Just when you thought that DC Comics and Warner Bros. couldn’t get any more of a stranglehold on the small screen, they go and prove you wrong again. According to a new report from Variety, CBS has apparently committed to a pilot production for a series based on the villainous Secret Six. The Secret Six is being developed by writer and executive producer Rick Murragui (Suits), with Bill Lawrence (Scrubs) and Jeff Ingold (Whiskey Cavalier) also serving as executive producers.

The reported plot from the Muirragui penned pilot sounds pretty faithful to the source material.

“Secret Six centers on six morally ambiguous strangers, each with their own unique specialties and secret pasts, who are brought together by an enigmatic figure who blackmails them into working as a team to expose the corruption of the corporate and political elite.”

For those unfamiliar, the Secret Six is a name shared by four different teams in the DC Comics Universe spanning all the way back to the Silver Age. Each incarnation of the team unsurprisingly has six members, always led by a mysterious figurehead, (much like Charlies Angel’s, for lack of better example) who goes by the alias of “Mockingbird”. Each member of the six typically assumes Mockingbird to be one of the other five squad members, which inevitably leads to a lot of tension and distrust.

The most successful iterations, however, have been entirely helmed by writer Gail Simone. Spinning out of the events of the Infinite Crisis series Villains United, the Secret Six were a group of super villains that came together after said mysterious figurehead blackmailed them, coercing them to do their bidding. With that in mind, it’s not hard to see where the distrust and tension seeded from. It’s essentially very similar to Suicide Squad and even had some overlapping members, such as Deadshot. Both forced into dastardly deeds that make the blurred line sometimes disappear, but one garnish through elegance over force. Regardless, you often found yourselves cheering for the villains. By the sounds of things,

The original team consisted of Vandal Savage’s daughter Scandal, Rag Doll, Deadshot, Cheshire, the Fiddler, and Catman. Up until this point Catman had peaked at being considered a joke character and a Batman knockoff, but Simone’s title reinvigorated the character, making him a fan favorite among the Secret Six readers. The team has also had other members including Bane, Harley Quinn, Alice Black, Strix, Porcelain, and oddly enough, Elongated Man. Explaining how this hero got mixed up with the villains would spoil the fun, but this is another example as to how Simone made Secret Six one of the New 52’s most underrated titles. That being said, while there is no word on which characters will be a part of the new series, it would seem safe to say that they will be sticking with Simone’s iteration as closely as possible and bringing in fan favorites and proven essential characters like, Catman, Deadshot, and Scandal. But with now upper echelon characters such as Deadshot, and Harley Quinn being taken off the table for Arrow‘s Suicide Squad, things might not be so simple. I suppose, however, you could really choose any villain with the DC Comics Universe to take Deadshots place and yet provide the same elements.

This series would continue DC’s dominance over superhero television marking it the 13th live-action show currently in their repertoire if it gets a full series pickup. They already have five shows airing on The CW with Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Black Lightning, with Batwoman on the way making six. They also have Gotham over at FOX and Krypton on Syfy, as well as, Titans on the newly launched DC Universe streaming service, with Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, and Stargirl to follow next year. Aside from that, they also have three current animated superhero/villain shows with Teen Titans Go! on Cartoon Network, and the DC Universe set to air Harley Quinn, and Young Justice: Outsiders. To put the icing on the cake, DC’s imprint, Vertigo, also has three current live-action shows on television with Lucifer on Netflix, Preacher on AMC, and iZombie on The CW. While, they may not be superhero/villain based, they do funnel right into the DC empire further solidifying the stranglehold.

While there is no word yet on when the show will go into production, considering its current stage, you can likely expect casting and other news over the next few months. Until then, Subscribe by Email or Follow Us on Social Media to stay up to date on any further developments. Also, Don’t forget to drop your opinions, hopes, and expectations in the comments so that we can discuss.

Source: Variety

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