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As we do with other comic book shows, The Nerd Hub sits down to discuss our thoughts on this latest season of Lucifer. What did they do right and what did they do wrong? Where have they been, and where could they be going? So, take a look at what we had to say and look for our reviews from the upcoming season, as well as, take to the comments section below and let us know what you thought about this series.

***Unfortunately Technical difficulties didn’t allow us to publish this article when it was intended and by the time this can finally be released the third season will have aired, but responses were given after the second season wrapped and must be taken into account under such context.



Lucifer presents a view of a character and story that isn’t usually given and provides the possibility for new and boundless stories.  The show came of the gates on all cylinders and has since provided a quality consistency throughout. The show however as slid under the radar for the most part which is a crime in our book. So we are here to discuss the second season and determine where the bar is for the third season. Was it better than the first? What worked and what didn’t? Was it good enough to go back and watch? That is what we sit down to determine, Usually, at this point, we would warn to jump to our conclusion for a simple recommendation if you were looking to avoid spoilers; but being that the new season has aired, I doubt anyone reading this is worried about spoilers and is just here for the discussion. So without further due, let’s jump right into it.

What do you think about the girl pal dynamic between Mazekeen, Chloe, and Linda?  Does it work?  What would you like to see from that dynamic in the future?

Jack I think its a great aspect that places these women in Lucifer’s life together on a spectrum of personalities and by doing so can use it as a plot device between them.  Fantastic idea.  I would like to see them go on a girls night and leave Dan, Amenadiel, and Lucifer alone together.  I also think Ella would be a great addition to the crew.

MarlonI love how Chloe and Mazekeen clicked and live together.  Linda provides balance and reason and some comic relief that really molds the three of them together quite well.  I would like to see Mazekeen work more closely with Chloe just like Lucifer works with her.

Jennifer – I love the fact that Linda is now in the whole Angel/Demon fold.  Evidently, Linda believes angels and demons need psychological help too!  I would like to see them less demon and terrified doctor professional relationship and more of a friendship once Linda understands Maze is not going to hurt her.

They explored more into the relationship between Mazekeen and Lucifer.  What did you think about that dynamic this season and how they explored it?  What would you like to see from it in the future?

JackI want to see more into their past and just what makes them so close and loyal.  They definitely work best when they are together, but it’s also inevitable to have spats; I would just like see them work together more than they don’t.

MarlonI have always enjoyed the back and forth between Lucifer and Mazekeen.  True friends and allies.  But, I would like to hear more about their time in hell; I think we need to actually see why she is so devoted to Lucifer.

Jennifer – As far as Maze and Lucifer are concerned, they’re like siblings and technically she’s a hot bodyguard.  Nothing needs to change between them.  They have had disagreements and fights, and now they are both slowly learning what humans are like and she should continue to be his right hand.

Lucifer’s mother came to town this season.  What are your overall thoughts on how they went about that plot and what happened in the end?  What do you think could possibly come of it all?

Jack I think the plot helped shine a lot of light on the dysfunctional family that Lucifer came from and how it’s much like the human life.   I’m glad he chose to save her in the end, but we never got to see what would happen if she did break open.  The kind of showcased it but not really.  How big is this really?  Also, where did she go?

MarlonThe mother was a great addition.  There are so many myths about who was actually the first women created, was it really Eve, or was it Lilith; and then out of nowhere comes gods “wife”.  Oh boy, and for her to admit that she was the cause of the 7 plagues in the bible, that was a good twist in an old story.  I have a feeling she will be back one way or another.

Jennifer – I will admit, I got a few good laughs at the theories other fans came up with over the first two seasons.  One was that Lucifer’s mother was really Chloe (someone is obviously a Game of Thrones fan also).  When she broke out of hell they made it seem like she was going to destroy the world.  I get it they needed the added drama, but I honestly feel like they could’ve save introducing the “big guy” until the third season, but that’s just my personal opinion.  I believe we will see both mother and “dad” again this season, whether it be good or bad we shall see.

They showcased Lucifer’s relationships with his brothers exposing more layers than ever.  How do feel about the death of Uriel and how it played into the bigger fold?  Was it the right move?  Would you have done it differently?  What would you like to see them do with his brothers next season?

Jack – I think they made what happened with Uriel inevitable and something that needed to happen, but I like that we got to see that it wasn’t just Lucifer who got messed up and that he may not be the one and only big bad. I would like to see Lucifer propel his brothers more often.  Show why he is the good guy and not the guy his father made him to be.

