TNH Roundtable: Mid-Season Reviews – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

With the season now mid-way through, some of the TNH Staff decided to sit down and discuss the shows and our thoughts on each series individually as well as the network’s franchise as a whole. What are they doing right and what are they doing wrong? Where have they been and where could they be going? We are going to visit this now, and when the seasons end we are going to come back to re-discuss and compare. For now, check out some of our analysis’ and theories in the 2nd of this 9 part series and then let us know what your thoughts were in the comments below.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 (DC Entertainment)
          There are many characters throughout DC’s history that are entertaining but have been found to lack substance for a long-term franchise. That’s where DC’s Legends of Tomorrow comes in as the show is built from the ground up to give these characters a shared purpose. The show also allows characters to cycle in or out if need be as well as showcase characters impossible to bring to life anywhere else; The Justice Society of America from the World Wars era and Jonah Hex from the Wild West are prime examples of this. The show makes for a fun watch with each episode bringing something new and fresh. Now we will dive into what the Legends have been up to so far this season.
What are your thoughts on Rip hunter this season? Do you approve of the route they’ve taken or not?
John- I don’t like the path that they have taken with Rip, I think he needs to be at the helm of the Waverider. It’s not that Sarah is doing a bad job, quite the opposite. I think that the chemistry between Rip and Sarah was phenomenal and she makes a wonderful Executive Officer to Rip’s Captain.
Marlon- I personally love the fact that Rip doesn’t know who he is. It adds a nice new element to the show and I’m looking forward to seeing where they take it.
Remington- No. I think Rip was a much better character when he was helming the Waverider.
Jack- I just don’t see the point of shifting Rip from the role of captain. It is honestly one of the weakest points of a season that has been filled with much seemingly to be going nowhere.
Two new characters were brought on board -no pun intended- this season; Commander Steel and fan favorite Vixen. Let’s have your thoughts on them so far.
Remington- Although I miss Hawkgirl and Hawkman I think that they are good additions. I like them so far.
Witt- When I saw the Commander Steel outfit I literally cringed. Enough said.
John- I like them as individual heroes and they help round out the team. I don’t think this show needs romance, but theirs works anyways much like it did for Sarah and Snart last season.
Jack- I think Commander Steel was added solely to replace the Historian that was Rip. Vixen is a character I have always enjoyed seeing on television but I just don’t see the need for her character on this team other than running away from her past. I think that subplot is already taken by Sarah.
This season they introduced something we haven’t seen yet in any of these shows. They gave us not one, not two, but three main antagonists, all working together. Are they executing this properly?
Witt- Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn bicker like The Three Stooges. If you compare that to how realistic and mature of a character Merlyn was in Season 1 of Arrow, it’s like comparing an actor from Law & Order to that of  Power Rangers.
Jack- Here is another set of fantastic characters that when on other shows stood out very well. Here, however, they as well feel pointless and boring.
John- The way they continuously challenge each other and bicker is just the way it needs to be. Villains of that caliber will always fight for leadership and see themselves better than the rest. It shows how well the right villains can work together.
The driving force behind this season’s plot is the fallout of Thawne’s history with the flash. It’s life or death it seems. Do you think he will survive when all is said and done?
John- I hope he survives, I really do, I think Professor Zoom (Reverse-Flash) is too good of an antagonist to waste. I think the legion is going to help him defeat The Black Flash and help solidify the team’s chemistry.
Jack- One of thing’s with this show is you never really know where they are going, and not in a good way. If they did kill him I would be okay with it because I don’t think Eobard is portrayed as sinister as he was when Tom Cavanaugh was portraying him. 
Marlon- I think he will give a fight that might make you cheer for him, but in the end, The Black Flash is going to catch up with him and kill him.
Do you think adding Roy Harper AKA Arsenal to the team would be something they should look to or not?
John- Roy Harper would be a good addition to team Legends, his training under Oliver would bring a much-needed focus to the team, but his wild side would flow with the show and make for good television. 
Marlon- Roy would certainly be a good addition to the team and could round it out nicely.
Jack- Bare with me here. Sarah is trying to move forward with her life and put her past behind her. Ray is trying to find his purpose same as he has his entire life and wants to save everyone. Jackson is trying to adjust to becoming a meta and learn how to build a life that he never put a thought to before but do so using what he already knows. Stein is trying to continue to build his legacy and do the one thing he feels he hasn’t done yet. He’s afraid that there is no longer a purpose for him. Mick is along for the ride because Mick doesn’t believe he should be alive in the first place and his ready to die. Vixen shares the same subplot as both Sarah and Rip. she lost everything and is looking to move forward and replace it. That was the same plot for Rip until they destroyed his memory. Henry feels he hasn’t done enough with his life and he always has wanted to and was able to find a way to do that. That is the exact same as Ray’s subplot. His other trait is being a historian same as Rip was. I think Henry and Vixen are unnecessary. My point being that each character needs to have a unique backstory because they and their subplots are one in the same. Roy Harper fits everyone’s subplot and backstory equally. He would be the centerpiece of their chemistry if he were to replace Henry and Amaya.
Do you think the show is moving along nicely or has it begun to grow stale?
Witt- Well, here’s the core issue for me. I get that the CW has a targeted demographic of teens/young adults, and while there are a lot of elements that do tie into being a representation of the comics they’re based on, much of the dialogue, storylines and production value just feels rushed and immature. Supergirl and Legends being a big part of that.
Remington- I think so many episodes being so detached from the rest is making it go stale.
John- I don’t think the show is going stale at all. It’s actually the better of the four at the moment. It gives me what I want from a comic book show; a wild plot, a plethora of superheroes and lots of action.
Jack- I think it’s lost and unfortunately is becoming stale. I never claim what I can’t back and I try not to ever criticize this hard, but I think that I, who has no experience in the medium would do a better job than them. That’s the problem. Are they even trying? Did they run out of time? The downfalls of this show are baffling as to how they exist. Do they even understand their own show? Was it too well rounded and needed to force changes to make it seem reasonable for a second season? I don’t know but I feel nothing for this show anymore other than disappointment.
What do you think the show needs to do to improve on what they have done and ensure a successful season?
John- They need to shake things up and do what they do best. I’d like to see a cameo from a ‘Bat Family’ member. I’d also like to see a speedster join the team, but it would have to be the right speedster.
Remington- The Legion of Doom has to add more villains. Boring!

