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1st match
Jonathan Gresham and Toa Henare vs Zack Sabre JR and Taka Michinoku

Henare jumps Michinoku straight after his promo which was again in English tonight and starts the match. Both Michinoku and Henare were not in for long before tagging in their team mates, and this started a lot of chain wrestling which is a decent approach for an opening match. It was pretty back and forth and relatively slow paced, Gresham spent the most of this match in the ring and really got the crowd hyped up before he made Michinoku tap to the Octopus Hold.

I’d give this match a C+ it was a good start to the show

2nd match
Robbie Eagles vs Marty Scurll

This relatively short match got quick and to the point, my only gripe about it is that Eagles needs to learn not to be making noise once every five seconds; it really gets old quickly. The match was quick paced and had a really solid build to the finish. This was much better than the match we had seen the night before from Eagles and showed off what he can do before he tapped to Scurll.

This match I’d give a C

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3rd match
Colt Cabana and Toru Yano vs Cheeseburger and Delirious

If you’re looking for a good comedy match to watch, this was it; they rushed right into the comedy spots and visited a lot of the best spots you’ll get in a Yano match. The match was quick and got to its point and didn’t take itself seriously, so if you are just looking to be a bit entertained, I’d recommend watching this match from the card. Cabana pinned Delirious to win the match

I’d give this match a C+ cause the comedy was on point


4th match
Hirooki Goto and Will Osprey vs Jeff Cobb and Dalton Castle

This match was good from the start of it as it instantly got to the point of it, and even once it started to slow down a little, it was still entertaining and had some good spots throughout. When you watch the four of these workers, you can often count on for a good performance and this was not very different, it was everything it needed to be and ended with an amazing finish of Osprey hitting Cobb with the stormbreaker.

I’d give this match a B-

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5th match
Tetsuya Naito and Shingo Takagi vs Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia

This match was quick and to the point and wasn’t overly long either, it got to the point and continued to let everyone in the match get their moves in. Shingo really is a star if they let him be and everyone already knows how good Naito is. The beatdowns were good, as well as the comeback, and the rush into the finish; the final stretch of this match was pretty solid and it ended with Naito pinning Marseglia off of the destino.

Overall I’d give this match a B- it was what it needed to be


6th match for the ROH Heavyweight Championship
Jay Lethal (Champion) vs TK O’Ryan

Lethal jumps O’Ryan before the match starts to try to quickly get an advantage over him; this match started at a quick pace but never slowed down afterwards either. Both men were sharing the momentum back and forth, but Lethal had the upperhand more often than O’Ryan did. After some back and forth fighting, Lethal hit the Lethal Injection for the win. After the match the rest of the kingdom came out and jumped Lethal giving him a short beatdown before leaving with O’Ryan and keeping him safe for the rest of the night.

Overall I would give this match a B-

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7th match for the IWGP Tag Team Championships
Evil and Sanada (champions) vs Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa

This match gets straight to the point as Evil dominates most of the early match, as does Sanada once he got tagged in. After a paradise lock and a roll up reversal, Sanada is hit with a kendo stick by Jado. From here on, G.O.D controlled much of the match and took the two outside trying to win the titles via countout. Sanada eventually made it back by the count of 19, but continued to get beat down by Tonga Loa once back in; this continued until Evil stormed in and made the comeback for his team. From here on out things were very back and forth, and it even looked like Sanada was going to win off of the Skull End, but he tried to hit a moonsault and missed. After Evil stormed back into the ring, he was again taken out and held back by Jado while G.O.D hit the Super Powerbomb for the win and their record tying 5th IWGP Heavyweight Tag title reign.

I’d give this match an A-, possibly the best G.O.D match I’ve ever seen


8th match for the ROH Tag team championships
Lifeblood (Juice Robinson and David Finlay) vs The Briscoe Brothers (Champions, Mark and Jay Briscoe)

If you want to watch a fast paced tag match that never slows down this is the match for you, it never slowed down throughout the match and didn’t take the typical slow beatdown approach that we have seen in so many heel vs face matches before especially in tag team matches. The match was very back and forth especially towards the end and was filled with a bunch of false finishes, the final stretch was full of excitement until Finlay seemed to hurt his shoulder and couldn’t cover in time. He never got up after this and would fall to an elbow drop from Mark Briscoe and get pinned by the legal man Jay Briscoe for the Briscoes to defend their title. After the match they called out G.O.D for the Madison Square Garden show for both titles on April 6th. G.O.D proceeded to agree to this match to officially set up this match for the Supercard.

Overall I’d give this match a solid B

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