Supergirl Moves to The CW! How and Why. UPDATED 5/13/16

Currently the fate of Supergirl is up in the air. There are three main reasons; first being that the cost of the show is currently at $3 million an episode. Second is that the show dropped about half of its viewers throughout the first season. Lastly, is the big problem and the same problem that in the end, killed Constantine. Licensing fees.
Warner Brothers and CBS are currently in negotiations for a second season, but time is running out. While earlier this year CBS stated that they were so happy with their rookie roster that they were going to renew them all only to not have any of them on the 11 show renewal list shortly after,CBS insists on lower fees in order to maintain a second season for Supergirl.
The cancellation of Supergirl on CBS might not be such a bad option. CBS President Les Moonves could easily just move the show over the the joint Warner Bros and CBS network, The CW. Fans already want the show to be moved there to receive a “proper treatment” and Supergirl has already been introduced to the DCTVU with a Flash crossover. The channel also fits the demographic better with a 18-35 while CBS is a much older demographic target.
While Supergirl was not always the best due to the way they went about it. Supergirl being made a female Superman and having a strong feminist fell rather than a “one in the same” feel [and other things]; but it was in total a solid show. Martian Manhunter being a heavy involvement and a good cliffhanger ending.
However a move to The CW could also have its perks as the channel has already found a way to make Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow huge successes. The budget cuts that would be necessary if the show was moved was likely work out for the better. and the writers and producers would improve.
The down sides to the move would include Clarissa Lockhart likely not moving to Vancouver where the show would film alongside It’s new companions. However that may also not be a bad thing as the show would likely find new direction and would no longer need Calista. The DC/CW Vancouver lot also brings and issue to National City which uses Los Angeles for a reason would likely need to be CGI’d even more so. The CGI on the first season was at time a bit too much but the skyline of National City was just subtle enough.
I don’t know if this is a good option or a bad but I know I’d like to see it personally and not because I’m one of those people who say CW or bust, but because I think the show was solid and has a lot of potential. i think it deserves a second season and a second chance. I believe the people who work on the DC/CW shows have the ability to fulfill this shows fullest potential rather than just enough of it.

Whatever they decide they better decide fast before we end up with a Constantine repeat. Both The CW and CBS will finalize their renewal schedules respectively on May 18th and May 19th.

UPDATE 5-13-16
Earlier today Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment confirmed that Supergirl would be making the move to The CW for a 2016-2017 Season 2.

President Mark Pedowitz has already gone on record stating that he regrets not going after the project more when it was still looking for a home in the beginning. So with the lack of justice from CBS and the reluctance to pick it up for a Second Season it really is not a surprise that CW decided to take it in.

Not much was initially stated on the matter but they did let us know that the show would share The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow Executive Producers Greg Berlanti (also EP for Riverdale show on The CW and Booster Gold/Blue Beetle film in the DCCU) and Andrew Kreisberg and would fall into the same universe within the multiverse.


Later in the night David Harewood who plays fan favorite Martian Manhunter – one of the highlights of the first season. – took to Twitter to let fans know that the suspected move to the Vancouver Studios – currently home to The Flash Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow – was indeed a done deal. Harewood also confirmed that CW had ordered Supergirl for a 22 Episode Season 2. He also stated that details were still to come. inadvertently he also confirmed – by way of knowing these details – that his character is signed on for season 2 as well.

No news on whether or not Syfy’s Krypton will have any relevance to Supergirl. It’s quite obvious that with the timeline it won’t have any factoring to the universe but it could help provide back story to the show if they so decide. originally the show was supposed to have no relevance to that universe but that was before Supergirl was even a show let alone before it was added to the universe.
There has also been no word on whether or not Krypton would have relevance to the DC Cinematic Universe.

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