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Another year, another convention. With the turn of the year and our plans to push our way further into the convention scene, we took to CAD 2018, an anime focused convention, to both challenge and broaden ourselves, and the result was pretty satisfactory. Con Alt Delete was a smaller convention that had a very interactive community of creators. Led through passion and enthusiasm, Con Alt Del hosted an array of interactive events like an escape room puzzle, Pachinko, cosplay meets, tabletop and card games, as well as, console, VR and arcade video games. Panels included a variety of informative and entertaining segments from creators within the Comics, Streamers, Cosplay and other industries. Cosplay never seemed more tempting and inspiring than when attending CAD. This community is all about what TNH represents. This is the core.

While there were many panels and events we wished to attend, unfortunately we were limited by other tasks at hand this weekend, but two panels we most highly enjoyed were that of comic book/manga writers/illustrator, Russel Lissau and Brian Babendererde. If you were looking to get into comic book development or any character development, these were the guys to go see a few weekends ago. The burlesque show hosted by the Pixel Vixens was a true essence of the environment at CAD, with self expression and pride never seen more bright than here. Shame or fear were not present this past weekend and everyone let their geeks and freaks flags fly uninterrupted.  Other panels and events that caught our eye included Welcome to the Roast, an open roasting gathering, as well as, Paladin Feud, a Voltron themed family Feud game. Other topics included ghost hunting 101, spooky stories, a Dungeons and Dragons home brew tutorial, improv’ comedy, high energy raves, and the Pokemon theme song performed live by Kid Yuki and the Otakus.

Vendors were as to be expected with all sorts of products including spectacular art from Xenomorphic Press and MuseTap Studios, as well as, fantastic books from the likes of Russel and Brian, and Kenneth Kappelmann. Plenty of crafting talent on display in the vendors hall, as well as some fine memorabilia selections. It was mostly a quick walk through however for myself and I’m sure everyone as it didn’t hold much space and had limited hours. I feel like this was a good thing however. Often at larger cons you find yourself tied down to the show floor. Here you were allowed the room to venture elsewhere.

The video games were limited leaving slots hard to slip into, but worked well in connecting players both by forcing random pairing, as well as, by choosing competitive games to challenge your peers in. Tabletop and card games were available to both play for free with the community, or purchase. There was also a Manga library, unfortunately most content required hours of read time that would be better served elsewhere in the convention. The lounge and assembly areas once more promoted community growth through rotating hubs each offering a new environment including the Mess Hall, the Bubble Lounge, The Red Bar within the Hyatt, and any area that cosplayers, line congas, and personalities could congregate and converse.

Overall, this was an experience we will never forget, we would recommend Con Alt Del, to any nerd/geek regardless of if you are a fan of Anime or not. This is an experience, and while next year we have a lot panned for conventions, we definitely have a return to CAD on the table.

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