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NETFLIX’S SHE-RA Season 2 Releases Next Week

Season 2 is just around the corner for She-Ra (Princess Adora) and the rest of the Princess Alliance, and the hype is steadily building. With such a strong opening to Netflix’s reboot of the 80’s nostalgic property She-Ra: Princess of Power, it’s no wonder that fans are excited about this new season and what it’ll bring. Along with a trailer that released a month ago, fans have also been given a plot synopsis for the upcoming seven episodes of the show:

“Firmly at the lead of the Princess Alliance, Adora embarks on a quest of self-discovery to learn more about her past and her future as She-Ra. With Catra rising the ranks of the Horde, the Rebellion must fight to thwart her next attack. “

This gives fans a lot to get excited about. For starters, it sounds like we’re going to see more of the Alliance fighting against the Horde, which should help make an interesting internal conflict for Adora since she’s originally from the Horde. Facing her old friends and allies, especially her old best friend Catra, will undoubtedly make for some great character drama and growth for our heroine. With Catra climbing higher and higher into the Horde’s ranks, taking on more responsibility, and Adora doing the same as the leader of the Alliance, it’ll be intriguing to see how their relationship changes through the course of this season, especially as they find more and more people relying on them. Lastly, there’s the question of what Adora will learn about her past. It sounds like she’s going to be separated from the rest of the group for a while as she journeys to learn more about what happened to her and her family, and just how she ended up under the care of the Horde. Whatever she learns, whether it’s good or bad, will doubtlessly help shape her into the leader and heroine she was always destined to become. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power will release next week on April 26.  


But what do you guys think? Have you seen the trailer for the new season of She-Ra? What do you think will happen in this upcoming season? Leave us your thoughts and ideas down in the comments below. To stay tuned for updates on further developments Subscribe by Email.



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