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NOS4A2 First Look At C2E2 2019 | Early Impressions

This past weekend I was able to attend the screening of the NOS4A2 pilot episode at C2E2, thanks to AMC’s generosity.  Now before I begin, I want to note that I have never read the book (Joe Hill), nor have I ever seen the original silent film.  I’m coming at this series as AMC is intending, as an experienced viewer.  While I’m sure that the series will pay homage to the book that they based their take off of, I’m also certain that it will not be their main objective.  I’m willing to wager that their main objective is to simply tell a fresh and enticing tale. So with that said, here are my first impressions of this so-called horror series.

The Nosferatu:

First and foremost, we see Zachary Quinto (Heroes, Star Trek) playing a villain once more, and as usual, he plays an enticing and charming villain, with a shroud of menacing goosebumps flowing off of himself. This character seems to the notorious Nosferatu.  With an old-time car and getup, and a sense of some sort of mystical black magic, the aged and deformed creature seems to succubus the life from young souls to his own.  The victims seem to be at random, but hint at portals being the indicator, or perhaps even voluntary.  It’s quite unclear as several approaches have been teased, but thankfully much has been left to savor.

The Victims That Lay Await:

While this plot works to unfold, we are also introduced to several focal characters.  Some are explored more than others, but all share an apparent destiny with the Nosferatu.  We see the Neighbor of the young boy taken during the shows opening exploring some pretty wicked magic in efforts to locate him, which is bound to bring her to the path of “the Wraith”. We also see a janitor who seems like he might be on the more simple side of life if you catch my drift, but curiously, also shares a connection with another character and probably our second lead.

The Hero Of Our Tale:

The final character we are introduced in this premiere episode is a young lady who is probably going to be our second lead and main protagonist. Played by Ashleigh Cummings (West Side, Pork Pie), we are set to center on Vic McQueen, who lives a tumultuous life due to the troubled relationship that her parents have. While her father is drunk, who is unhappy with just about every aspect of his life, and handles it in entirely the wrong way at every turn, he clearly loves his daughter. The dysfunction while apparent and not shied away from is also something they all seem to deal with because that’s what families do. Vic, however, has plans beyond that life, and while Chris McQueen, played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach (The Punisher, Girls), supports her, he also can’t seem to keep himself from driving her away. In this case, it’s quite literal as Vic escapes the turmoil by riding her motorbike through the woods and across a bridge that by all indications is the bridge between worlds. This bridge is clearly something to avoid at all costs, but unaware of the dangers that lurk, and her determination leads Vic right to the Nosferatu’s radar.

Early Impressions:

In the end, this is a well-paced episode that elegantly lays the groundwork for several plot points, and immediately brings you into an invested interest by playing with both the heart and the curiosity. Intrigue in the Nosferatu leaves us gnawing at the revelations ahead, and concern for Vic leaves us on the edge of our seats heading into the next installment. We see a wheel of emotions at play, and plenty of string to tug at. A spool of well-thought avenues promises to send us embarking on an intense journey by seasons end. In conclusion, this show is now on the top of my watch list for this Summer. I am so glad that I was able to watch this show at C2E2 because had I not, there is a large chance this show would have slipped my radar. Watch the teaser trailer below, and thank me later.

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Have you had the pleasure of seeing this show as well? Have you read the book? Does this sound like something you’d be interested in?
Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts on NOS4A2, and let’s discuss ahead of its upcoming premiere on AMC later this year.

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