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Joey Janela Is The Badboy AEW Needs

One of AEW’s best signings so far is Joey Janela who has really shined through recent years and will finally get to shine even more in a major company. For those who don’t know who the bad boy is, I’ll give you a bit of a rundown.

Janela got a lot of fame from a bump he took in a match with wrestler Zandig, during this match he was thrown off a building and onto a truck. The bump looked insane and it seemed as dangerous as it looked. Janela almost lost his thumb due to this crazy spot, which is something that made people go wild and notice this man that they may have not even known before.

A video showing this absolutely crazy bump can be seen here.

Since this moment, Janela has gone on to do great things in companies like PWG, and he wrestled on the All In show as well. Joey is absolutely filled with charisma from the second he walks out, he plays his role perfectly and fits it really well. His commentary game has been on point in recent memory as well while he has been out with an injury.

Having someone who was as hot as Janela was before the injury is something that is definitely going to help AEW in the coming years. While he may not be as known currently as some of the other names they have signed, he certainly has the potential to make himself a top name for the company which is what makes his signing so exciting. Being at the age of 29 he certainly still can have a long career ahead of him where he could make some iconic moments.

A former 4-time CZW Wired TV Champion, which is the most by any wrestler for the company, Janela is certainly someone who knows how to work a good deathmatch, but can also shy away from that and just work a great match whenever he needs to. This interchangeability is certainly something that is going to help him in the coming years of his career.

Of course, Janela is currently injured. but that’s not going to stop his rise in the future, and he will likely be having amazing matches in AEW with the likes of Adam Page and Jimmy Havoc. Given his talent, he could quickly become a crowd favourite for the company for years to come; and someone who will always fill an exciting part of the card, with his charismatic attitude.

For anyone that is looking for great matches he has put on, look no further than his match with Adam Page at All In, his match with Bandido at PWG BOLA 2018 or any of his matches with Lio Rush in CZW.

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Where would you like to see Janela go in AEW? Who would you like to see him go against for the company?

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