer they showed actually looked pretty damn good. This was the last thing that they showed too, so a good way to end it.

Overall it was a pretty good conference and great to see more moving into the next generation, there weren’t as many big heavy hitters from third parties shown this year as there normally is but they showed a lot of first-party content to get people excited. Overall definitely worth watching.

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