MarlonSibling rivalry at its best.  Amenadiel came to talk sense into Lucifer to return to hell, but decided to stay and help him.  Uriel came to kill  him or at least force him back to hell.  Two very different brothers.  I would like to see more angels for example Gabriel and Michael who according to bible lore were the best fighters against Lucifer when Lucifer took on the throne.  So, I’d like them to come down and start battling Lucifer here on earth.

Jennifer – I will just say that Uriel was off his angelic rocker and wanted to liked so badly thus driving him mad.  He wanted to be the favorite and he didn’t care if he had to murder his brothers to get what he wanted, to be the favorite and no longer overlooked.  That being said, absolutely the right thing was done.  Uriel was drunk on power and hungry for more, I absolutely would’ve done the same thing.  They are in fact arch angels, anything is possible and they have plenty of time to introduce more of the heavenly brood in future season.

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This season we saw a new Medical Examiner in Ella Lopez.  Did you like this addition or not and why?  Where would you go with this character next season?

JackGreat addition that I think can help with Lucifer’s secret and his dealings providing an aspect of someone being affected negatively by his actions over his intentions.

Marlon I love Ella Lopez, she is smart, witty and cute and those are the three necessities for a comic sidekick.  I would like her to find out for herself that Lucifer is the devil, but she will keep his secret from anyone even Chloe.

Jennifer – I absolutely love Ella!  She is witty and dark and I can’t wait until she finds out all about Lucifer because she will definitely be the type to be fascinated with Lucifer as opposed to terrified.  If it were up to me she would’ve been up to speed by the end of season 2.

Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship. Big moves.  What are your thoughts on how they handled that?
JackAt some point he has to tell her the truth or it won’t work.  Bottom Line. I;m glad they made progress though, It was much needed.  I’m not really so sure this upcoming season is the best time reveal that though.  Or maybe it is.  Eventually the procedural needs to be switched for a full out drama arch and doing this may allow that to happen.  Or maybe I’m completely wrong and the procedural is the best measure being that Lucifer is an omnipotent character and the best way to write these characters are by showcasing what happens to those around them.

Marlon Lucifer just needs to come clean, the feelings are there from both sides, so he just needs to sit Chloe down and tell her the truth, that he cares for her.  Oh, and that he is really the devil.

Jennifer – There is a lot to be said, but I’ll keep it short.  Their relationship developed so slow I honestly thought Chloe and Dan would be getting back together.  It could have progressed faster and not had that much of an effect on the rest of the story lone.  Also, if god did put Chloe on earth for him, why was it such a big deal?  We get it, he hates his father, many of us can relate, but why did he automatically assume she was put there to hurt him?

Dan and Amenadiel have started a friendship as well.  Yay or Nay?  What would you like to see done with that?
JackThink about Dan and Amenadiel partnering together and competing against Chloe and Lucifer for cases.  Amenadiel and Chloe share a personality and Dan and Lucifer are comparable as well. Dan V Lucifer, Chloe V Dan, Lucifer V Amenadiel and Chloe and Amenadiel getting along.  Great possibilities of personalities and chemistry here.

MarlonBoth of them are great actors, however their dynamic is kind of blah.  Really, I mean, a comedy improv to deal with certain issues?  Lame.  But if they are going to hang together then their partnership should mirror Lucifer and Chloe’s.

Jennifer – Yay! Dan and Amenadiel have a lot to learn from each other, even though he’s essentially mortal he still retains some of his powers.  I think it would be interesting if Amenadiel became his friend and “Devil and Angel” consultant of sorts.

What are your overall thoughts on this season?  Did it pull off a recommendable season?  What would you have done differently?
Jack Like I said above, omnipotent characters are hard to write unless up against equally powerful beings.  They must showcase those around them and what happens to them and until now they have done that quite well, so I really don’t see anything that needs to change except that it needs to be more compelling and memorable.
MarlonThis was a very good season with some good story lines.  The eternal struggle between goo and evil will always exist, I just want to see whose side Lucifer is really in.  I would have ended the season with Lucifer professing his love for Chloe and then finding out she’s a fallen angel.

Jennifer – Season one was good, but the second is what really drew me in by showing more of a soft side of Satan, which is quite rare.  I would have dragged the mother aspect just a tiny bit more, but again, in my opinion we will be seeing both again in the new season.

In conclusion, Lucifer is still that show that is consistently providing the best quality possible, but slides under the radar due to aspects that seem to be an unsolvable issue for this character whenever and however presented. This show is on our “Get around to it” list, but its quite high up on this list.

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Written and Edited by, Jack Flowers. Contributions from Marlon Ortega and Jennifer Gritten.

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