Not more than four months after the release of its first season, Netflix’s The Dragon Prince has shown it isn’t slowing down by revealing that their second season drops just next month. The show, which is co-created and written by former Avatar: The Last Airbender head story writer Aaron Ehasz, was released in September of last year to generally positive reviews. That positivity it seems has lit a fire in Ehasz and his team as they’ve been hard at work finishing the next installment of the series.


The news, which was revealed on the show’s Twitter page, doesn’t give fans much to go on. All we really have is the release date with the vague notion that more story is in fact coming. A trailer hasn’t even been announced yet, but since there’s only about a month between now and the show’s second season, if a trailer is shown, it probably won’t do more than hype us up and get us through the next few weeks.  


With not much else to go on, we’ll just have to sit and be patient for this next chapter in The Dragon Prince. The first season has garnered such positive reviews and dedicated fans that, even with not much to go on, there’s still little doubt that this second season will probably deliver in every way. The Dragon Prince Season 2 releases on February 15th, 2019.


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Source: Netflix