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Kid Loki Set To Return In ‘Asgardians of the Galaxy’

In a recent post, owners of advanced copies of Asgardians of the Galaxy revealed that Kid Loki is set to return to the Marvel Universe.

The character originally appeared in Thor #617 in 2007. The character was revealed to be a reincarnation of the God of Mischief and remained a supporting character in the universe for some time. This was until the lead up to the Secret Wars reboot where he was apparently killed.
Since the All New All Different Marvel imprint began, the classic Loki took retook the mantle and continuously caused trouble for Thor and other Asgardians in Jason Arron’s run on the various Thor books. But from the look of things, Marvel isn’t quite done with the character.
From the images that were shared, Kid Loki has apparently been hiding inside the Destroyer. The image comes with the caption that the character shouldn’t exist anymore:


He then speaks to former Spawn character Angela about how they will save the galaxy and he will then give her what she wants. You can see the full image below:

Loki Asgardians of the Galaxy


The former Spawn character originally appeared at the end of the Age of Ultron, having been yanked out of her own universe due to the events of that book. For a time, she joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, helping Peter Quill and company battle their enemies. It was later revealed that the character had nothing to do with her previous Spawn incarnation and was, in fact, the daughter of Odin and Thor’s half-sister. But what kind of deal could she possibly be making with Kid Loki? What does it mean for the future of the Asgardians of the Galaxy? I guess we will have to read the book to find out!

Asgardians of the Galaxy #1 is set to be released this Wednesday.
Asgardians of the Galaxy #2 is set for an October 3rd release.



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