Jack’s Wizard World Experience

After finally getting around to successfully attending my first con earlier this year in April with an on the fly purchase of C2E2 passes, I set out to attend as many as I possibly could.  A couple weeks ago myself and some friends set out for Wizard World Chicago and found a lot of similarities, as well as, a lot of differences; some for the better some not.

The first thing I will point out is that the lines for parking went for miles at C2E2, where as it was much easier to park here at Wizard World and much closer to the train and bus station.  That would be a given considering that Wizard world is significantly smaller of and event, but somehow had the booths and attractions spread out much farther around the convention center. These attractions were spread so far apart that it often became tiresome on top of the usual daunting task to find areas you wanted to revisit or even to avoid revisiting areas.  This was only made worse by the lack of resting areas as compared to C2E2.  One thing it had going for it was the restaurants proximity around it with one connecting directly to the convention center. At C2E2 if you didn’t want the normal convention concessions all restaurants were quite a hike, but much better restaurants at the same time.

We started off networking in Artist Alley and other areas of the show floor with Indie developers and met some great people with some great ideas; a few of which we were able to grab some material off of or made arrangements for future purchases, and hopefully we can swing our reviews into further content including interviews, showcases and giveaways.  We spent the entire first day shopping and networking and the one good thing the over spacing did was allow us to scout what a booth had to offer without being caught in traffic.
One of my favorite grabs from Wizard World was one I just knew for some reason that I had to have and it turned out phenomenal.  The book was Shadowland: Blood In The Streets.  This is a 2010 Marvel Mini Event featuring New York’s street level characters.  I won’t say much as I have a review in the works, but I will say that its one of the better books that I’ve read and I plan to pick up the entire event for review.
There were also several attractions such as a VR ‘IT’ Experience, Gaming Tournaments, Table Top Games, Cosplay Contests, Movie Props, Bubble Soccer, Zombie Laser Tag and more, but the best attraction was the lobby.  Yep, often you would cross through the central area where majority of Cosplay would take place and each time you would pass you would come across new and exciting designs.  There were also bands playing on the stage and huge statues of characters like The Incredible Hulk and others that made for creative photo shoots with the every changing cosplay casts.  This made the hike less of a drag as you became enticed with new things each trip.

We ended up attending far less panels than I did at C2E2, but we did stumble upon one that payed off extremely well.  There was a guy by the name of Karl Brevik AKA Captain K and he was brilliant.  It was an act where he portrayed J. Jonah Jameson from the Spider-Man comics, and the great thing about this panel is that it replicated and actual Daily Bugle press conference.  He gave his editorial and opinions on Spider-Man, the audience hammered him with hard hitting questions and he responded with fantastic improv reactions that would only come from the mouth of Jameson himself.  It was hilarious and the crowd was fantastic.  The highlight however was a cosplay of The Tick who had the voice of Patrick Warburton down to a tee.  He stood up for arachnids with an arousing speech that had the entire audience cheering for his push on Arachnids Rights.
The only other panel we ended up attending was The Hardy Boyz QnA, which was an extremely cool atmosphere.  Die hard fans for legendary wrestlers.  I was also able to get a signed photo op with them, which is super cool because at C2E2 I was able to get a selfie with Lita, and now I’m going to print it out and try to catch up wit her again for a signature.  I was able to meet CM Punk at C2E2 as well as Jack Swagger and at Wizard World I also got to chat with Michael Rooker. Both times I’ve passed on Elizabeth Henstridge, but no more.  She seems super nice.  In the end, both events had solid guest appearances including Jewel Staite, Mike Colter, John Barrowman, and more.

Overall it was a great time, even met a few people who are possibly reading this now.  Some of them are con veterans but a couple of them were first time attendees.  If you havn’t been to a con yet, make it happen at least once.  Let us know your thoughts or questions about cons, as well as, your experiences at them in the comments below.

Stay Tuned for our next Con Experience including Heroes and Villains, Walker Stalker, and more.

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Written and Edited by, Jack Flowers.

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