ONE PUNCH MAN Finally Gets Season 2 Trailer and Premiere Date

It’s been three years since the action/comedy anime One Punch Man entered into pop culture. Showcasing wry wit, colorful and eccentric characters, and a hilarious premise, One Punch Man asked its viewers: What would happen if you became the strongest man alive? For Saitama, the titular One Punch Man, the sad answer is to get bored with pretty much everything, since there’s nothing he can’t destroy with a single punch. So the show follows this indestructible bald-headed man as he saves the world from destruction while trying to find someone who can give him an actual fight. This setup allowed the show to satire many elements from both the superhero and shonen genres while still being playful and fun at heart. And finally, after waiting all this time for the second season, fans have gotten a small taste of what’s to come in the form of a short trailer.


The trailer, which was released on August 12th 2018, opens with a collection of shots showing some of the funniest and most action-packed moments from Season 1. Suddenly everything goes dark and a voice can be heard saying that it’s time to carry out his evil plan. The trailer then goes on to show several static images of some of the casts’ greatest lines, from Genos to Speed O’ Sound Sonic and ending with Saitama and the season villain Garou both saying that people should just get stronger. We then see an image of Saitama and Genos framed in front of a muscular white-haired man who’s a martial arts stance. The trailer closes out telling us that season 2 is set to release in April of 2019.


There’s a bit of information to unpack from this quick trailer. For starters, we now have a definite release date, so the years that fans have waited in the dark have finally passed. We also have the name of the season villain: Garou, who’s presumably the muscular white-haired man we see at the very end of the trailer. While the trailer doesn’t tell us who Garou is or what his plan is, we can tell that he seems to be a twisted version of Saitama, as they both can be heard saying virtually the same thing at the end of the trailer. Also, the fighting pose that he’s in looks almost exactly like the pose that Silver Fang, an elderly member of the Hero Association, uses. This might imply a link between the two, which would serve to set up some of the side characters, as well as Saitama, for some interesting character development.


However, we are still left with some questions. It’s been revealed last year that Studio Madhouse is no longer animating Season 2, instead, leaving that job to the studio J.C. Staff. This has led many fans to wonder: will the animation quality and style change? Consistency is what fans are hoping for, as the animation in Season 1 was incredible, but with a new team and director at the helm, it’s hard to say how it’ll look. Also, just how many episodes will the second season be? Season One contained 12 episodes, so hopefully, fans will get at least that many. Garou’s identity and master plan are also up for debate unless you’re one of the many who’ve kept up with the manga, in which case please don’t spoil Season 2 for the rest of us. Is he out to test the limits of his own strength against the members of the Hero Association? Or does he have some other evil goal to achieve? Only time will tell.


There’s still a few months left before Season 2 officially begins airing, but even this small taste is enough to excite fans and rekindle the passion that has dwindled. There’s no telling how Season 2 will look and how well the story will be handled, but it’s enough to know that it’s coming. If J.C. Staff can do as good a job as Studio Madhouse did on Season 1, then Season 2 is going to be one heck of a ride.


Have you seen the trailer? If not, check it out below. What are your thoughts on the upcoming season of One Punch Man? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below. To stay tuned for updates on further developments Subscribe by Email.


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Check Out The One Punch Man Season 2 Trailer [English Dubbed]

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