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RAW Women’s Title Triple Threat is Best for Business

I know villagers are about to storm my door with torches and pitchforks, but hear me out on why the WrestleMania RAW Women’s title triple threat is best for business for the WWE and Becky Lynch.

The Man needs to take only one more step on her journey to becoming the undisputed, preeminent women’s Superstar in WWE. Since she’s signed with the company, Lynch has mentioned in almost every interview she’s had that her top goal is to main event WrestleMania. Not only is she making that happen this year, but she’s doing it in less than 5 years after debuting in NXT.  Pretty impressive, right?

So, why make her crowning achievement straightforward? Why not line up the obstacles? This will be the match that everyone references regarding Lynch for the rest of her life. There’s only one woman who will get to say she won the first women’s main event at the granddaddy of all of the shows. That’s why WWE made the right call in lining up not one, but two alpha dogs to set the scene for Lynch’s coronation.

She’s Supposed to Be The Man, Right?

Make no mistake about it, WWE exists to make money. Regardless of whether you like the stories they sell on a weekly basis, they make their money by marketing the talents they feel will appeal to most of the audience. With their wallets and their booking, WWE told you they bet on RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair to be their two top female stars. That’s why Rousey ($1.5 million) and Flair ($500,00) make six times and twice the amount, respectively, of Lynch ($250,000).  Most of the time, the WWE makes good on their bets. That’s why Rousey and Flair, up until last year, rarely spent any time without championship gold around their waists.

However, this time the fans showed up with their wallets and told WWE they’re wrong. The phenomenon we’re seeing right now surrounding Lynch is undoubtedly a credit to her own, dogged determination, ingenious use of engineering support through social media platforms and charismatic performances that leave a large portion of the WWE Universe spellbound. But the statement of support fans are making is forcing WWE’s hand, too. Just a year ago, Lynch registered as nearly invisible on the WWE merchandising machine that is WWE Shop, but now she’s got more items available to buy than almost every other Superstar in the company. On Wednesday alone, Amazon made the first Becky Lynch vinyl Pop figure available for pre-order and it led in all of Amazon’s toys and games section activity rankings.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to pit Lynch, the unquestioned champion of the people, against the WWE’s corporate champs, Rousey and Flair, to cement her status with a victory as the top women’s Superstar in the company. Ironically, the Superstar who made herself famous as The Man, a disrespected Lone Wolf who the WWE never wanted to embrace, will sell the story of ultimate comeuppance against the company while simultaneously getting its unquestioned support with the win. What bigger statement is there that Lynch is The Man than that?

Match Execution

Toss their Fastlane match out. That was a bit to sell a storyline. With that match aside, who in the WWE has told better stories in the ring, whether it be at SummerSlam, Hell in a Cell, Evolution, TLC or the Royal Rumble, than Lynch and Flair? They are the best rivalry in the WWE right now. They are Alabama-Auburn, Ohio State-Michigan, New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox, Chicago White-Sox-Chicago Cubs, or whatever your favorite sports equivalent is.

Meanwhile, Rousey will celebrate the one-year anniversary of her big debut with Kurt Angle against The Authority at WrestleMania last year. She’s still learning and growing as a performer, while no longer getting the benefit of the doubt from the WWE Universe. In fact, she’s operated in a pretty hostile environment since the Royal Rumble as Lynch fans have turned their wrath on The Rowdy One. It appears obvious the WWE had no idea the Lynch-Rousey dynamic would swing so swiftly and decisively behind Lynch as images of a clearly thunderstruck RAW Women’s Champion booed into speechlessness at the RAW from Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix the day after the Royal Rumble still resonate.

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In all fairness, Rousey has done a pretty good job with the extremely limited amount of time she had to get ready for her new job with the WWE. In fact, Rousey’s trajectory looked like a steady climb upward through her big Evolution main event victory over Nikki Bella. Things didn’t start to backslide for the former Olympic and UFC champion until the Lynch feud. Rousey still makes for one of the most athletic and imposing figures in the ring. If your main criticism of her is her promo work, who isn’t Lynch working circles around with a mic right now?

Furthermore, everyone points out it’s easily the biggest match of Lynch’s career, but the same can be said for Rousey in the WWE. With that in consideration, the RAW Women’s Champ can only get a boost in putting on a great show by working with two veteran performers who have the type of chemistry together that helped them turn in the match of the year in 2018 at Evolution.

Lynch and Flair do a great job playing up their hatred for each other, but it’s obvious for those who pay attention that they take care of each other when they are in the ring. Case in point, re-watch the RAW invasion and see who it is that steps in Nia Jax’s way after it’s obvious Lynch got hurt or who comes flying out of nowhere at the Royal Rumble to kick Jax when she was teasing another shot to Becky’s face. If anybody can help Rousey elevate her game between the ropes, it’s Lynch and Flair.

WrestleMania Fallout

If the rumors are true, Rousey will take a break from WWE after WrestleMania. Given that she’s not being advertised for shows after the pay-per-view, it seems likely to be the case. However, WWE remains adamant that Rousey will not be gone for good, and you can bet the company will want her back by the time SmackDown Live switches networks to Fox this fall.

Since mainstream stars like Rousey don’t fall off trees, WWE will likely take measures to protect her to keep her reputation strong for the future. Though she lost a tag team match with Natalya against Sasha Banks and Bayley, Rousey has still never lost a singles match at this point of her career. I don’t see her taking the loss at WrestleMania, either.

Charlotte has a four-year track record as a 7-time champion and her reputation will not take a hit, even with a loss in this match. Ultimately, that’s the answer for all the people screaming the question of why she’s being included in this match into the wrestling social media atmosphere these days. In my opinion, Flair will take the loss.

As a result, Lynch will get her career-defining victory, Rousey gets to take a break with her unbeatable persona intact for when she comes back and Flair still has enough credibility of past success with the fans that she’s still a believable contender for future greatness.

Believe it or not, Vince McMahon gets some of his decisions right. Though that wasn’t the case with the Lynch medical suspension-arrest-injury storyline rabbit hole the WWE sold everybody in February and early March, it’s the right call for WrestleMania.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know with your comments below.

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By Joseph Spencer

I'm a former newspaper sports journalist and avid pro wrestling follower. Huge fan of The Man, Becky Lynch. Personally, a survivor of stage 2 colon cancer who is now in remission and currently works full time as an emergency 9-1-1 police, fire and ambulance dispatcher in central Illinois. Proud graduate of Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.