Spotlight on AEW signing Jimmy Havoc

AEW has signed some really big stars on the independent scene, Like Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Cody and Pac who was formerly WWE’s Neville. With these names, it seems like their big main event scene is starting to fill out pretty smoothly and nicely. But this isn’t all they have signed; they have also signed some lesser known names. One of these such lesser-known names is British wrestler Jimmy Havoc, who actually got a video promo when he had signed for the company. While Havoc is a smaller name wrestler he is definitely known within some crowds and could add a good exposure for the fans of hardcore and deathmatches.

Making his debut back in 2004 Havoc under the Hammerlock banner, and from what I could gather, continued to mostly wrestle exclusively here until 2006; until he broke out of Hammerlock and started getting known as a deathmatch, or hardcore wrestler, whichever term you prefer using. Some say he quickly became one of the top deathmatch wrestlers in Europe, something he has kept for the years since then. Eventually, Havoc also started competing for companies like CZW in the US and WXW in Germany.

Havoc would also sign with Progress wrestling where it seems he would become champion at Progress Chapter 10 after a 6 match losing streak and turning heel once he won the championship. Havoc even defeated Zack Sabre JR in his first defence of the Progress Wrestling world championship. A title which he would end out holding for a long time, Havoc’s reign lasted 609 days which it seems was as long as all the previous champions in the company combined. A title reign or reign of terror as they called it of 609 days is certainly something that isn’t heard of as much in wrestling these days since companies like to put the title on whoever is hot at the time and fans don’t like seeing the belt on one person forever. There have been a few exceptions to this in recent years, but anyone with a 609-day title reign is definitely someone the company saw as a big deal. He eventually would lose the belt in an amazing match with Will Osprey at Progress Chapter 20.

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Soon after, Havoc would leave Progress and wouldn’t return until a year after and start a feud with Marty Scurll which would continue throughout a lot of the future progress events. Seems it was a long-standing feud and definitely something that would help the careers of both men. While in Progress, Havoc also had matches with the likes of WWE UK Stars Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven as well.

Havoc also had a very brief run in TNA in 2016 having matches with people like Abyss, as well as, Drew Galloway, Mike Bennett who is now known as WWE’s Drew McIntyre, and Mike Kanellis before soon leaving the company. He is also the current Defiant Pro Wrestling hardcore champion, something definitely suitable to someone who has been known for their death matches throughout their career. From what I could gather he has held this title for over a year now.

Havoc has had some great matches in his career, some of which would include his matches with Osprey in Progress, specifically the one he had with him at Progress Chapter 20 mentioned prior. He also had a great match against Mark Haskins at Progress chapter 55 which can be watched on Youtube, and with Pete Dunne at Progress Chapter 45. All of these matches could be seen as certain highlights of his career and something to watch if you are really wondering what they could be getting with Havoc in AEW.

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Being a former winner of CZW’s tournament of death back in 2016 and being rated in the top 150 Wrestlers in 2017 by PWI. Havoc is definitely a great signing for AEW and someone that could prove to have some exciting matches in the company. Possibly giving us a bit of a hardcore edge in the company as well which is something that a lot of fans definitely appreciate.

But at the same time, Havoc suffered an injury only a few short years ago that put him out of action for 8 months. Since this injury, he hasn’t come back to the same kind of fanfare that he had before and it seems like the injury actually stunted his momentum a fair bit. He would have seemed like a bigger signing back in 2016 than he does now, but this doesn’t mean he can’t rebound given the chance. yet there’s always the fear of the injury coming back to haunt him as well. Another downside he has is of course deathmatches, while they draw a bit of a crowd in, there’s certainly those out there who see it as just garbage wrestling and not worth watching, so there’d need to be a good balance.

In terms of what he could do to help AEW, he could definitely help get in that occasional hardcore style match that fans love just as long as it’s not everything he does. Havoc will probably be booked better as a face in AEW. It could be done in a very Mick Foley style of booking which could really get him over as an underdog babyface people want to really see win the title eventually. With names like Adam Page, Pentagon and Joey Janela already in AEW, there are definitely people he could get a good match out of­ and do a good match in the middle of the card to keep people excited. Currently, because of his stunted momentum, it would be hard to book him in the main event but if he is rebuilt right and put into the right spotlight where he could truly flourish than this could do nothing but good for both AEW and Havoc himself.

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Could Havoc prove to be a big future signing for AEW? The future is to be seen, but it definitely looks as if we could see some great matches in the future for the company, which is something all wrestling fans have been dying for, for a while now. Drop your opinion on this or who you would like to see Havoc face in the comments below, and don’t forget to Subscribe by Email for more wrestling related content.

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