INCREDIBLES 2 Blu-Ray Release Set to Have Edna and Jack-Jack Short

Incredibles 2, Pixar’s latest animated hit, is still currently in theaters. So far it’s earned a global box office of $1.16 billion and has become the studio’s most successful film to date. Director Brad Bird seems set on rewarding fans with something special, and just a few days ago, on September 5th, he took to Twitter to tease just that.

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This tweet states that Bird knows fans have been wanting to see a missing scene of the movie. The scene, which occurs in the middle of the film after  Bob drops Jack-Jack off with seamstress Edna Mode in a bid for help with the superpowered baby. Edna is clearly not thrilled with the situation at first until she witnesses the powers first hand. When Bob returns to pick him up the following morning Edna already has a suit made that can help with Jack-Jack’s changing moods and abundant powers. However, this has led many to wonder what exactly happened that night. Just what took place for her to discover all of his powers, and how did she make the suit so quickly? Where did the change take place to have Edna willing to take Jack-Jack back anytime. Bird has revealed that all will be answered soon in the form of an animated short.


This seems to be keeping with an unspoken tradition that every Incredibles DVD release has a short starring Jack-Jack. The 2004’s DVD release of The Incredibles also has a comedic short titled Jack-Jack Attack, in which babysitter Kari accidentally awakens Jack-Jack’s powers through the music of Mozart, which Edna mentions in Incredibles 2. Suddenly finding a superpowered baby on her hands, Kari has to babysit this adorable powerhouse and somehow survive the night.


Bird has said that this new short, which will be titled Auntie Edna, will be available with Incredibles 2’s in-home release for digital on October 23rd and for Blu-Ray on November 6th. The short will also be directed by Incredibles 2 story supervisor Ted Mathot. Bird doesn’t say anything else to avoid spoiling us, but there are a couple things we can assume. For starters, Auntie Edna will be just a short, so it probably won’t last longer than 10 minutes. This means that it will probably glance over some aspects of the night to keep the story moving at a quick enough pace, so fans won’t be able to see everything that occurred. However, we can likely expect to see all 17 of Jack-Jack’s powers on display throughout the short, since Edna is able to create a suit that she says is capable of withstanding all of his abilities.


This short will certainly be a welcome addition to the Incredibles canon, much like how Jack-Jack Attack was fourteen years ago. While Jack-Jack Attack filled viewers in on just how Jack-Jack got his powers in time for the first movie’s finale, Auntie Edna will fill audiences in on how Edna forged a strong bond with Jack-Jack, survived his tantrums during the night, and came out on the other side with a personalized suit. It may still be a few months away, but it’s definitely enough to excite any Incredibles fan.


Have you seen Incredibles 2 yet? What are your thoughts about this upcoming short? Leave your opinions in the comments below. To stay tuned for updates on further developments Subscribe by Email.


Source: Twitter

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