Hell In A Cell: Recap and Analysis

This past Sunday, the WWE hosted its latest Pay Per View for the Smackdown Roster.  This is one of the most anticipated Pay Per Views the WWE has had since it began in 2009 and has since aired annually every October.  Each and every Hell In A Cell match since its inception in October of 1997 has been one for the memories.  Whether it was Undertaker choke-slamming Mankind through the top, Triple H and Batista beating each other to a pulp or 6 men taking the dive into Armageddon, this match has always provided quality entertainment, cheers, tears, and fears.  This time around was no different. So, today I’m going to give a quick rundown of the matches and their precedents, as well as, my opinions on how it all turned out and what may come of it.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship:  Jimmy and Jay Uso V Xavier Woods and Big E – Hell In A Cell

Image: WWE

First up on the match card was my personal favorite from the night.  The Uso brothers looked to remind the world just who they’ve been sleeping on against The New Day’s Xavier Woods and Big E Langston to come out champions once more.  Both teams laid everything out in the “Uso Penitentiary” utilizing an array of weapons, flying stunts, trickery, and ingenuity, as well as, pure ruthless aggression.  This was easily the best match of the night for me and probably a lot of others and The Usos deserved the win that they got.
The Usos since rebranding themselves have become more outspoken and more ruthless.  For me, this was the best move they could have done.  Don’t get me wrong I loved the Usos original act. But this type of vibe fuels the entire Tag Team division, and this rivalry is far from over.  In fact, it seems to be at its peak.  The next Pap Per View where we could see the Smackdown Roster is Survivor Series. It’s hard to top a Sin City Street Fight and a hellacious Hell In A Cell, but I have an idea.  The next Pay Per View is TLC, but it will be for the Raw roster only.  I say, lets put these teams against one another in a tornado tag team TLC match and let these boys fly like Evan Bourne at Money In the Bank.  Since its survivor series its got to have that numbers aspect, so let’s make it interesting and throw in a third team.

Randy Orton V Rusev – Singles Match

This was okay.  It was a standard match.  A filler really.  A match to help an up and coming superstar grow.  Unfortunately, nothing stood out about it on my end and was probably the least favorite of the night for me.

US Championship: AJ Styles V Baron Corbin V Tye Dillinger – Triple Threat

Personally, this stood tall as the second best matchup of the night allowing Tye Dillinger to show that he can hang with the best of them while creating some sweet justice for Baron Corbin in the win.  AJ Styles once again showing why he is the most phenomenal superstar to watch.  I’m glad they allowed this title to change hands as it’s what was best for business.  These three were a pleasure to watch and definitely one to go back and catch if you are wondering which matches were worth watching.

Smackdown Women’s Championship: Natalya V Charlotte Flair – Singles Match

Image: WWE
          This was a phenomenal play pitting the Hart and Flair bloodline against each other in a new generation.  Natalya has always been the sweetheart who got the short end of the stick despite her skill, so it only makes sense for her to turn heel and what better way to counter this than with a Flair coming off of a heartbreaking incident to challenge Natalya as the face.  This was a great matchup for both skill and story.  It was also a fantastic match that ignited a rivalry that we will see more of without a doubt.  Definitely, one of the matches to catch.
          The next time we will see these two face off is sure to be at Survivor Series, and I can’t think of a better match for a Hart and a Flair looking to take things to their breaking points to prove that their bloodline is superior.  If the WWE knew what was best for business they would give Charlotte Flair a rematch in an Iron Man match, or in this case an Iron Woman match.

WWE Championship: Jinder Mahal V Shinsuke Nakamura – Singles Match

          I found it extremely odd that their major title was less interesting than the minor, the tag team and the women’s.  This matchup was a valiant effort to continue Jinder Mahal’s reign and start Shinsuke’s rise, but the match was just boring.  Jinder is a heavy grind and pound type of guy and Shinsuke is a heavy striker.  None of their moves even sold me in their own specialty.  I felt this entire matchup to be a waste of time and comes second to last for the night.
          I’d like to see the two in a match that raises the stakes.  In survivor series let’s see these two go head to head in a Punjabi Prison, or let’s see four others join them in an Elimination Chamber and let these two lock sights through everyone and start a rivalry worth watching.  Otherwise, I say just leave them out of the event altogether.  An Elimination Chamber would be a good way to change hands without reason as well.

Dolph Ziggler V Bobby Roode – Singles Match

          For a match that was used as a filler, I found this to be one of the better matchups.  Another case of a veteran allowing an up and coming superstar to get put over, but unlike Orton and Rusev, these two are a perfect fit and I sense the possibility of a rivalry of which I have not seen since Randy Orton and Wade Barrett.
          I would definitely like to see these two go at it in Survivor Series.  I have two ideas.  One is to put them into an Elimination Chamber for the WWE championship and bring this rivalry to the forefront and allowing a more interesting matchup to take hold of the title.  The other is to see these two in a Falls Count Anywhere.

Kevin Owens V Shane McMahon – Hell In A Cell, Falls Count Anywhere

Image: WWE
          The final matchup of the night was one that took a heavy turn at the end and teased you until the inevitable end.  Altogether, I didn’t find this matchup to be one of the top matchups for me.  I would put it at three or four, but it was a Hell In A Cell so you know it was good.
          I’d like to see a Tag Team in Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn and have them be the third team up for the titles in the tornado tag match I proposed earlier.
          All in all, this was a pretty entertaining Pay Per View that is going to bring quite a few rivalries into the New Year.  Definitely worth at least watching 5 of these matchups.  Not the best Pay Per View I’ve seen, but definitely not the worst and I think the Uso’s stole the show and must become a center point for the WWE.
Let us know your thoughts on these matches as well as the event as a whole and the possibilities it could all lead to in the near future in the comments below and stay tuned for our Recap and Analysis of TLC and Survivor Series.
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Written and Edited By, Jack Flowers

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