Welcome to The Nerd Hub and our continuing coverage of WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth. It spilled over to SmackDown this week. Yes, R-Truth and Roman Reigns teamed up in the main event. Some could say that speaks volumes about Tuesday’s action from Tulsa. However, the show had a low bar after the hangover effect of the Brock Party that no one particularly enjoyed Monday. So, ask yourselves. Can you handle the truth? How about R-Truth Reigns?


WWE kept with its theme of anticlimactic main events with R-Truth and Roman Reigns teaming up against Drew McIntyre and new 24/7 Champ Elias. That’s right. Elias briefly claimed the belt Truth’s made famous on social media.

However, Reigns righted that wrong. He served as the hot-tag Hulk after R-Truth predictably got his butt handed to him all match. The Big Dog hit Elias with a clothesline and a big boot before knocking him out of the ring. Then, he dodged a Claymore attempt that sent McIntyre into an announce table. Eventually, Roman got Elias back in the ring and speared him to win the match. Finally, Reigns speared The Drifter again so that Truth could cover him to regain the title.

Yet, Elias only won the title due to some dirty tactics, so turnabout fulfilled the cliche and became fair play. Earlier in the show, Elias, McIntyre held a Shane McMahon appreciation night to further tease his Super Showdown match with Reigns. Truth and Drake Maverick interrupted with a brief title defense with the 24/7 champ fending off the 205 Live General Manager. However, McIntyre and Elias then took it upon themselves to destroy Truth. The Scottish Psychopath laid Truth out with a Claymore to give Elias the pin and a brief title reign. Then, McMahon announced a dazed Truth would team with Reigns in the main event.

Reigns keeps foiling McMahon’s best-laid plans. Should we worry about that? WWE wants to force feed us two helpings of Shane per week. Dare I ask if they would consider him getting over on Reigns in Saudi Arabia? I mean they did have Shane win the “Best in the World” trophy there last year, right? Maybe WWE finally found a way to get people behind Reigns after all.

Meanwhile, R-Truth gets thrown a bone for doing what he can to make the 24/7 Championship entertaining. However, Elias could make the belt fun, too. Yet, for now, R-Truth reigns again.


Champions cleaned up on Tuesday. In addition to R-Truth, Kofi Kingston also retained his belt. The WWE Champion defeated Kevin Owens in a Money in the Bank rematch.

Owens refused to host a KO Show because he deemed Tulsa fans as unworthy. Yet, that didn’t stop him from running his mouth about his title aspirations. He said when Dolph Ziggler beats Kofi at Super Showdown that he could ask The Showoff for a title match. However, our fighting babyface champion came out and a rematch was born.

Owens dominated this one from start to almost finish. He even admired the jeers of the crowd after hitting a senton on Kofi outside the ring. However, Kofi countered a Pop-Up Powerbomb attempt with a Trouble in Paradise for the victory.

Therein lies the rub. WWE booked Owens to lose cleanly in the middle of the ring to Kingston a second straight time. This completely destroys the momentum built for KO and weakens his credibility for another title shot. Obviously, Kofi had to win, but this seemed to call for a disqualification of some sort. Now, Owens seems like a loud-mouthed chump, not a dangerous contender.


WWE doubled up the blond heels on SmackDown Women’s Champ Bayley, but she kept one step ahead for the win. Charlotte Flair joined the announce team as RAW wildcard Lacey Evans challenged our champ. Earlier in the night, Flair and Evans shared tea and looked chummy backstage. Fans online began to fret they’d soon become tag team champions.

However, Bayley’s new reincarnation seems to center around her outsmarting heels while causing rifts between them. The Lady of WWE looked to have a potential victory in hand, but Flair teased interference. As a result, Bayley socked Flair with a hard right out of the ring before rolling up Evans for the pin.

Meanwhile, Evans didn’t take too kindly to Flair distracting the referee and ruining her chance at victory. She attempted to take out The Queen, but Flair dropped her with a barefoot version of The Big Boot. Most importantly, this helped all parties involved. Bayley looks like a clever champ, while heat simmers between the blond heels.


