Movie Review – March 2016 – Sicario

OK. This film was very good.
The Cast was great.

Golden Globe winner Emily Blunt, the elite but “By The Book” agent being used as a political pawn. Eager to get justice, she jumps chance to deliver it. She joins what she think is an FBI Task Force being led by Oscar nominee Josh Brolin’s character, Matt. Matt is”Spook”being called a “DOD Advisor”. Also leading the team is Oscar and Golden Globe winner Benecio Del Toro’s Man of Mystery. A killer with a soft heart and a lust for blood. Blunts Character Kate quickly realized that she’s part of an Elected Government Task Force conducting a CIA Homeland Op when she goes through a series of unexpected event that she was “left in the dark” on. Things she knows are illegal but things she knows are doing good.

Eventually through her stubborn morals she learns this news. However she continues to pursue in debt to her curiosity, only to learn the dark truth of the fight on Cartel Drug Trade.

This films shines light on all the dark truths. Cartels, Drugs, Juarez, Government, Death, Etc; In a slight of eye fashion.

Most of all the authenticity. From the Task Force and Cartels to the Border and Neighborhoods. The Script, Scenery, Choreography, Effects, Camera Music, Dialogue, Etc.
Pure Perfection.

The film was not too fast, but hit strong. It worked well. The slow pace allowed for you to grasp everything they put into it. You are made to feel very involved and understand the complexities of the situation.

The Action was choreographed in a way with the Camera, Music, And Editing the were allows to keep the feeling of this film going dragging you into the scenario. It was able to be serious while still getting your adrenaline pumping. It ensured you were able to keep up with each complex step. The action slowed distracting violence while amplifying the intensity of the situation as the revelations were made.

Film was wisely made.

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