This weekend, I attended not one, but two wrestling shows in less than 24 hours. The first was AAW’s ‘The Art of War; the second was Kaiju Attack! Wrestling’s Roundup at the Roundhouse 3, which took place at Two Brothers Roundhouse, in Aurora, IL.

The venue is a great location choice. It’s quite literally a roundhouse with several interconnecting vestibules and a central outdoor terrace. With a coffee house, restaurant, bar, gift shop, and more. There are plenty of atmospheres to choose from, and plenty to do before and after the show. The venue also offers several events like Kaiju Attack! and Harry Potter themed trivia and games night, among others. The show took place at the bar, where I was able to take up a nice overlooking spot on the balcony above. Once the preshow music came to a fold, The night kicked off on the mat.

Here is a recount of the night as unfolded.

Grading follows in ranges of A, B, C, D, and F(no -minus or +plus grades).


Lil’ N8 Edwards Vs Black Dagger

This match was a typical start of the card match meant to get the crowd invested, by introducing not one, but two heels in the like of The Yacht Club’s Nathan Edwards, and hype man Captain Midnight. The match overall was good and fun, on the part of the Yacht Club mostly, Although the technicality of the match stumbled a few times, the Yacht Club stood strong in their roles all throughout the match; with a strong promo from the Iowa natives drawing heat from Illinois, a smooth performance, to accentuate, and a strong performance from Captain Midnight, who ultimately levied himself into giving Edwards the upper hand. Through some sneaky dealings and a good sell, the victory went to Edwards via DQ after the Black Dagger found himself in an orchestrated chair shot situation.

Nathan Edwards defeated Black Dagger.

Grade: C


At this point, current Kaiju Attack! Wrestling Champion Eric Priest, came to the ring, to taunt his rival and one of his opponents for later in the night, Mike Flannery. Eric took to the crowd first but ultimately focused his words onto the wife of Mike Flannery, mentioning previously when she “won a lapdance from the underwear model”. In what was ultimately a great promo, that for those not privy, would be hard to decipher between work or a shoot. Mike’s wife also performed well in the ordeal, and ultimately sold the promo, ensuring the hype into the main event. The promo ended with Flannery coming to the ring, to take the action to priest then and there. With priest finding his way out, the momentum had begun building.

Grade: A


Jake Andrews Vs Israel Angels

In this matchup, we saw hometown hero of Aurora, Jake Andrews, set the precedent from start to finish in essentially what would be a job; but the job was done well. Andrews delivered from the start with the crowd immediately being placed on his coattail, and smooth in-ring action from the ground and to the air, Andrews put on a clinic to hype the crowd eager for a face, after the Yacht Club turned us red. Israel Angels, of Chicago, didn’t perform badly from what I could recall, at all, but through the performance of Andrews, there wasn’t much I recalled of Angels performance. This only leaves me wondering, and hoping for a future appearance from Angels; regardless, Andrews took the victory and had the crowd on their feet.

Jake Andrews defeats Israel Angels

Grade: B

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The Following (Jesus Bryce, War Bear, and Elayna Black)
Vs Hazard (Ari Akuma and Missa Kate) and Pariah

This next match continued the upward pace of the night when The Following looked to disrupt the enthusiasm garnered by Andrews. Led by veteran worker Jesus Bryce, “War Bear” Ernesto Aguilar and Elayna Black took to the ring, to face off against representatives of two factions that they had previously gone after. This was a grudge match, and The Following went in with a strong presence, a strong promo, and a bold prediction; “death”. Hazard and Pariah stood strong individually in one of the better matches of the night but struggled to keep up with The Following in tandem. The Following, after back and forth barrages, and impressive high octane sequences from all six competitors, and fantastic crowd working performances, ultimately made good on their promise by defeating Pariah and Hazard. Pariah and Hazard, stood tall as a team despite their loss post-match, and rightfully so, as I don’t see this being the last of these competitors facing one another.

The Following defeats Pariah and Hazard.

Grade: A



During intermission, I tried to speak with as much of the talent as possible in short increments, but I did learn some things about Jake Andrews, Jesus Bryce, Pariah, and Ari Akuma, before also speaking with Jack Shatter and eventually making my way back to ringside for the Jack Shatter match. Not much to tell here just yet other than that each has a huge budding of talent, that is just waiting to be unleashed, and that this is clearly a tight-knit and supportive roster, a family if you will. I most definitely plan on speaking with each and every one of them further at later dates.