SmackDown Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan and Rowan essentially cut a promo about the lousiness of their competition. Then, WWE enforced how lousy the SmackDown tag team ranks are by sending out Heavy Machinery.

Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight likely do represent the next best team on the brand. However, WWE kept them off TV for months. Therefore, those two coming out and challenging the champs lacks all credibility. Had they won a contender tournament or something of the like it would build them up. Right now, they just seem randomly catapulted from catering into the title picture.

Bryan and Rowan essentially blew off their challenge, saying they could have a match some time. The audience took Heavy Machinery’s chances about as seriously as the champs did.


Sonya Deville – Sure, Mandy Rose technically got the victory over Carmella on Tuesday with help from her bestie. However, Deville will become the one positioned for breakout stardom in the near future. She continues to help her friend to the top while she keeps getting taken for granted. Eventually, Deville will tire of Rose’s self-centered approach to success. That’s when she’ll turn on God’s Greatest Creation. These two could deliver a story similar to the one that vaulted Becky Lynch to the top against Charlotte Flair.

Mandy Rose – WWE continues to build her up. It just seems like a matter of time before Rose finally claims championship gold. Deville nearly carried her to a Money in the Bank briefcase. Everyone assumed WWE would pit Bayley and Flair at each other’s throats after The Hugger won the title. Yet, perhaps they may unleash Rose and Deville to play the dreaded numbers game on our babyface champ.

Lacey Evans – Credit WWE for smart booking by throwing her up against both Bayley and Flair. First, this further establishes Evans as a legitimate threat for a championship. Second, this keeps her involved with main eventers in the women’s division without involving Becky Lynch. Fans will get tired of Lynch and Evans if that’s all they see all the time.

Roman Reigns – He’s included in this section every week because he’s clearly one of the largest priorities for the company. WWE continues to push Roman both nights a week each week as the biggest hero to cheer. Whether it works for everyone remains to be seen. However, you can’t deny that Reigns’ momentum just keeps building to the stratosphere at this point.

R-Truth – The 24/7 Champ received a little main event shine. Don’t get me wrong. I’m no fan of the concept, but I’ve got nothing but praise for Truth. He gets laughs and entertains much of the WWE Universe with his off-the-wall antics. He’s also still got some in-ring chops for a dude in his mid-40s.


Aleister Black – The former NXT Champion exists in promo form only now. The Superstar Shake-Up went down nearly two months ago. Yet, SmackDown Live still can’t find a place for one of the most charismatic and hard-hitting strikers in the company. The waste of his talent counts as one of the biggest ongoing crimes Vince McMahon commits every week against the WWE Universe.

Liv Morgan – She’s reduced to tweeting out “Wanted” posters with her mug shot on them. Like with Black, Morgan built up a solid stable of fans who remain disappointed with her absence each week. The whole break up of Riott Squad remains a mystery. Yes, Ruby Riott remains out with an injury. However, WWE could use a tag team like Morgan and Sarah Logan right now to throw at The IIconics.

Buddy Murphy – “The Best Kept Secret” remains a member of the SmackDown Live roster on paper. The former Cruiserweight Champion sure could’ve come in handy during that Money in the Bank ladder match. Yet, WWE decided he’d be better off in catering. You could make a show around the people left off SmackDown every week. Thank God we get to see Shane McMahon on both brands each week.

Kevin Owens – As noted above, the push for The Prizefighter seems dead in the water. He and Sami Zayn sizzled on the mic for a month to get crushed by terrible booking. At this point, I seriously believe Brock Lesnar will take the belt from Kofi and set the stage for more with Roman Reigns. I can hear the grumbling from the WWE Universe already just by putting that out in the universe.

Kairi Sane and Asuka – The only women’s tag team receiving any sort of a push also failed to make TV this week. Nothing tells people they shouldn’t care about a division like not putting on any matches in that division all week. I understand that The IIconics wrestled against RAW Women’s Champ Becky Lynch and Nikki Cross. Yet, that hardly counts as a true women’s tag division match, right. It just served to give Cross a small boost and continue to put over Lynch.