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Spotlight on SoCal Uncensored

Well known in the pro wrestling community Christopher Daniels, who was known a lot for his TNA fame, and Frankie Kazarian (Now just goes by Kazarian) also known for being in TNA and later companies like ROH or PWG as well, formed this team and originally called themselves Fortune in TNA with AJ Styles of now WWE fame. During this time the two of them would win the TNA Tag Team Championship multiple times as well.

As for their singles careers Daniels is known heavily for his great X-Division run and legendary matches with the likes of AJ Styles and Samoa Joe. Especially their triple threat at Unbreakable back in 2005 that is still talked about today for how great of a triple threat the match truly was. Being in the business for over 25 years Daniels has also had achievements like being the Ring Of Honour World Heavyweight Champion as well in a really feel good moment for someone that had been wrestling for as long as he had been wrestling for.

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Kazarian was the first ever PWG Champion which is a big deal looking back on it now and seeing all the people that have won the title since then. He was also a multiple time X-Division champion in TNA back when the X-Division really meant something to the company and everyone’s eyes were on the fresh and exciting superstars.

So once these two tagged, their run would be one to remember, and they have continued to do so since 2012. They have gone through a few names while being a Tag Team starting off being known as Bad Influence, a name that would stick with them until they would eventually not get resigned by TNA, which disappointed a lot of fans. Especially since both men had been loyal to the company for many years by this point so it didn’t make sense when they would suddenly no longer be with the company after years of entertaining TNA fans.

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After TNA the two called themselves The Addiction and had a run lasting 4 years in Ring Of Honour. This would lead to like I said earlier, Daniels winning the World Championship for the company, as well as, some amazing matches, and showing that even though the two weren’t as young as they used to be, they could still have amazing matches and put their bodies through hell to entertain the crowd. The two are practically legends on the independent scene, having built such a legacy for themselves throughout their storied careers.

Eventually in 2018 The Addiction became SoCal Uncensored and added an additional member on Scorpio Sky, during 2018 the trio would win the Ring Of Honour 6 man tag team championships, as well as, Sky and Kazarian winning the Ring Of Honour World Tag Team Championships, but had lost these belts at Final Battle in a match against The Briscoes before leaving the company.

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The Trio confirmed soon after that they had signed for AEW, which was a surprise to no one since they had been appearing on episodes of Being The Elite recently and were now free agents. The Trio already have a match confirmed on Double or Nothing against Cima and two teammates not yet announced. Daniels was also signed to AEW as Head of talent relations, a position he is likely to keep for years to come and he will likely work a lot backstage as well as on screen with this.

In terms of booking SoCal Uncensored in All Elite Wrestling, I think having them in basic 6 man tag matchs certainly helps get others over as well. The group itself is pretty popular and can still excite a lot of people in the right circumstances and still manage to help younger people get over, which is always a handy situation for any wrestler.

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