REGULAR SHOW Creator’s Next Big Show INFINITY TRAIN On Its Way

On March 3rd, 2018, Regular Show creator Owen Dennis’s most recent series has received an officially projected release date much to the delight of fans. The pilot in question is Cartoon Network’s viral hit Infinity Train. Cartoon Network has since updated their website with a page for this new cartoon. It shows nothing more than a dark screen when a peculiar stream of green light emerges and begins weaving around in a figure-eight shape. Inside this figure-eight appears the year “2019.”

This website update helps add to the mystery that’s already been building around this small show, as little else is known about it. There is, however, a bit of information available to us through Dennis’ original pilot.

Released on Cartoon Network’s YouTube channel on November 2nd, 2016 and on its television network on February 11th, 2017, the pilot gives viewers an initial set up for the show. Infinity Train follows a young girl named Tulip, a snarky and knowledgeable redhead with a mysterious glowing “53” on the palm of her hand, and One-One, a silly robot who seems to have two personalities. By solving a puzzle Tulip and One-One move from one train car to another which houses a kingdom of adorable talking corgis.

Their leader Atticus, voiced by Ernie Hudson, asks for help in defeating a monster that threatens their land, and Tulip and One-One gladly accept. At the end of the train car, they come across a giant robot with a doll-like face that’s repairing an opening in the wall. After a quick scuffle, the robot crawls away through the opening, and the glowing green number on Tulip’s palm changes to reveal “49.”

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reception to the pilot, with it having 3.9 million views and almost 40,000 comments on YouTube, news about a potential series was nonexistent, much to the disappointment of thousands of fans. These fans even took to the Internet, passing around and signing petitions to try and convince the higher-ups at Cartoon Network to make it into a full-fledged series.

After nearly two years of silence, the news about the show being picked up to either a full series was broken to fans with the initial creation of the Infinity Train page on Cartoon Network’s site and an official clip for the upcoming series followed shortly after.

Infinity Train has no doubt captured the imaginations of many viewers through its art direction, humor, and most importantly, its mystery. In less than 9 minutes the initial pilot set up a series of mysteries that fans want to uncover. Who is Tulip? How did she get on this train? What’s up with the glowing numbers on her hand? Where did One-One come from? And, most importantly, just what is the Infinity Train, and where is it going?

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These mysteries and more will certainly attract and keep fans’ attention, much like they did for Disney XD’s Gravity Falls. To those unfamiliar, Gravity Falls is an Emmy and Annie award-winning cartoon that aired from 2012-2016 which also featured a strong comedic tone and overarching mystery. These elements helped distinguish it from other cartoons at the time, and one can hope that they do the same for Infinity Train.

Also uploaded onto Cartoon Network’s YouTube channel on July 21st, 2018, the new clip acts like a small trailer designed to pique the interests of potential viewers. In this new clip, we see briefly inside of Tulip’s house where a woman’s voice is heard calling out for her. There’s snow falling outside, and a familiar pipe screensaver can be seen on a nearby computer, seemingly implying that the show could even take place sometime during the 1990’s, or we could be simply overlooking a point of nostalgia.

We also see an old family picture of Tulip and her parents. Suddenly everything goes dark, and as the light returns we finally see Tulip, slightly redesigned with a simpler appearance, standing alone in the middle of nowhere, an eerie red glow on the horizon. She looks tentatively down at her hand to see a glowing green roulette, with the numbers stopping on “115.”

Knowing little more than the general year of its release and whatever information can be gleaned from the pilot and the official clip, we are left with more questions than answers. Does the art change indicate an entirely new direction and script than what the pilot indicated? What format does this expansion set its stage in, series or feature length? Does the show revolve solely around this fantastical realm? Will we see a direct connection between worlds?  Is it set in the 90’s, and if so does it pertain to the direction of the narrative?

So much mystery, so much hype, so little time. Regardless, fans and general viewers alike will soon be thrust into the world of Infinity Train. It’s certainly a gamble, as it is with any new show, but with such a creative concept and strong opening, there’s definitely hope that Infinity Train will rise to the challenge and deliver one spectacular ride.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts on, and hopes for, Infinity Train in the comments below. To stay tuned for updates on further developments Subscribe by Email.

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Infinity Train Official Clip From Cartoon Network

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