Marvel’s The Punisher series Officially Confirmed for Netflix

Quite some time ago reports came in that Netflix would be launching The Punisher, Spider Woman, Moon Knight and Deathlok series’. This news came shortly after The Punisher was announced for season 2 of Daredevil and the announcement that abc would be bringing new Agents of Shield Spinoffs including one following Bobbi and Hunter as well as another following a solo hero (presumably Deathlok)

Some time after debunk reports were announced on a solo Punisher series. This would put doubt in all of the announcements in total. Recently Most Wanted following Bobbi and Hunter was confirmed and is now in pre production.
Today confirmation of The Punisher being picked up by Netflix arrived from Marvel. Jon Bernthal will reprise his role as Frank Castle.
Writer and Executive Producer Steve Lightfoot (Hannibal, Casualty) will serve as showrunner.
First Official Image from Marvel’s The Punisher on Netflix.
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