TNH Roundtables: End of Season Review – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. With the season now wrapped, some of the TNH Staff decided to sit down and discuss the shows and our thoughts on each series individually as well as the network’s franchise as a whole. What are they doing right and what are they doing wrong? Where have they been and where could they be going? We are re-visiting this now to what has changed. Make sure you read our End of Season Review and continue on to check out some of our analysis’ and theories in the 5th of this 9 part series and then let us know what your thoughts were in the comments below.


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 (DC Entertainment)

Earlier this year, some of The Nerd Hub staff sat down to discuss DC’s Legends of Tomorrow at its midway point.  We came to the conclusion that Legends, a show that already seemed to have no goal or direction now had a very little reward for watching it.  However, the show was still entertaining to some and still held potentials we couldn’t find anywhere else.  The second half of this season was “make or break” for a lot of fans and the show was not off to a very good start.  Now, TNH Founder and Editor-In-Chief Jack Flowers returns with John Ayre and Marlon Ortega alongside Special Guest, Corey Floyd of Amerime Media to see if Legends of Tomorrow did, in fact, pull off a successful season critically, or if it left as nasty of a taste as it did in the mid-season review.

Now seeing Rip Hunter’s full story play out, what are your thoughts on that plot?

Marlon – Not a good ending for Rip. I feel as if he should have found a doppelganger of his wife and started over.

John – I liked the way they used him to fuel their new direction, but still left it so that he could be used again in the universe. He could show up on The Flash or even Arrow, which is great because he’s such a passionate character, with real flaws and real needs; so, viewers can relate to him.

Corey – Funny thing is, I already had a sense that it was going to be a “tearjerker” of sorts, because of comic book logic. Loved his character in season one and how he was betrayed by the Time Lords. Also loved that he was a “Time Lord” seeing as the actor also played Rory on Doctor Who for two seasons, but I didn’t see him lasting more than two seasons. But that being said his arc was completed with a calm British finesse and the character never got stale which is a rarity in T.V. in general.

Jack – I still don’t see the point of the arc beyond writing him out and Sara in, but I’m glad they didn’t end the character on a heel. Sad how he left really, but perhaps we might see the character return in the future; no pun intended.

Did Commander Steel and Vixen end up fulfilling your expectations this season?

Corey – As separate characters, not too bad. As a couple, I wasn’t feeling it. I love both characters, but the show did not need a love story, it just didn’t. Kind of made the show sappy. Their characters arcs did not need that.

Marlon – They faired well together, but as characters alone they did great.

John – The Commander Steel and Vixen relationship seemed rushed to me. It just didn’t feel as real as Atom and Hawkgirl did. It felt too forced.

Jack – They relationship was unnecessary, but okay, in my opinion. In the end, it turned out well enough, but I would have liked to see their separate arcs be a little stronger and I think they cold have done that without the relationship. All in all, not bad in the end.

Did you like the Legion of Doom adding Mick and Snart and do you feel the move was executed properly?

Marlon – The Legion of Doom was too cool and they should have had more episodes with them. As for execution, I can say I’m satisfied.

John – Having the Legion add Mick and Snart was a good move. The way they set it up with the trust issues the team was having with Mick was expected, but it didn’t feel that way when they executed it. Having pre-team Snart also worked, as it showed how much he and Mick both had changed during their time on the Waverider.

Corey – Yes, I loved that, cause it was the smarter move. Going back in time and getting Snart before he joined a team was awesome. It was also the only way they would get Mick. To make a team implode on itself is a good strategy. Since Mick was already having hallucinations of Snart, the reveal was exceptional. It shows that DC television writers are way better than whoever does the movies. 
(Answers were given before Wonder Woman release.)

Jack – This was pretty much the high point of the show for me. I think that finally showed the potential of the Legion that we should have seen from the get go. Very smart on their end but ultimately foiled by the their own egos just as they did time and time again.

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Do you fell The Reverse-Flash had a wasted death, or do you feel that it was a worthy exit?

