INCREDIBLES 2 Smashes Box Office Record

With another hugely successful summer blockbuster behind us, there appears to be an unexpected movie near the top of the summer box office. The Incredibles 2, Pixar’s 20th feature film, has just broken records by being the first animated movie to pass $600 million domestically. It’s also Disney’s third movie in 2018 to break $600 million domestically, with the other two movies being Black Panther and, unsurprisingly, Avengers: Infinity War. The Incredibles 2 is also the second highest grossing animated movie globally at $1.16 billion, putting it ahead of The Minions, but behind the reigning queen, Frozen.


There could be a variety of factors to explain this jump. There’s obviously inflation to consider, but even this doesn’t explain how the movie made such a gigantic splash. The biggest key could be the genre of the film. Even if it is animated, The Incredibles 2 is a superhero film, which is an extraordinarily popular genre right now. Over the past eight years, 9 out of the 20 highest grossing movies domestically have been superhero movies. With such a lucrative niche out there that audiences want more of, The Incredibles 2 could’ve just come out at the right time, in the right place.


Another reason could have to do with how moviegoers will usually view superhero sequels positively. For instance, Captain America: Civil War significantly out-earned its predecessor Captain America: The First Avenger domestically by around $200 million, and Avengers: Infinity War made $50 million more than Marvel’s The Avengers. But this doesn’t explain some contrary information, like how when Iron Man earned $15 million more than Iron Man 2, so there might be another force at play. With public faith in Disney and its products being so high as of late, fans of movies and popular media like Star Wars and Marvel might just be more willing to give these and any related properties like Pixar a chance. Last year alone, Disney dominated the domestic box office, earning $11 billion there alone.


The last possibility is a bit of a long shot, but one must not overlook nostalgia when it comes to these things. The Incredibles released to good numbers in 2004, but since then there’s been a fourteen-year time gap. Those fans who grew up with the movie have themselves grown up, with some even having families of their own. Now that Pixar has finally released a sequel to a beloved movie from their childhood, they’re even more willing to spend their money and time to watch it with their friends and families.


Regardless of the reason, Incredibles 2 has broken a monumental record making a name for itself and stepping out of its predecessor’s shadow. Hopefully, this spells out a positive future for Disney and Pixar, and we’re looking forward to what they’ll be making next. 


Have you seen Incredibles 2 yet? What did you think of it? Was The Incredibles a better film? Leave us your thoughts and opinions in the comments below. To stay tuned for updates on further developments Subscribe by Email.

Source: Box Office Mojo
Image: Disney/Pixar

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