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‘Spider-Man’ PlayStation 4 Game DLC Announced Featuring Black Cat

In a trailer recently released on PlayStation’s official YouTube account, the channel showed off the upcoming DLC for this year’s Spider-Man game, featuring villain Black Cat.

The trailer itself, sadly, doesn’t give away too many details as to what we can expect from the upcoming DLC. It’s big gimmick, however, seems to be the inclusion of Felicia Hardy, a.k.a. Black Cat as its main antagonist. It has Black Cat ask Spider-Man if he has missed her and for him to catch her if he can. After a brief confrontation, Spider-Man chases after her on a subway.

The video then cuts to the title of the DLC pack which will be called Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps. Immediately after the video reveals that the first piece of DLC will be known as Spider-Man: The Heist and will be released on October 23rd of this year. In addition, the video also revealed the release dates for two more additions to the game. The second will be known as Spider-Man: Turf Wars and is set to be released sometime in November of this year. The third and apparent final piece of DLC will be known as Spider-Man: Silver Lining which is set to be released in December of this year. It is currently unknown what role Black Cat will play in the additional DLC.

You can see the full video below:

Depending on one’s point of view, this is news that can be taken to be good or bad. On one hand we have a company that is showing us what we will actually be getting for preordering a season pass and what the future hold for the game. It’s a move that very few companies do with many often satisfied with simply selling us the Season Pass without actually telling us what is in store for the game. So, credit must be given to Sony and Insomniac Games for doing the right thing in this regard.

On the other hand, it once again is a move may also be seen as something that is a big problem with the game industry. While many outlets have already been praising the game with their first impression articles, no official review for the game has been published. It is currently unknown whether or not the game will be released in a working state or a broken which is a common occurrence with big, open world games. As such, it seems incredibly cynical and greedy to promote and produce DLC at such an early stage. These days such resources would undoubtedly be better used in making sure that the game is released in a polished state, with post-launch support ironing out anything that the testers may have missed. However, it is possible, however unlikely, that Spider-Man may be one of those rare, AAA games that releases is complete, working state. Stranger things have happened after all.


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By Trey Griffeth

Trey Griffeth is the Head Writer of The Nerd Hub's Comic Book Spotlight section as well as a contributing writer to Video Game Spotlight. In addition to his work with The Nerd Hub, he is also a Staff Writer for Heroic Hollywood.