In a major turn of events, it looks as if Marvel Studios’ rivaling brand is looking to bring James Gunn into the fold, as apparently the former Guardians of the Galaxy director who was fired from the third and final installment, is set to write Suicide Squad 2 for DC Films and Warner Bros. Pictures. Coming on the heels of Gunn’s ongoing divisive and controversial debacle with Disney, this might come as a surprising decision to most fans.

For those unaware, the director was publicly removed from directing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 earlier this year after a series of controversial tweets from Gunn resurfaced. The sudden ousting led to one of Hollywood greatest recent controversies with fans rallying behind Gunn and asking for Disney and Marvel Studios to reconsider their position. Even more so, with the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 even releasing a letter asking for the decision to be reevaluated again and sharing it with fans on social media.

Actor Dave Bautista even went as far as to call out the one who unveiled the tweets in the first place for hypocrisy and equivalent malice, engage Disney directly, and even threaten to not perform for future filming. Despite the immense rally behind Gunn and his apology for the decade-old tweets claiming that he was in a dark place and has grown as a person, recent reports doubled down on Disney’s decision to fire Gunn.

While it appears the sequel will be using the director’s original script, the production for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 has been indefinitely delayed until the many matters standing in its way can be cleared up. However, now it looks as if Warner Bros. is hoping to turn Gunn to its team following his fallout with Disney, and Suicide Squad 2 is apparently just that window for the director to jump back into the superhero genre.

According to DC Daily, Gunn has signed on with DC Films to bolster its superhero franchise. Suicide Squad 2 is one of several projects the studio has in the works for their Worlds of DC line, and while Gavin O’Connor was initially reported to be overseeing the film, it doesn’t appear that he is a definite director yet, and Gunn may have an opportunity to earn the spot. Right now, James Gunn has not been mentioned as a director. However, the script from Todd Stashwisk, David Bar Katz, and Gavin O’Connor turned out to resemble too closely to the Birds of Prey script. With James Gunn coming in to completely overhaul the vision for the film, he could prove to be an alternative option for the studio.

Gunn will have a completely new and fresh take on the property compared to the original that was written and directed by David Ayer, in which DC supervillains are recruited by the government to carry out secret missions too dirty for the likes of Superman and Batman. This may seem familiar, but as many would recall one of the biggest complaints was the suspension of disbelief was too far of a reach for the matchup given in Suicide Squad, and really didn’t make all that much sense. The difference was that these villains were brought in to defend against the likes of Superman and Batman in the case of a betrayal, yet not a single one of them could possibly defeat either hero. In fact, most of the team consisted of people who failed at defeating said heroes.

However, when taking into the rushed and well-interfered turmoil behind the camera with the last installment, it’s not much of a surprise that despite the film earning a decent haul, it really didn’t end up well received by critics, nor fans alike. When compared to the lengthy process being displayed with the sequel, we could see a franchise we all love and deserve, and with two fantastic potential choices as a director, the likelihood continues to grow.

For those unaware of the anguish, David Ayer was given as little as six months to write the Suicide Squad script in order to meet the tentpole previously set by DC Films and Warner Bros., which is astronomically insane compared to average script development standards. Add to it that the mostly negative response from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, incited Warner Bros. higher-ups to create their own cut of the film simultaneously while Ayer continued to produce his cut. Despite this new version essentially destroying any vision for the film, the studio favored version ultimately won the battle and was the version released to theaters.

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This was clear in every aspect, and ultimately the reason this movie most failed. The studio interference in editing continued into Justice League before the hierarchy was shaken up, and its become clear that the production process has become more focused and complete allowing filmmakers to properly work, and the result is the ability to commission several scripts the fullest rather than chopping one apart and gluing it back together last minute. Moreover, looking at several production teams before moving forward with any constraints that come with set release dates. With David Ayer jumping ship to work on Gotham City Sirens, we now may have James Gunn who worked closely with Kevin Feige to help continue leveling things out on the blue side.

What are your thoughts on the potential move by DC Films and Warner Bros? Would James Gunn be a good candidate for the Suicide Squad franchise, or would you rather Gavin O’Connor helm the sequel? Has DC and WB’s overhaul in production tactics seemed to have been of help thus far? Sound off in the comments and let’s discuss. Also, don’t forget to Subscribe by Email or Follow Us on Social Media to stay up to date on any further developments surrounding Suicide Squad 2.

Source: The Wrap

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