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RICK AND MORTY Season 4 Announced | Teaser Breakdown and Season Release Date

Well, that certainly took a while, didn’t it? Almost two years after Season 3 aired, Rick and Morty has finally announced the official date for the fourth season of the much beloved Adult Swim animated series. Centered around the interdimensional adventures of an alcoholic, narcissistic nihilist and his cowardly grandson, Rick and Morty has been sitting in hibernation since the 2017 end of its last season, even though fans have been clamoring for more. The news that Season 4 is fast approaching has been given to fans through a brief teaser trailer. In this trailer, we see Rick and Morty standing in front of a bare black void. The two banter for a few seconds before stating the return of their show and when it should release. After that the teaser just ends, leaving fans with much to wonder about.


See, there are still many show questions and mysteries that have yet to be answered, and with Season 3 ending the way it did fans have been wondering just how Season 4 will play out. This article won’t get into specifics of the Season 3 ending, for obvious spoiler reasons, but suffice it to say that this teaser doesn’t really provide fans with any new information. All we have is a date, and hope that more information will arrive in the coming months. This may feel like a pain, but remember kids, the animation is a lengthy process, so the more time that is spent on the new season, the better it will turn out (at least in theory). Rick and Morty Season 4 is set to premiere November 2019 on Adult Swim.  


But what do you think about the teaser? Is having a new season confirmed enough, or were you hoping for some more juicy tidbits to tide you over? What do you think will happen in this new season? Leave your opinions and ideas in the comments below, and be sure to subscribe by email to stay up-to-date on all Rick and Morty news.


Source: Adult Swim

By Jake Rodrigues

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