John – The Reverse-Flash’s death wasn’t wasted at all. I feel that in the end he went from a super villain to a man trying to stay alive against all odds. Having Black Flash hunt him down and not have him killed off by a second rate hero was the death he deserved.

Corey – First of all, I was surprised to see that he was alive in the first place, but when they showed that he technically is dead and that he was outrunning death, I was like, cool, I like that. The fact that his plan was mainly to stay alive gave me the sense of urgency and anger to his actions. The fact that the team lost and they were in another timeline and figured out how to go back was great. This was a very worthy death. It’s just a shame that Barry wasn’t there.

Marlon – The Reverse-Flash got what he deserved! 

Jack – Okay, this was actually the high point for me. What a great story for speedsters and one that Barry has beaten in the comics but overcame Eobard here. This arc was a far better story for him than we got in The Flash, but The Flash executed their story with him far better. The highlight of it all, was upon the brink of death, calling all versions of himself, knowing it no longer mattered.

Now that you know who’s staying and who’s going: applying what we saw in Rip’s final scene of the finale, what character do you think would be best added to the team to replace Rip?

Corey – I honestly can not figure out who to replace him with. Maybe, Booster Gold or Martian Manhunter.

John – Replacing Rip will be difficult. His character was so strong, yet so earnest. I think it will be very hard to fill those shoes and I’m not even sure I want them to try to replace him. Leaving that void shows respect to Rip, but also leaves the team weak.  Whoever they do get will have big shoes to fill.

Jack – I think they should bring on Matt Ryan as Constantine. They have started testing the waters to reintroduce the character with the upcoming Animated series and we already know that the Live- Action version is in this universe. I think adding him to the team much like they did with Vixen would be the right move that not only is one more step into a Live-Action revival but would bring a great new element to the team. Honestly, I don’t see any other character being accepted in Rips place. As for how they will do it I have no idea, but after seeing the finale I don’t think much logic need apply.

Was the second half of the season stale or did it have you on the edge of your seats?

John – The second half of the season did not seem stale to me. I liked the plot Twists and the way the characters changed when caught in Thawnes new;y made world. I liked seeing them struggle without their powers. I liked the periods they visited and the way they were represented.

Marlon – This show is always good for me, it’s time traveling at it’s finest. Very successful finale. Come on Dinosaurs! How cool is that?!

Jack – The second half was actually pretty solid for me, where as the first half is where the issues were. The first half was a grind to even tolerate, while the second half was full of great ideas. So glad it bounced back, because I almost cut the show out of my watch list.

In the end, do you feel the show did what it needed to do to call the season as a whole successful?

Marlon – I do, but I think they should have found a way to return Snart to the team. Regardless, I really enjoyed this season and am looking forward to next year.

Corey – First and foremost, I was very skeptical of this show on the beginning, but after the second episode I was invested. There is very little slow down in this show and that is a plus. They even try their best to keep everyone involved in every episode; even the ships computer. The fact that the season ends with a story completed and the start of new problem is icing on the cake this season. I can’t wait for next season!

John – Legends is a show they can play with and still get a good result. I think the season ended well. The team is mostly back together, the riffs have been mended, the Legion disbanded, and they even left us with a wild cliffhanger; what more could you ask for on a superhero team up show?

Jack- Barely. Due to the strong finish, I can say yes, but the first half for me was far too hard to get though. I think this show has a lot of work to be able to get through a third season, but I did like the final scene and what potential it has. I just hope they get a little more focused and perhaps try to stay in one spot for more than one episode. 

In conclusion, while the show still holds so much potential, the writing doesn’t always resonate well with fans and has a lot of work to do next season to be on the level of The Flash or even Arrow. However, think next season might just be a make or break for this show as many have grown weary of it, but it still holds enough of a fan base to to not only regain lost traction, but to gain entirely new traction all together. 

Stay Tuned for our next installment of this Roundtable Review series where we give our End of Season Thoughts on The Flash.

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Written and Edited by, Jack Flowers. Contributions from Marlon Ortega, John Ayre & Special Guest, Corey Floyd of Amerime Media

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