Everything We Know About ‘Spawn’ Remake Going Into 2018.

Everything We Know About ‘Spawn’ Remake Going Into 2018.

With a new year, comes a new wave of comic book adaptations thrust upon us, and often things must be set aside, but that doesn’t mean that they need to be forgotten. While preparing for our upcoming podcast on Marvel and DC 2017/2018, we realized that we really wanted to discuss the upcoming ‘Spawn’ reboot being given to us by Todd McFarlane and Blumhouse Productions.  Due to the fact that Spawn being under Image and not exactly applying to the theme, we join you here today with a recount of everything we know about the upcoming ‘Spawn’ movie so far.  While the public knowledge that exists at this time isn’t particularly dense, we do have a few details given by McFarlane himself regarding the creative decisions, facts about the productions state, as well as, our own take on what it all means for the film itself, and the industry as a whole.

          Although this movie is being advertised as Spawn, who is technically in the movie, it’s still a little misleading.  From what we have been told so far it will mimic a style similar to the horror genre.  The closest example given to us, by Todd himself, has been ‘Jaws’. This gives the impression that we will be getting a drastically different picture than what we got back in 1997.

According to Todd Mcfarlane, Spawn will not even be the main character.

While he will still be the main subject, it will be more in the sense that in relation to ‘Jaws’, he is the “shark” lurking in the water, that the main character is dealing with and seeking out.  In actuality, we will be venturing the world of spawn through the eyes of Maximilian Steven Percival Williams III, or better known as Twitch; A dedicated detective that has appeared throughout Spawn comics since issue #1.

Using both his intelligence and dual-wielded pistols, Twitch would eventually aid spawn in any way that he can whether it be garnishing intel or using trigonometry to shoot a bullet through the ear canal of an adversary.  That ACTUALLY happened by the way.

Another aspect Todd is taking from the horror genre is the complete lack of vocal communication Spawn will have with any other character.

The idea is that spawn needs to be portrayed as a force of nature, rather than a superhero or even a human being with his own thoughts and emotions, adding to the perception that Spawn is no longer Al Simmons, but instead the physical embodiment of revenge, raining down literal hell-fire on those most deserving of his punishment.

Now, this may not be what we were expecting to get all these years we’ve been gathering like a think tank in our basement or at a local shop, but if given a chance and done right, I personally feel like this can go over really well; especially if it continues on for several movies.  A first movie done this way can be good.  With twitch as our guide, we can really get a feel of what its like to live in the corrupted and supernatural world of ‘Spawn’, as well as the alternative perspective of how the rest of the world sees Spawn.

Standing in the shoes of an observer like Twitch allows us to experience the curiosity and fear that grows inside of a person when Spawn is around; it would really help set the mood for a movie franchise.  However, I do think that if it were to continue past this installment, we would eventually need to step back into spawn’s shoes and experience his new life through his own perception and get a sense of just how much humanity is still deep within himself and how it’s driving him to do what he does.

There are also some larger things at play that we feel should be taken into consideration.

Among them is that Blumhouse picked up ‘Spawn’ creator, Todd McFarlane as the director of the R-rated film, and gave him only a budget of 12 million.  That is an extremely low budget compared to the vast majority of comic book adaptations, but the industry has produced better from less before.

This appears to explain some of the creative decisions that seem intended to allow Todd to keep to this budget while still remaining true that character, which shows that he is utilizing the elegance behind film craft in a way that could prove fruitful. Whether practical effects or dialogue maneuvers, the real question will it all work out the way he McFarlane hope, but three more major factors play into this.

For starters, the low budget means that mark for box office profit is just as low, and in an ideal outcome.

The box office success that will allow for a larger budgeted sequel should be fairly easy to accomplish riding off of the ‘Spawn’ brand as well as Todd McFarlane’s name.  Now his name really only holds weight as for his understanding of the character and how he could hold true to it while having to make these budget oriented creative decisions.

But beyond being the creator of Spawn, and having some past writing credits to ‘Spawn’ adaptations, this will be his directional debut.  To his benefit, directorial debuts go off without a hitch all the time, for example, Blumhouse’s ‘Get Out’ with debuting director, Jordan Peele, which was not only a well made and unique film that has been considered among the best for this years Oscars, but a massive box office success for Blumhouse, and likely a large reason why this new ‘Spawn’ production even exists.

Many questions still remain about this film.

We will be sure to bring any major updates to you via our Facebook Page as they are made known; but one thing is for certain, this is something that can go over very well with the audience and set a bar for future comic book adaptations, as well as, the film industry and how it handles upcoming talent and obscure ideas.  Or, it could become something that makes just as large of a stride in the opposite direction.  The weight of the world is on McFarlane’s shoulders right now.  So with that, I say bring forth Spawn and whatever else Todd and Blumhouse may have in store for us so that we may bring the verdict.

Check out a Sneak Peek of the script from Todd McFarlane HERE.

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Written by, Tristan Dillon, with Contributions by, Jack Flowers.
Editing by, Jack Flowers.