Jack- I think I provided the answers to that in each of my other answers. There’s a lot that needs to be done. If I had to pick one that I haven’t already, I’d say make Time Travel mean more. It feels like there are no real consequences. Season one’s choices held more of a danger it seems. I also think John and Remington are on to something as well. I think the best speedster to add would be Bart Allen. They could have the Waveride collide with his time Capsule and he could finally meet Barry in the next crossover. He is just good enough of a speedster to aid the team but as impulsive as the rest -pun intended- ensuring he doesn’t outshine the team. His different style of comedy and his familiarity with time travel and futuristic mechanics could be strong suits. Lastly, The Legion of Doom is a massive stable that holds up to the name. This legion of doom needs to add some density to their ranks. Make it someone new. Someone menacing. Powerful. Somebody that screams “DOOM”!

In conclusion, it seems that Legends is much like Arrow a love and hate show. Some can’t get enough of it and think it is the strongest of the four shows, while other can’t bare to watch it and believe that it’s the weak link. What one can not deny is that a lot needs to happen for this to be a successful season and we will just need to wait and see if they pull it off.

Stay Tuned for our next installment of this Roundtable Review series where we give our thoughts on Supergirl.

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Written and Edited by, Jack Flowers. Edited by, Trey Griffith. Contributions from Marlon Ortega, John Ayre, Witt Reese, Remington Keyes.

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