Infuse Studio may be a small independent game studio, but they’re poised to make a big splash for themselves soon in the gaming world. Spirit of the North is a project they’ve been hard at work on, and they’ve finally released a trailer for it, along with some choice tidbits telling players what they’ll be in for. 

The trailer is as short as it is sweet. It opens with sweeping shots of a snow-swept land as a small red fox walks and sees a scarlet trail in the sky. There are then a few different shots that showcase more parts of the game. We see the fox running with a fox spirit composed of blue light. Then the fox has the blue lights and patterns on himself, and we see him running down a path through stone arches as he’s followed by some sort of wisp. There’s also plenty of quiet moments for us to take in the somber beauty of this icy world.

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Infuse Studio has also revealed a small bit of information regarding the game. Inspired by the environment of Iceland, the game follows a red fox as he helps the Guardian of the Northern Lights, who is presumably the fox spirit we see in the trailer. The game will draw on Nordic folklore and myths as it tells you its story solely through its visuals, with no dialogue or narration to be found. You’ll solve puzzles and traverse the world as you follow the red trail in the sky, and everything you find you’ll have to make sense of for yourself.

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With such a beautiful and creative concept, there are still many different things to wonder about regarding the game. For instance, how long is it? Being an indie game it’s probably not as long as a Triple-A title, but a good game with at least 15-20 hours of content would certainly incentivize gamers to purchase it. More than likely, however, it’ll be around 10-15 hours as most artistic aesthetic games are. Also, how is it structured? Does it have linear gameplay, or will you be allowed to journey wherever you wish in this world? From what we can see in the trailer we would assume that it’d be the former, but being a cinematic reveal, who could say? The platform it’s being released for is something to also take note on. While the reveal states that the game will be coming to PlayStation first, it’s likely at least make its way to X-box, but one couldn’t say which systems would follow. Only time will tell as the success of the game will determine which platforms would continue to receive attention. Usually, games do well on either of the top two systems, but most importantly, independent games shine remarkably on PlayStation’s strong indie slate.

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Only time will tell for sure whether or not Spirit of the North is as remarkable as other similar titles, like 2012’s award-winning game Journey. However, with a gorgeous trailer and intriguing morsels of information grabbing players’ attention, Spirit of the North has an opportunity to become something truly great.

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Source: Infuse Studio

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