Jack Shatter Vs Stan Stylez

This match was a pure show of entertainment, and personal achievement; clearly meant to retain the crowd’s investment and energy after the intermission, “Sizzling” Stan Stylez and “Futuresight” Jack Shatter looked to drive home comedy gold and charismatic energy. With two strong gimmicks and smooth ring work, the match looked to be off to a great start. That is until Jack Shatter, took a simple yet shoddy landing which ultimately led to a fractured ankle, and a severe sprain. The move was noticeable immediately, and being two feet from the point of impact, I cringed as I’ve suffered the same exact injury on both of my ankles at one point or another. However, Jack Shatter proved to be a dedicated, and valuable competitor as he not only finished his match with styles in what I can attest to as extreme pain, he did so with passion and energy, hitting all spots and keeping the crowd in high spirits. On one foot, the match went off nearly without a hitch, with only one move clearly being affected by it. This is the business, and this is what sets apart the talent. Jack Shatter proved he was up to the task for Stan Stylez who also shined with his comedic charisma and ring work. It takes two to tango, and Stylez was able to help roll this match out as planned without further injuring Shatter, but Shatter ultimately had the future on his side and knew how to obtain the victory.

Jack Shatter defeated Stan Stylez.

Grade: B

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Vanessa Azure and Jinx Vs Valentina Loca and Brook Valentine

This match was a pretty straight forward matchup. 4 talents, showcasing their work in the ring and looking to garnish a route with fans. All four performers laid down smooth sequences in what amounted to overall entertaining performance. Not much here that stood out necessarily, but if you prefer in-ring prowess over spots and works, then this was your match. straight forward face versus heel, that in my opinion, left The Yacht Club’s Brook Valentine standing tall going into the next event despite losing. Yes, Edwards and Captain Midnight did ensure the eyes were on her going in with another solid promo, but she also stood strong in her respective role, and against two of the brands more respected talents. I look forward to seeing some development of these characters and their storylines going forward.

Vanessa Azure and Jinx defeated Valentina Loca and Brook Valentine.

Grade: C


DDS and Mike Flannery Vs Eric Priest and Machine.

As the night came to a boil, so did the intensity. In what was an absolute two-way slobber knocker that saw high impact sequences from both parties involved, Mike Flannery got a taste his revenge with full kin and kind at ringside by taking the action into the crowd via air. What appeared to be either Mike’s son or nephew or along those lines, then set his sights on Priest as said toddler at one point attacked the champion, highlighting the feud and how deep it runs.  The tide shifted, however, with Flannery taking a chair shot, and eventually, this high octane action and well-told plot came to an end with the “underwear model” Eric Priest reigning. This feud is no doubt, just beginning.

Eric Priest and Machine defeated DDS and Mike Flannery.

Grade: A

In conclusion, the Kaiju Attack! Wrestling’s Roundup At The Roundhouse 3 show was an exhilarating new lane, a fun time in a fun atmosphere, family friendly, yet still entertaining. I’m looking at you WWE. This show not only shows promise within the talent and creative one day but also has its own lane to carve. With fans not only allowed, but encouraged to take a spot at ringside during all of the matches, unique gimmicks, and strong crowd interaction, this is a perfect mix between indie circuit and family friendly, creating a nice gateway into the scene.  While I’m looking forward to covering many of the Kaiju events in further depth come later this Spring, one thing I’m anxiously awaiting is the interview with Jack Shatter. We were scheduled for an interview with Shatter that night after the show, and even though he was still willing to bear with his unfortunate injury for it, we opted to give him the space he needed and let him head for the hospital. The interview is being rescheduled as I write this, and hopefully, we will have it for you very soon. Until then, perhaps checking out one of Kaiju’s upcoming shows this month in Highland, Indiana on March 9th, or in Berwyn, Illinois on March 23rd. We, on the other hand, will be getting another look at Jesus Bryce under his Bryce Benjamin persona at Warrior Wrestling IV on March 15th in Chicago Heights, IL.

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