Halloween antics

Halloween antics
All hallows eve always leads to no good. It’s a time when deviants flirt with death and play pranks. This year, like many others before it would prove to be the same. The questioner contacted me with a lead.
He told me a couple of jokers were mailing out exploding packages to unsuspecting trick or treaters. They were going to be on the tricky end of this tale unless “The American Flasher” stopped it.
I followed the lead to a local privatized mail solutions facility. The typical M.O. of these jokers, the avoid government facilities that draw attention.
I arrived on scene and began looking for clues and investigating when they snook up on me.
I must have been on to something because the leader of the gang tried to choke me out.
He wasn’t fast enough for “The American Flasher”


By Jack Flowers

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