Shedding Some Light On The Underground

Anyone who knows games knows The Division. The game was meant to be groundbreaking with huge expectations. It’s not a shocker that nobodies vision came true and the game was another clone meant to milk the success of a game that should have died long ago. However, that didn’t mean the game was not fun. It was. It was still a new take and it was highly addictive. Sadly, the game took a ‘Massive’ turn for the worst. From hacks and exploits to poor game development, it became almost instantaneously unbearable. But the game did have its sunshine days and I was sure that it would eventually find its footing once again.

So with the first DLC launch, I decided to dive back into the dystopian city to fend off those that my comrades and I fought so hard to disassemble long ago. Now I’m here to shed some light in the dark tunnels of The Underground.
The Underground update has so much more than just The Underground missions. For starters, Challenge mode has been added as an option to Queens Tunnel Camp and Hudson Refugee Camp. Heroic difficulty is also an even greater difficulty that is available for all six main missions that are eligible for higher difficulties as well as all Incursions.

On top of several new Gear Sets and single Gear items, there’s also a higher drop rate for High End and Set pieces. The Special Equipment Vendor in the Base of Operations no longer includes Blueprints. The spots have been filled with more items and Blueprints now have their own Special Equipment Vendor in the Terminal allowing more Blueprints per cycle.

They have also added direct Fast Travel to Safe Houses. This has its ups and downs. However, as part of the fast travel changes players can now Fast Travel into activities while the group is in a No-Respawn Zone.
On top of Reduced Phoenix Credit costs for High Ends, Gear Sets and Blueprints. They have also given Daily and Weekly Underground Challenges on top of the already Daily, Weekly, ISAC, and HVT Daily and Weekly’s; which makes for Phoenix Credits earning to be all the more, swift.
Arguably the most impressive new feature is the ability to Recalibrate Weapon Talents. However, among the many smaller tweaks on both sides of the fence including the likes of the patch that no longer allows Cover Skill to be applied in between covers, Clear Sky changes on loading, no longer being able to Kick group members for up to one minute after missions, Combat Areas, Exotic Damage Resilience caps, new Dark Zone Bracket for Gear Score of 231+, and countless others; the most noticeable for me thus far was the disappointing nerf of the AUG and Vector. Which, as a player who has spent a significant time building his character to those weapons to not be continuously shit on, only to be repeatedly shit on for doing so was a giant kick in the dick.
Now that I have covered a good chunk of the latest changes, let’s explore the new Underground DLC. The Premise is simple yet enticing. The factions we disassembled are striking back. You must use intel dropped by enemies to track down higher ranking targets. Eliminate them and recover more intel. So on and so on.
The Underground has its own ranking system which allows you to unlock several Mission Modifiers. Missions are split into phases allowing you to select your mission length by selecting one, two or three phases; each with its own Rewards and Challenges. Difficulties and Mutilators are unlocked through Underground Level Ups. Applying these changes to your Missions also ma
nipulates the Experience with their own Challenges and Rewards. The Underground also offers two new types of Collectibles.


I didn’t get to spend much time in The Underground as of yet, but to this point, my overall view is a positive one. The changes since I was last on have made this game go from an unbearable downhill shit slide to a promising, sighted vision. I look forward to continuing my adventures into The Underground and experiencing future Updates and DLCs.

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