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Suicide Squad 2 | Deadshot Recast and New Team Of Characters

The long in limbo Suicide Squad sequel now finally looks to be well on its way into production. As you might recall, the production was thwarted when David Ayer and Warner Bros. severed ties, and since then has seen its fair share of misfortunes. Most notably, with Gavin O’Connor signing on to replace Ayer, -who I was very fond of taking the helm- but ultimately dropped out of the directing duties when Warner Bros. had decided that the script Gavin had provided too closely resembled that of Birds of Prey. Frustrated with the task of having to rewrite the script, Gavin decided to step away entirely, much like the events of Affleck’s departure that ultimately led to Matt Reeves taking the mantle. With Gavin’s departure, also went the inclusion of Deathstroke.

Late last year, however, the film found its foothold in James Gunn, who found himself on the outs with Marvel, and now it seems that the bets laid on the director and screenwriter by Warner Bros. have paid off as they are said to be very pleased with the script Gunn has turned in, and plan to start casting within the next few months. With that news, many casting confirmations and rumors have already begun making their way into the light. With an almost entirely new lineup said to be on Warner’s wishlist, many wanted to know who would be returning first and foremost.

Margot Robbie and Viola Davis now seem to be the only returning cast from the original, reprising their respective roles as Harley Quinn and Amanda Waller. Rick Flagg is still on the table for inclusion but is said to be newly depicted, leaving any hopes of Joel Kinnaman filling that role again non-existent. While Deadshot is set to return, Will Smith will not be playing Gotham City assassin this time around. Will and Warner recently confirmed an amicable split based on Warner Bros. desired start of production lying somewhere in this year’s Fall.  With Will currently working on Bad Boys for Life, and set to work with David Ayer on Netflix’s Bright 2 in July, scheduling just wouldn’t allow him to be properly prepped in time. However, that’s not all so somber, as Idris Elba, the first and only alternative choice to Will Smith has already been confirmed to have met with James Gunn and began talks on boarding the production.

We also now have a list of new characters that Gunn has included in the script as a part of Task Force X.

First up is The Ratcatcher aka Otis Flannegan, who was originally an exterminator in Gotham before turning to a life of crime. In this version of the character, however, we are set to see a gender-swap with a female version on screen. Led by an army of rodents she can communicate with and control, the fan of poisonous gas doesn’t necessarily stand out on her own but definitely stand apart from the following characters.

Secondly, we have King Shark, who is believed to be the son of the so-called Shark God, though others dismiss him as merely a savage mutation.  While personally, I believe that Killer Croc was beautifully designed in the first Suicide Squad, and definitely deserved a second chance after the disappointing dialogue assigned to him, King Shark is the only adequate replacement and one of the most desired members of Task Force X for most fans. This is hands down going to be the biggest seller on the new task force and the sequel.

Next up would be Mister Polka-Dot who like Ratcatcher is a sworn enemy of Batman. He is a super-villain with the power to grow multi-colored polka-dots on his body, which he can turn into fireballs and other weapons. For the most part, he is actually embarrassed about his abilities, and both this power and dynamic promise this to be the most intriguing character in the new lineup.

Lastly on the list of new task force members provided by Collider is Peacemaker. Christopher Smith is an agent of peace whos motives are driven by an extreme form of pacifism that makes him love peace so much that he would kill for it. This role is so ironic that it seems Gunn may be going less insane and more dunce, as it’s said that he is eyeing Dave Bautista for the role.

The last bit of information that has come forward on the production is noted by Discussing Film who says that the Task Force X’s mission would focus on taking down Onslaught in their Qurac headquarters, which not only seems to fit the bill for an actual Task Force X mission but falls in line with correcting issue with the film’s predecessor. With the battle being taken to a similar team of superpowered and extraordinary individuals in an area that war could legitimately befold without so many plot holes, it seems like a viable direction. It’s also said that Killer Frost will likely be included in the upcoming sequel as well. While which version of the character has yet to be decided on, the powers, for the most part, remain the same.

If all information proves accurate and holds true through production, the new directions could be an epic and cohesive blowout sequel. This would also leave the task force at 8 memebers, and while there may be room for a few more, it’s proababy best if the keep it held at 8 as another issue with its predeccesor was the overabundance of characters that left many having little to no exposition, and the little they did canvased majority of the film.

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SOURCE: Collider/The Hollywood Reporter/Discussing Film

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