Lucifer Recap – Manly Whatnots – Episode 4

Lucifer Recap. The episode starts off with Chloe starting to realize who Lucifer really is, with some vivid recanting of events.  Later Lucifer’s intrusions lead to him seeing Chloe naked [Again]. Lucifer still being baffled by her ability to resist him, decides its time to take “control” of the situation. This consists of his usual Lucifer antics, but leads to “a little tit for tat” and reveals his [naked self] to Chloe; during which time he inadvertently reveals the scars left behind when his wings were cut off.
Near the end of the case while Lucifer is “Punishing” one of the perpetrators Chloe sees a glance of embering eyes through a reflection. She finally is ready to see the truth, but still in denial. Lucifer pushes her into shooting him, for he is “immortal’. However, this is where the episode takes a turn. The bullet penetrates and he bleeds. This may prove to be a slight setback in her persuasion. However, the bigger problems remain in questions brought on from this event. How is it possible; and what does this mean for Lucifer?
Could it be that him being on earth is changing him into a human?
Could it be Chloe? -Thus far she has been able to resist his abilitIes. We have seen him take shots before; even after he was shot his power over women’s desires was proven to still be in effect when [Charming] Chloe’s Lieutenant.- We shall see.
S1, E5 : Sweet Kicks airs Mon, Feb 22 at 8:01 PM on Fox.
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