How James Wan’s SWAMP THING series could help the ‘DC UNIVERSE’.

James Wan’s SWAMP THING series. DC’s upcoming “direct-to-consumer” streaming service has already made a few waves with their original content including a much needed and well-favored revival of Young Justice, a too long anticipated ‘Titans’ series, as well as, a TV-MA ‘Harley Quinn’ show that would host a large array of Gotham based characters alongside the voice of Margot Robbie, and a Lois Lane centered show, titled ‘Metropolis’, that we haven’t heard much about yet.

The downside is that ‘Titans’ seems to have failed fans expectations at every turn, and a diminishing hype for the service is anything but what DC and Warner Brothers would want at this point. Luckily, this week we not only got a long-awaited reveal as to what the service would be called, but we also got new title images for 4 of the leading new shows that would serve as original content to the ‘DC Universe’ service. What’s even more surprising is that the fourth image was not for ‘Metropolis”, but for their newly announced ‘Swamp Thing’ series.

Swamp Thing is a character that has stood the test of time.

Since its 1971 creation of the character Alec Holland, a brilliant scientist who finds himself bonded with plant life after an attempt is made on his life- solely on the shoulders of a die-hard fan base, but with New 52, the character found a new place within the DC hierarchy and rapidly became one of the most requested character adaptations since.

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Swamp Thing has even been in the realm of possibility for a couple years now with its latest director in talks as of last year being Alex Garland (Annihilation, Ex Machina). The realization of the show alone makes this a huge addition to the service, but add to it that James Wan will be executively producing it, this solidifies our hopes with a sure supernatural horror aspect.  With a show like this, budgets may be a concern, but given the fact that this could easily be done similar to how Todd McFarlane is going about his budget constraints for his upcoming adaptation of Spawn, this might be a smaller issue than in previous years.

The goal would be to come at this first installment in an alternate perspective in order to minimize CG costs, as well, build onto the horror intensity.

The original Live-Action Swamp Thing was directed by horror legend Wes Craven and many cues from his style of horror could be utilized to make that approach work. A second season would surely receive a budget upgrade. But what really intrigues me is that Wan is on as an Executive Producer as opposed to a Director, or even just a Producer.  This adds to a potential for the ‘DC Universe’ that some may not have thought of.

Official ‘Swamp Thing’ Synopsis

One of the biggest and also most troubled projects to come down DC’s pipeline has been Justice League Dark/Dark Justice, of which has seen success in the animated end of DC Entertainment, as well as, had plenty of big hopes and big disappointments in its big screen journey with brief moments under Guillermo Del Toro and Doug Liman. While the idea of bringing Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna and the Hellblazer himself together on the big screen sounds delightful, I personally have always felt something was off about the idea in theaters.

I feel Dark Justice/Justice League Dark would find a perfect home as a series on DC Universe and allow an opening into a Defenders-esque shared universe to compete with Marvel’s Netflix success.

Two things would set the “Dark Universe” apart. First would be the unique supernatural horror element, and second would be that these characters are highly anticipated as opposed to Marvel’s characters being mostly people nobody asked for; the latter being something that may come to prove as difficult as it has for ‘Titans’ being that with more demand comes more expectation. Regardless, with this kind of potential behind ‘Swamp Thing’, we could see a higher budget than usual from the start, and while this move may be high risk, it carries an even higher reward.

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Another potential spin-off is one that fans have felt cheated out of for years and another cost DC and Warner Brothers might look to eat due to the high return that could come of it all. Matt Ryan’s Constantine has been in high demand ever since its titular single-season run on NBC that ultimately ended in a similar fashion to Young Justice. Albeit not as bad as not pushing enough toys, but an out of date and highly inaccurate rating system still burns, especially with such high regard most found the show in.

A reboot would cost Warner due to its entanglement with NBC that seems to have come in its way once before.

Presumably, a reboot would cost Warner due to its entanglement with NBC that seems to have come in its way once before. But, with Constantine’s return to DC’s programming with a guest spot on Arrow last year and now a recurring role set for Legends of Tomorrow,  as well as, the potential of this universe and the necessity of this character’s involvement, Warner and DC would do well to cut the check and make it happen.

A lot could come of this show if properly executed, but the biggest thing standing in its way is Warner Brothers. Thier cheap and shoddy work has cost DC Entertainment time and time again. Greed and Power is their disease. This could be something that not only propels the ‘DC Universe’, but could also save Warner Brothers who is heading towards selling. Step back and allow James
Wan to ignite a “Dark Universe” within the ‘DC Universe’. Spend money to make money. Trust your product. It’s really that simple when it’s all boiled down.

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Be sure to give your thoughts on all of this in the comments below. What would you expect from Swamp Thing? How is the DC Universe shaping up so far? Could the “Dark Universe” be something that the DC Universe needs? Let’s discuss all of this and how it may or may not work, down below.

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