“Spider-Man, Spider-Man, can Marvel do what Sony could not?” – Trailer Breakdown

For years fans begged in echoing fashion for Sony and Marvel to come to terms on a deal to bring Spider-man into the modern MCU ( Marvel Cinematic Universe ). Finally their cry’s were heard, Sony and Marvel did in fact strike a deal. Spider-Man was officially under control of Marvel Studios once more.

The first time we got a glimpse of Spider-Man was in a minor role of Captain America: Civil War to set up the film that nearly every person on this planet would come to stress over beginning with the very first trailer shot of the Scarlet Spider. From there the hype train began as production started on Spider-man: Homecoming. Hate began to spread in reaction to false rumors, imperfect casting, costume design and anything else an annoying, ignorant fanboy could bitch about. Normally this would just destroy my interest in a movie, but luckily I never had any hype for the film. Not the say that I wasn’t thrilled, but I tried to stay distant and realistic yet, informed and optimistic. Overall I have been very pleased.

Finally this week the first official trailer for Spider-man: Homecoming was released. Many things have been put to rest, but many are still to be seen. As I breakdown this down, take a view or two of the trailers

Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer #1

  • Bokeem Woodbine seen as The Shocker.
  • Michael Keaton seen as The Vulture.
  • Zendaya seen as Michelle (Not MJ!!).
  • Iron Man team-up.
  • Build up to Avengers role.
  • Sinister Six Easter egg.
  • Shocker goons.
  • High-tech weaponry.
  • Tinkerer not seen.
  • Amazing Spider-Man signature web wings.
  • Harry Osbourne seen.
  • Flash Thompson not seen.
  • Harry aware of Peters identity.
  • Donald Glover as potential villain.

Spider-Man:Homecoming International Trailer #1

One of the many issues around the web came from the false rumor claiming that Zendaya’s cast as Michelle was a ruse to hide her real role as Mary Jane Watson. Despite this being immediately debunked and making no sense to the timeline, millions chose to ignore the obvious and start yet another social media war revolving around racial status being changed upon cast from the original character. Many claiming she is black, she can’t be MJ. Many claiming she can be black. Many claiming she could pull it off. Many claiming she can’t. Well, guess what people, she can most definitely can pull it off, but like its been said from the start she is not Mary Jane Watson. She is in fact Michelle. My take is that she will be part of the gang. Possibly a love role. I’d place my bet on Harry but wouldn’t be surprised with Peter.


One of the noticeable changes that is sure to set this new series of Spider-Man films apart from its predecessors is the fact that Harry discovers Peters secret right off the bat, and also seems to be okay with it. Which in turn, means that the washed up and sub-par plot of Harry being betrayed by Peter and becoming the Goblin is no longer even an option.
We know that Flash Thompson was confirmed and cast, but was not seen in the trailers which makes me think he might not have any more than a cameo size performance, but then again The Tinkerer was also absent. Would this indicate that The Tinkerer is aso nothing more than a cameo, or would he also be a villain to Spidey? Personally i wold love to see Spider-Man try to solve the problem at its source and go up against a trickster of sorts villain.
This is where the trailers get interesting. It seems that the weaponry being operated by the Sinister Six (or however many are currently teaming up in this installment) is energy based. I would assume that this is the doing of The Tinkerer and maybe just maybe even formed from Chitauri tech. We have already seen the Chitauri tech developed into weapons in Marvel’s Luke Cage. Doing so would be a wise choice by Marvel to continue the linkage of the MEU ( Marvel Extended Universe).
The biggest question I was left with after all of this was, “what exactly is their goal?” It would seem senseless to just fight Spider-Man for no reason. Add to it that Keaton said, “don’t get in my way”. That is the part that I hope is never revealed. Too often do trailers spoil the product.
Overall it looks like its going to be one for the ages and possibly one of the better MCU films. In fact, Marvel is so confident in their feedback that they have already set a sequel date for July 5, 2019. We’ll see if it holds up when Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters on July 7, 2017. What were your thoughts on the trailers? What are your thoughts on the project as a whole? What are your thoughts on this article? Let us know in the comments below.

Written & Edited by, Jack Flowers

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